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Star Explorers - Version 2.0

Earth has been destroyed, and humanity must find a way to survive. Star Explorers is the interstellar dungeon crawler. It attempts to capture the vastness, loneliness and desolation of space exploration. Land on planets, explore the surface as well as cave systems, ancient ruins and more on your quest to find a new home for the human race.

Regarding Windows 10

Windows 10 is not officially supported by the game engine used to make Star Explorers. However, in most cases it does actually work fine. If you are concerned about this, read more here:


"...See, the galaxy Schmidt has created here isn't cruel. "Cruel" implies that it cares. And this galaxy is terribly, terribly uncaring..." - MagFlare – Steam User

"...This game, at its core, is about exploration, and it scratches my space exploration itch in a way that no game has since I played Starflight as a kid..." - battlescar2014 – Steam User

Current Features:

  • Randomly generated galaxy which the player can fully explore
  • Randomly generated planets, caves and other environments
  • Randomly generated alien life, either hostile or friendly towards the player
  • Combat system with aliens on planets and in caves
  • Inventory and Trade System with mothership and some friendly aliens
  • Quests from both mothership and friendly aliens, in addition to the main quest
  • Upgrade system allowing player to explore wider range of planets over the course of the game
  • Crafting system, including unique artifacts that must be constructed with ancient blueprints
  • Day/Night cycles on each planet
  • Resource management and survival in hostile conditions
  • Database of Sectors, Stars and Planets in which player can take notes and customize the names of stars and planets
  • 4K and custom resolutions are supported


Planets are formed randomly, but their conditions are based on somewhat scientific factors. The size and temperature of the star they orbit, their distance from that star, the type of surface, atmosphere, and liquids present (or not) determine how a planet will look once landed on. Players will be able to land, depart and return to planets, exploring their surfaces as well as underground cave systems repeatedly, while keeping the same features intact on each visit.


Fuel, ammunition and oxygen will all have to be carefully managed if the player wants to survive the long search for an earth-like planet. While many planets will be too hot or cold, or without an atmosphere, there are also worlds of liquid methane, ammonia, sulphuric acid and more, that have developed their own unique evolutionary cycles. Each kind of alien plant, tree or animal is pieced together randomly, making for a unique experience for each player.

The Star Explorers universe is not a friendly one though, it can be cruel and indifferent to the struggles of its inhabitants. If you're not careful, you might land on a planet that's just too hot, or too cold, or enveloped in a cloud of corrosive acid, and not live to tell about it. Upgrading your space suit will unlock these otherwise impossible worlds to further exploration.

Inventory, Upgrading and Crafting

Exploration will allow the player to discover many things, including tools and resources that will help in further exploration. Among these are raw materials, weapons, armor upgrades and blueprints that allow you to craft helpful items. Armor upgrades will increase your space suit's resistance to heat, cold and other environmental hazards. Some weapons allow you to access areas that may be closed off to less experienced adventurers.

Caves and Ancient Ruins

Star Explorers may be the first interstellar dungeon crawler. Traversing the dark, hidden places and caves is necessary to find the resources required to complete the game. Discover the crumbling remains of an ancient culture and learn the secrets of its mysterious people. In Star Explorers, exploration and investigation are rewarded with special items and locations that many players may never find. If you are someone who likes to look around every corner, then this is the game for you.

Generative Design

Almost everything in Star Explorers is produced generatively. From the locations of stars and nebulae, to the surfaces of planets and their features, every location is different, and every play-through offers unique challenges. Even the music heard in game is generated in real time, and is based purely on the parameters of the player's environment. Each planet, cave and other location has a unique sound-track.

Shaders and Options

Star Explorers has a number of visual options you may choose from. Among them is the “Old-School Pixel Shader” which offers a unique, low-resolution experience. The graphics are not really at pace with newer games, but real-time shadows, bloom and a smoothing shader are also available for those who enjoy a slightly more contemporary feel. You also have control of your field of view, mouse sensitivity and game/music volume, along with options that may help the game run more smoothly on older hardware. See the manual for full documentation.

