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Pathosis is an early access Combat-RPG game created by experienced players. The game itself is taking place in an infected medieval world where a few selected knights, that have survived the pathosis, fight against the undead warriors that roam the world. As you progress throughout the game, not only will your character grow stronger and learn new skills, but you, as a player, will develop new playstyles and gain knowledge that will greatly improve your chance of survival in this ever more difficult world. Explore the world of Pathosis and save it from this great infection! d859598525

Title: Pathosis
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Acylis Studios UF
Acylis Studios UF
Release Date: 10 Apr, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Storage: 3 GB available space


I would say hold off until this is worked on a little more, the animations are meh, the enemies arent even textured yet there just blank models with weapons. For me at least, there was no sound in the game, not even for attacking, just nothing.

The enemies have too much health in my opinion, considering the amount of enemies in the areas.
As with early access as a buyer we should beware. I would urge if you are interested in this to wait. Maybe follow and see if they bring frequent enough updates to show this is going somewhere.
For now i refunded and will look again somewhere down the line to see if it improves.

Sorry for the lack of depth in my review, but there isn't really too much to say at this point.. Summary: This is the Near Midnight of Dark Souls Steam Trash.

The content that is there is bland and flawed.
The combat was a slight stab animation & a side to side swipe which I guess is Heavy Attack but as the other reviewer pointed out, there isn't sound (at least by default, I could load it again to see if for some reason it is muted by default, but I don't think it would add anything); the enemies take too little damage per hit and you take too much; although it uses Stamina for attacks, thankfully it doesn't actually seem to function correctly as I could just spam click attacks and it would regenerate quick enough that it didn't seem to make a difference & sprinting doesn't use stamina.
The fact that sprinting doesn't use stamina meant I could run past all the default enemies until you get to the first 'boss', a giant Executioner surrounded by gallows and utilise the borked mechanic of if you aren't on the ground, then the attack animation can't trigger; so you stand on a barrel or the gallows platform and spam barely damaging stab attacks at a textureless, gormless masochist who will just take the beating until death, where you get text that you got a key for all that boredom (and the text fades but not completely off the screen).
You then sprint across a courtyard, open a gate, run past more stock enemies, up some stairs past more stock enemies, across a rooftop\/battlements where some stock enemies happened to be hanging around (who'd have thought), down some dungeons or dormitories where the stock enemies live until you get to the climactic boss battle of this build in the canteen where 2 big textureless axe mannequins fall prey to the fact that you can spam them to death from atop a picnic table because no one bothers to test this sort of crap even in Early Access & then you get 'To Be Continued' and then it takes about 10 seconds to boot you back to the desktop during which time you wonder if this trash has frozen your computer when at least Near Midnight had the decency to instant boot you out leaving you confused as to whether it had crashed or you'd sucessfully finished it (which you had).
At least I had fun with Near Midnight, even if it was just memes; this was just unplesant and tiresome in the space of 15 minutes during which I played it twice.

Also the inventory was tied to Esc and you navigated it seemed like I had to navigate it with the arrow keys, which is weird & bad.
It ends up feeling almost like (I think it was called) Accidental Runner, that Unity runner game tutorial that someone sold on Steam for a while before it got pulled; this seems like an unfinished tutorial of a Souls-them-up, sorry, Early Access tutorial.

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