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PAYDAY 2: Armored Transport Download No Verification

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The Armored Transport DLC is the second DLC pack for PAYDAY 2 and lets players do every heisters dream – robbing armored transports, full of valuables, right in the middle of Washington D.C. If they're lucky, they can hit it big with a classic train robbery.

Up to four friends co-operate on the heists, and as the crew progresses they have a chance to unlock an even more rewarding job – doing a classic train robbery. New weapons, weapon modifications, masks, patterns and materials have been added to let players continue to build and customize their own guns and gear.

Key Features

2 new heists spread over 6 locations – The players are offered two new heists spread over six different locations. Hit the armored transports downtown, in parks, underpasses, crossroads and in the harbor area of D.C. If the player is lucky, the robberies will lead to an even bigger reward – doing a train robbery to secure a valuable military prototype.

3 new weapons of choice – players can now enjoy three new weapons of mass heisting. For the stealth artist we have the charming Gruber Kurz pistol, Tanks will enjoy the agile Commando 553 Assault rifle and only a lunatic could love the classic Swedish K SMG. Together with over a dozen new weapon modifications, everyone will have something to play with.

4 new masks, patterns and materials – Four new masks are added to the game, themed around four of the most famous American presidents. Combined with the all-new American themed patterns and materials, players will be able to cook up some pretty awesome looking mask designs. Bodhi would be proud.

New achievements, free community mask and more – A dozen of new achievements are added for players to take care of. Those that join the Official PAYDAY 2 group on Steam will also receive another bonus item in the shape of a new hockey mask – inspired from one of the best Heist flicks of all time. For those that work hard while robbing the armored transports, a curious Easter egg can be found. 7ad7b8b382

Title: PAYDAY 2: Armored Transport
Genre: Action, RPG
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
505 Games
Release Date: 14 Nov, 2013


  • OS:Windows XP SP3
  • Processor:2 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
  • Memory:2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce 8800/ATI Radeon HD 2600 (256MB minimum)
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:13 GB HD space
  • Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible


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I just randomly got this. I think because I pre-ordered the game. Great new heists! 5\/5 armored transports.. I must've killed hundreds of FBI and it still wasn't enough to stop the cops from swarming us to the point where we had to abandon one of the trucks. Also I counted only a handful of hardplate SpecOps. This is the best DLC.

P.S. The George Bush mask is back.. Resembles the movie Heat pretty well, I like that.. while the heists are not especially profitable or involved, the weapons in this dlc are amoung the most useful in the game. a fully modded comando is almost on par w\/ a fully modded car-4 for stealth and for damage. gruber-kurtz (ppk) is stellar for stealth exceeded only by a deagle w\/ bling grip and size doesnt matter suppressor. swedish k (grease gun) is well, just try it.

recommended for stealth and loud for weapons. recommended to hosters for heists.

*if on sale this is a must get dlc.. THIRTY SECONDS FLAT<\/b>

The Armored Transport<\/i> is the first paid DLC to be released for PAYDAY 2, giving a go to a charade of downloadable content of varying quality locked behind a paywall. There are some borderline-necessary DLCs one should consider investing into, as well as ones better left out. This one stands in the middle of the two.


Armored Transport<\/i> does away with heists with complicated structure, offering in return a more straight-on approach to increasing your cash reserves - raiding GenSec armored cars much in the fashion of the famous truck robbery scene from Heat<\/i>. This is further reinforced by the free "Hockey Heat" mask available to players, which resembles the one worn by McCauley and the crew.

The heists' payout differs along with difficulty: easier ones, such as Park and Harbor offer little challenge and a relatively small reward, while tougher ones, such as Crossroads, provide a hefty income at the expense of increased difficulty, with enemies attacking the players from all sides and snipers swarming the crime scene. The goal, however, is always the same: raid the trucks and get away with as much loot as possible.

There is, however the sixth, secret heist, which can be accessed by finding a military blueprint in one of the Transport heists. Situated in the vicinity of a mountain train station, this heist requires the team to steal a prototype turret which heavily resembles Engineer's turret from TF2<\/span><\/span>, as well as its ammo, either stealthily or loud. The diversity of the heist compared to its Transport counterparts, as well as an increased payout and a non-linear approach to it make stand out greatly among the heists in this DLC.


This DLC provides three new weapons for the player to use: 1 assault rifle, Commando 553, 1 SMG, Swedish K, and 1 pistol, Gruber Kurz. Despite being in different classes, these weapons share the ability to be highly-concealable, making them viable for stealth or dodge builds, as well as them being available at any level, thus giving new or reranking players more guns to choose from.

Commando 553 is a well-rounded assault rifle that comes with a hefty ammo pool and potential for high concealment. This, however, is offset by the weapon's low accuracy and damage, as well as the fact that most mods can only be obtained through Card Drops or Continental Coins.

Swedish K is a hard-hitting SMG, offering a base damage of 80, as well as high magazine capacity. The drawbacks for this gun are subpar accuracy at range, full-auto lock and obscured iron sights. Still, it is worth bringing this SMG as a back-up weapon for Enforcers with OVE 9000 saws.