The Future of Star Explorers

After a year of Early Access, Star Explorers has arrived at a point where I feel it matches my original design document. Fulfilling my promise to have it completed in a year was important to me, but that does not mean I am finished working on it. I have many other ideas I may choose to add to the game's content. Chief among these are the following:

  • Space battles with alien ships
  • Boarding and exploring alien spaceships
  • More variety of celestial objects, like moons, asteroids and more
  • Alien cities on certain planets
  • I even have a mechanism for Time Travel (this is really outside of the original idea, but I am intrigued by the possibility of doing this anyway)

At some point in the future, I may begin work on these new features. The timing and consistency of these potential future updates will depend largely on how well the game is received by its audience. The more I hear from players, the more likely I will stay motivated to continue on this project.

Title: Star Explorers
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation
Schmidt Workshops
Schmidt Workshops
Release Date: 8 May, 2018


  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Server 2008 / Server 2012, 32 Bit or 64 Bit; DirectX 9.0c or above.
  • Processor: AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 64 MB video card - 1280 x 720 screen resoluion recommended
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Yes, if you want to hear anything.
  • Additional Notes: Other older hardware may work, but has not been tested.


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This game gives you really tons of gameplay features for only 5$ and is still worked on to get even better.
Exploring a vast universe with random suns and planets that you can land on to complete your main mission, retrieve fuel for your mothership and engaging in varying adventures in FPS against aliens, cave hazards and hostile environments. You can freely walk in your ship, for the moment there is not much to do inside it other than accessing the landing bay for your shuttle or managing your inventory, but wandering around and simply looking outside gives the game a real atmosphere. Then, yes, in the current beta - and soon in the regular version I guess - there are now space battles against alien flying saucers that you can board to loot even more needed items.
The game is NOT a walk in the park, the survival aspect is essential and funny at the same time. I have only played for 1-2 hours now and only scratched the surface for what is really amazing for such a low-budget indie game. Other games of this genre and much more expensive are really lame and without purpose in comparison. Well done !

Ok, now, a gamer always wants more, doesn't he? For example, instead of the loading screens (that only last a few seconds on my decent rig with an average nVidia GTX 960 4gb), instead of this I would like to see some landing sequence towards the planet, or actually enter my shuttle and land with some difficulty involved. But I'm sure Michael the developer has some surprises in his chest for us in the future!

My thumbs up for this jewel of a space game. It is on a very solid base, no bugs I'm aware after 2 hours of gameplay, and I continue to have load, load of fun... Highly recommended !. I love space games generally, but this one is very counter intuitive and is plain not fun.... I find the concept of the game quite appealing. Unfortunately it lacks quality of execution from my point of view. This may be partially because of the choice of the "outdated" game engine (Acknex Engine from 2010!). An engine like Unity probably would have allowed for a better game.

I just explored four planets and 7 caves and I found the following things "annoying" (note that there may be sollutions to my issues which I don't know):
You have to select a star to travel to by pointing your spaceship at it. My starmap just showed sectors, no stars.
Same for planets in a system. An "overview" would be good to give travel commands. Erratically rotating the spaceship with no means of orientation just make me sick.
When you want to use context menu (scan, warp to) you have to switch fly mode!
When you decide to land on a planet you have to walk through the ship each time. This may be "fun" a few times but when I'm supposed to land on hundreds of planets this is just a pain.
Walking is painful slow. Why is there no always run option?
Generating the planet takes pretty long (good computer!). Its not fun to wait a minute, each time.
Theres no orientation on the surface. Just a little region on a "map tool". So I run around erratically until I discover a cave, the thing where all loot seems to be (surface seems stripped). Why cant there be a scan of the surface indicating points of interest and showing me regions I explored already (Fog of War fe)? Now I don't know if I got all caves or left one.
Entering the cave takes a while again (shorter but still unnecessary painfull).
The cave is just a small flat system of tunnels where I collected resources. Again no indication which tunnels I explored already. Am I supposed to draw me a map on paper?
When I leave the cave the planet surface is regenerated again. Waiting times included.
Walking from hangar to cockpit through the ship is as exciting as the other way round. The manual states "Some games keep you locked into your spaceship console ... not Star Explorers!". This is sold as advantage but I don't agree. Walking the ship should be optional and not forced upon the player.
I don't know if collecting resources alone can keep motivation high for long. Mostly its walking and searching without guidance. A bit too realistic and too little fun in my opinion.
I don't seem to be able to delete a saved game. And I have to enter the name instead of selecting it from a list.
It's pretty hard to leave a planets orbit. Why is there no button for this? The controls and ships behavior is clunky and awkward.
Parts of the caves are blocked and the manual suggest to come back later when I have a rocket launcher to free the path. Really? What a waste of time and resources (fuel) especially when you find NOTHING behind the block.

