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BlueberryNOVA will tell you story of a girl who moved to another city and entered a new college. Meet two charming girls: Yuki and Eva. Each of them is unique in its own way and reacts differently to your actions. Will you become the best friends, stay alone or get something more? It's up to you to decide.


- A visual novel about a girl who is transferred to a new place of study.
- Several endings that depend on your choice.
- An opportunity to have a romantic relationship.
- Great music from Tony Longworth.
- Several illustrations that appear in the gallery after opening in the story.


Aika Kashinawa
Age: 19
Hobby: Anime & Manga
Newcomer in college. Transferred due to move into new city. A kind and intelligent girl. Loves to read manga and drink juice.

Yuki Akigawa

Age: 19
Hobby: Anime & Manga
President of the anime and manga club in our college. Cheerful and self-confident girl, gets along well with all students. Wears overhead ears: 3

Eva Tanigashimi

Age: 19
Hobby: Anime & Manga
In life, insecure and quiet girl. Was unable to find any new friends in college. Immersed in a manga, suffers from loneliness. 7aa9394dea

Title: BlueberryNOVA
Nova B12, OtakuNovel
Nova B12
Release Date: 5 Apr, 2018


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If your a fan of yuri you will probably enjoy this VN. The girls are cute, the writting is pretty good, different routes you can choose as well as endings, and the art is pretty nice, it took me about 2 hours to read through all the different paths you can choose, ah yes and H scenes, install the 18+ patch for the full experince and to get your full $3 worth. A good yuri VN well worth the asking price for sure.

Note: (Kinda spoiler but not?) That whole Doki Doki thing with one of the characters in the trailer doesn't really mean anything, so if your kinda worried about that don't be. Nothing really like that happens in this. . worst visual novel i've ever played. Although this is only a relatively small plot game, but I like it!But because my English is not very good, it is a little difficult to play.I saw the comment that there had been Chinese before, although only computer translation but at least it is better than direct reading English. Therefore, I hope that if the production team can see that it can update another version to update Chinese, even if it is translated by the computer!Thank you for your hard work, I love this game!
虽然这只是一个比较小的剧情游戏,但我喜欢它!但是因为我的英语不是很好,所以玩起来还是有点困难。我看到评论说以前有中文,虽然只是电脑翻译,但至少比直接阅读英语好。所以我希望制作团队能看到它可以更新另一个版本来更新中文,即使是电脑翻译出来的!感谢你们努力地制作,我爱这个游戏!. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Worst VN I have ever played. Inconsistent art style, they didn't even try with the backgrounds, story is cliche and cheesy and extremely fast paced, too many gramatical errors to count. The story is just bizarre, unusual, awkward, and overall not good. Horrible game.. Decent art, but the translation is poor. This game is not bad, but I wouldn't recommend it. Why? First, it's very short; you can finish it in under an hour. Not really that interesting to be honest, sorry. Second, the dialogues are silly and weird, maybe it's a translation issue or something? But honestly, I've seen worse than this.
*whispers* by the way, there is a patch for this vn.

To conclude, this is just your sweet everyday visual novel with Yuri, but it has (maybe) suicidal thoughts at one of the endings. (not being tactless or anything)

If you are depressed and have suicidal thoughts, try to talk to someone you trust and/or love. You are important to them. I'm sure they can help. Be safe everyone!. While this game is fairly short in length it does have some cute factors to it. The writing is fairly good although not as good as some of the other yuri visual novels. CG images are fairly good too as well. Overall this game is worth the money spent on it especially if it's gotten during one of Steam's sales.. Unfortunately I can't recommend BlueberryNOVA.

Although there are some nice aspects, like the art style of the main charakters or the fact that this VN is completely yuri themed and you don't have to bother with any male protagonists that disturb your reading experience.

The story overall feels rushed and not believable (so are the main characters).

There are too often background changes after only 2 or 3 (or even less) lines of dialogue, which seems somehow inharmonious. To make it even worse, the backgrounds are very inconsistent in their art style (some of them are drawings whilst others are photographs).

The game is very short. It took me an hour to take all routes and to complete all the achievements. Also there are only 5 (!) CGs unlockable in this game.

And unfortunately there are no trade cards yet.

The only way to improve this game (mostly story wise) would be to rebuild it from scratch.. Decent art, but the translation is poor. BlueberryNOVA is a short visual novel with dialogue that accompanies anime style graphics that are very detailed, like a visual novel was meant to do.


\u25cf The anime style is on par with many top notch visual novels.

\u25cf Very cheap game.

\u25cf The music was usually properly placed.


\u25cf The visual novel is more like a short web based flash game with little story, and lackluster characters.

\u25cf A lot of spelling errors, but this IS acknowledged.

\u25cf Although uncommon for a visual novel to have any, there are no voices in the game.

\u25cf The game is very short, even if you get two endings.

\u25cf The game, while it shouldn't be free, should be only 99 cents.


The game without the DLC still deals with non consent to somewhat minor physical intimate moments, and suicide related things. I can't include that in the pro or con section as it's declared in the description. So, it's either your thing or it isn't. Overall, I didn't like or dislike the game, but I feel like the creator is talented and could have done much better.

Update 1.2.3:

Patch 1.2.3 includes:

  1. More English translation fixes.
  2. Bug with shop scene fixed.
  3. Fixed the volume of some sounds.

Thanks Ashley Bell for help with corrections in the English translation.
She will give away a few copies of the game in her twitter.. BlueberryNOVA released on Steam!:

BlueberryNOVA will tell you story of a girl who moved to another city and entered a new college. Meet two charming girls: Yuki and Eva. Each of them is unique in its own way and reacts differently to your actions. Will you become the best friends, stay alone or get something more? It's up to you to decide.

If you notice an error in the text / translation, please tell us
For more news and announcements check my twiiter: @novab12official

Have fun!. Update 1.2.2:

Patch 1.2.2 includes:
  1. Fixed grammar in English version (thanks Angel)
  2. Translated UI in Russian version
  3. Main menu has been changed
  4. Chinese language is temporarily unavailable
. 18+ patch is now available on Steam!:

The 18+ patch is now available on Steam! (for free)
This patch changes some of the dialogues and CG to more outspoken.

And also we filled out a description of adult content:
Without patch:
- Girl x Girl relationships
- A girl kisses another girl without consent
- Thoughts about suicide

With patch:
- Girl x Girl relationships
- A scene where girl kisses another girl without her consent
- A scene where a girl get a sex act with another girl with ambiguous consent
- A scene where a girl get a sex act with another girl without her consent

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