Gruber Kurz is a highly compact pistol with a lot of reserve ammo and low recoil, maintaining good concealment even with a supressor. However, the damage on this gun is mediocre without certain skills, like Specialized Killing or Fast and Furious, and so is the accuracy.


The masks that come with this DLC are modeled after four US presidents - Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama, which seem to be inspired by the masks donned by the protagonists of 1991's Point Break<\/i>, as well as the Presidential masks from PAYDAY: The Heist.


It is a matter of good consideration whether to buy this DLC or not. The five Transport heists are repetative and do not offer high payouts compared to other heists, however the Train one is definitely worth digging through the deposit boxes in GenSec trucks. The weapons are definitely among the ones you might tempt to bring, no matter whether it's a loud heist or a silent one.. The first heist DLC that was added to the game. The Armored Transport heists are short but very challenging loud missions. On Deathwish, these are a nightmare. Probably not the heists you are going to play the most, but well worth adding to your rotation. The optional Train Heist is also very challenging and interesting. It could use a bit of redesign, but can also yield a really large payout.. The Heat - if you haven't seen this movie yet, It is time now, since Armored Transport DLC refers to it very nicely.
But let's look what is inside of this first DLC for Payday 2 (pre-orders got it for free). Armored transports - you can now rob them in five different locations (some of them are reused maps from other missions or escapes).

These heists can't be played stealthy so assault is your only option - armored transport missions are very tough especially for beginners or medium skilled players (depending on difficulty) since maps offers you limited cover and a lot of snipers with deadly aim.

Tasks are practically always same - transports are stopped, you came on the scene, C4\/drill transports, pick\/saw deposit boxes, loot cash\/gold\/jewelry and wait for escape. It gets kinda repetitive after a while and reward for completing these heists is laughably low, but there is one challenge... complete armored transports on Death Wish difficulty - almost impossible without great team and a lot of pre planning (not that from Big Bank of course ;)).

I almost forgot (because I don't play this heist since stealth update) TRAIN MISSION. If you are "lucky" enough to find military blueprints in one of the deposit boxes in transport vehicles, you are forced to play and finish train heist to finish transport mission. I won't tell you much about train mission, except you should try to avoid it (but that's just my opinion, some people might like this mission).

Armored transport brings you three new guns - assault rifle Commando 553, Gruber Kurz pistol and Swedish K SMG.
Commando 553 is a good assault rifle, but compared to AK family or Car-4 boosted with gage courier mods... It doesn't shine that much anymore. Gruber Kurz is just another pistol useless for action and moderate for stealth, but Swedish K - I used it a lot and I must admit that it's a good submachine gun and suits me fine, better than P90 (kobus SMG).

I won't go much into detail with masks because they are just essencial content and doesn't really affect your gameplay (of course if you do not want to show some SWAG hardly modifiing them for sake of YOLO). One negative thing about masks and patterns - you must drop them in order to get them and trust me.. it's a painful especially in fact you need masks to finish some achievements...

Overall I would recommend this DLC to anyone - more DLCs like this, Overkill, please?. As with all Payday 2 DLC only the host needs to own Armored Transport in order to do the missions.

Maps: Armored Transport missions are rough due to being into loud immediately. Not only are you loud, but your drills (if you're drilling) are in the open so on harder difficulties you won't be able to keep them repaired throughout the mission, forcing you to stay on the map longer. Additionally some of the maps are much easier than others. Beyond that, these are highly specialized missions: you will probably want to respec if you plan on doing a lot of these. At worst you want improved drills, but ideally your entire team will have c4 and saws so that you can get into the trucks and get out of the mission as soon as possible. If you can't do that then Aced Inspire and Dominator are almost mandatory.

Each Transport has the possibility of placing an item in a lockbox which, upon picking it up, unlocks a second day to the heist. This heist is fun but it's a bit on the long side (you're probably looking at a solid 15-30 minute assault depending on luck and assets).

Before the exp\/money increase these missions were not worth doing at all, but after they're ok. The money on the first day is only ok, as is the exp. Train Heist, however, is easily the most exp per single mission and is also potentially the most money per single day, though acquiring all 40 bags can be rough.

Weapons: They're alright. I've never used the 553 but it's useable. Swedish k is a very viable SMG and the pistol is ok, not great but it's useable.

Masks: Hey, I like these masks a lot but like any of the masks they're pretty subjective. On the down side they're pretty \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 to customize, but whatcha gon' do.

The achievements are pretty lame for the most part and don't add a lot, but hey, they're just achievements.

Overall: Yes, I recommend it, but as I said only one person technically needs this DLC to do the missions so keep that in mind. They're hard and not the most fun (I don't care for the loud aspect of this game at times) but are also potentially the most rewarding missions in Payday 2. Still, support Overkill and pick this up.. Awesome missions with armored vans
1.U drill it
2.You hack the cells
3.You have so much loot and much exp.
And randomly, you can find a train robbery!
Difficult lvl: 50%. I just randomly got this. I think because I pre-ordered the game. Great new heists! 5\/5 armored transports.

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