I'm sorry if I complain about things just due to lack of knowledge. But I could not find solutions for the "orientation issues" in the manual. The game did not kept my interest for long enough. Whats sad as I generally could like such a game.

I understand the Dev want the game to be hard and "oldschool". But ignoring all major developments in user interface (fe Minimaps) and useability of the last 20 years is the wrong aproach IMO. A game should be hard by its gameplay elements and NOT because the user is fighting the interface and must play in the most uncomfortable way possible.

Summary: The same game with a modern underlay and some convenience overhauls would be great. But I can't recommend this game right now. Unfortunately it's too frustrating from my point of few. If you are a hardcore or oldschool spacegame fan give it a go. But when you expect a convenient user interface watch a gameplay video before you decide to buy. I guess the average player will be frustrated by th game so no recommendation.

Note: I play with Steam in offline mode so my time ingame is not counted properly. I have played around 2 hours.. Graphics look like something from the 90's.
Theres no turtorial so it was dificult to figure out how to navigate to the 1st destination.
Options menu allowed me to get into full screen in the begining but crashed after aprox an hour, after which full screen wouldnt work. Uninstalled the game and reloaded but problem persisted.
On my screen in windowed mode it makes it too dificult to see the distant stars, so that finished this game for me.
This game needs to be priced at .99c, not 4.99.
I had to watch a youtube vid to see what I was doing wrong but the video displayed someone having even a harder time with the game.
The story seems decent but still very limited.
Cant recommend this game, but if you have $5 burning a hole in your pocket then feel free to try it but dont say I didnt warn you.. the screen only shows the top left corner of the screen now making it unplayable. Still a lot of work , so i cannot recommend to the casual player.

- It feels a bit like Lightspeed / Hyperspeed from Microprose , i like the atmosphere : ). I am one of the few people who quite enjoy No Man's Sky. Because NMS is lacking in gameplay and variety, I thought I try Star Explorers, as it seemed to be a similar concept (exploring procedurally generated planets, collecting resources etc.) and often Indie developers have very nice and novel ideas that make their games interesting.

But whoa, this game is nothing that should be let loose on paying customers yet. In the first 3 minutes I got *three* crashes, just by setting my screen resolution to something near to my native resolution (because the exact resolution of 1920x1200 was not available).

I can see that the developer seems to be loving his work, but honestly, the graphics are really simple like in the 90's and I did not feel that I want to spend much time with this game unless it gives me interesting things to do.

Warped to the first station, then off to my first (and last) planet, found that inside my ship there is not much I can interact with, left my ship and walked around. The planet had a hot environment, with some liquid that looked like lava around small islands, I heard several different sound cues for my health dropping (So hot. This planet is really hot. Oh, argh. Or similar, probably all recoreded by the developer himself, which is fine for an Indie title,) then I ran through what seems to be lava to another island where I saw something like another spaceship, entered that spaceship, found it to be empty, sat at that ship's console, and then I decided that I rather want to play some more polished games. And I actually play a lot of simple games on my notebook, including 8bit games...

Will refund and might try again in another half year.

A New Star Explorer On the Way:
My wife is expecting and we are due to have a new, baby star explorer any day now.

I wanted to let you know that there is an update in progress too. It involves a new kit that allows you to increase your storage space and backpack, allowing for more slots.

Preliminary tests are promising, and I should be able to integrate it seamlessly into the existing build. I probably won't have anything done in the upcoming week though, since the newest member of the family will be taking precedence.

You may not hear much from me in the coming days. I trust you will all be able to handle things without me for a few days :)

Don't forget to vote for Star Explorers as Indie of the Year! . Beta Updated to Version 4.3A:
I did another small update last night. Thanks to a helpful player, I was able to narrow down the cause of the terrain generation crash that was happening on planets with a vapor atmosphere. With the additional data I was able to isolate and reproduce the crash, and from there it was easy to track down the cause. Hopedfully that will be the last we see of it.

Now I am noticing that the lighting seems a bit oversaturated on some planets. The top down map I introduced is probably responsible, as the lighting effects I use on it are somehow being applied to the main camera. Of course I only saw this behavior after uploading the game!

I will try to resolve it as soon as possible. If you do notice any planets where there are no shadows, and the lighting seems just a bit too bright, that is what I'm taslking about. It does not seem to effect gameplay, so it should not be a major concern.
. Star Explorers Testing Version Updated to 2.5:
Version 2.5 is up. Here is what I was able to address so far:

  • Now, when you install the new version, you should be able to adjust controls and settings before starting a new game.
  • Lava and Ice should remain at a consistent level when revisiting planets.
  • Launching rockets in caves works correctly now, and they should not blow up in your face.
  • Unloading a weapon will no longer cause it to appear as a different weapon type if you place it in a cache or sell to a trader.
  • Ammo will no longer be removed from inventory is the amount on the ammo belt was at full capacity.

I have a handful of different small bugs I still want to address before naming the game 3.0. I hope to have this complete some time this week actually. 3.0 looks like it may be the most stable version of Star Explorers. It should install and run without the hang ups some players had, especially with Windows 10.

. Updating Default Version Today:
ADVISORY: For best results, once Star Explorers is updated, uninstall your game, delete any remaining files, and start a new game. (Note: anyone playing the beta version should be able to continue in their existing game).

I am in the process of updating the default version of Star Explorers to the latest build. It will be called "Version 1.0".

You may notice some strange things, including a new launch option "Play Version 1.0"

Ignore this for now, it is just for testing purposes, and it will be removed once the game is updated and fully released. The executable file is being renamed "Star_Explorers.exe" where it used to be called "Level_001.exe".

The beta, legacy and testing versions will be removed for now also, and you will only have the option of playing the default "Version 1.0".

Version 1.0 will be compatible with games started in the most recent beta versions, so anyone playing the beta should be able to continue with no problems.

Anyone playing the current default version will have to start a new game. If this is really upsetting to you, please let me know. I could always create another legacy version for anyone who wants to continue an existing game. However, I would strongly recommend starting a new one. The latest version is much more stable, and has many new features you may enjoy.

As mentioned above, I also strongly recommend uninstalling the game, and reinstalling from scratch once Version 1.0 is made live. I will post another announcement when this happens. Also, make sure you remove the "settings.cfg" and "controls.cfg" files before starting a new game. Access the game folder through "Star Explorers>Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files".

Star Explorers is ready to go to full release on May 8th. Once in full release, I am planning to make sure that any future updates will be compatible with Version 1.0, so hopefully this will be the last time anyone needs to uninstall/re-install, or start a new game.

. Updated to Version 2.4:
I just uploaded version 2.4 to the "testing" branch.

Here's what I've fixed:. Another Quick Update to 2.8:
This is something I had wanted to fix, but it slipped my mind.

Wrong Screen Sizes. One more small Patch:
I had been testing the crystal planets, and had to turn off that option in the process. I forgot to turn it back on in the last build, so I just posted another update with that addressed.

. Star Explorers Default Game Updated:
The Default Star Explorers game has been updated to Beta Version 3.4D.

Before I describe all the new features and benefits of 3.4D, let me address those of you who are currently playing the default version. Your saved game will not load in the new version. However, if you want to continue your existing game, you can opt to use the "legacy" version by right clicking on Star Explorers>Properties>Betas>legacy. This will reload the old version of the game and allow you to continue where you left off.

You may also need to delete your existing "settings.cfg" file in order for it to work correctly. Check Star Explorers>Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files and delete "Settings.cfg" before you start a new game.

For those of you who want to go with the update, know that the game is still in Early Access, and it is still incomplete, however a number of improvements have been made and new features have been added.

To see details about all of these, please see all the previous announcements. In short, they are as follows:

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