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TPCAST wireless adaptor is recomended

Abundant game strategy:
Relentless zombies will launch waves of attacks, the monsters will cooperate with each other, the battle will be harder and harder, you can use the drop Buff to temporarily improve the combat capability, or deal with the enemies by means of terrain. After each surviving, the settlement system will rank your combat performance: accuracy, headshot, injury, hit, etc. You should make good use of the precious breathing time between each wave to buy powerful equipment in the store, gather air-drop supplies on the battlefield, or collect the materials dropped from enemies. The higher the rating of combat, the more air-drop supplies and experience value you will get. What about the obsolete equipment? Don’t worry, the recycling machine on the battlefield can recycle the obsolete weapon. Even when you get some valuable materials, you can throw the obsolete weapons and materials into the recycling machine directly to maintain your funds operation. If you are a gambler, that you can even try to use a slot machine for good fortune.Running out of ammo?You can even use your gun stock to fight!

Different difficulties for game and abundant challenge modes:
We have prepared a variety of challenge modes: sniper mode, survival mode, hand-to-hand combat mode, etc.
The game experience in different difficulty is great different! As a hard-core player, you should not only stay on low levels of difficulty!

Yes, cheer up! Fight alongside your teammate! You can join an open game at any time! You will feel quite different under on-line mode: you can make an attack formation together with your teammate as a defense for the incoming monsters, help your teammate such as buy bullets and weapons, and give your teammate your weapon. Your combat assessment will also influence each other. An excellent teammate will raise your combat rating, so don’t be sky, when you’re stuck in a difficult level, just call your friend to join the room to help you to pass the hard level. Please note that don’t shot your teammate!

Character enhance system:
Character level--- Players could gain the XP by killing zombies, picking up dropping XP and combat clearing. The higher level you are, the higher health and ammunition load cap you will get. Of course, you can unlock more items in the store, especially the powerful items!
PERK---Players can light up their unique skill Perk by upgrading their acquired skills. Different Perk combinations will have different effects.
Weapon proficiency---Every weapon has an independent level, the more you use it, the faster the weapon upgrade the level. And the weapon will be upgraded with the power of the weapon, the size of the clip and the accuracy of the shot.
Unlock the zombie trophy---This is a feature that occur in the next version. The specified types of zombies will be domesticated by killing designated number of them, then appear in the “zombie’s house”. So, stay tuned!

Many types of weapons:
40+gun, 10+cold weapons, grenade, pistol, shotgun, assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade launcher, wrench, hammer, fire axe, and even your own fist! More mysterious special weapons will keep updating!

Surrounded by waves of zombies:
Players will be attacked from all directions in battle, that means many enemies appears at the same time in one screen. Meanwhile, the graphics card and CPU will be challenged under the VR mode. We have optimized the calculation and rendering load for AI specially, so don’t worry about your machine configuration, and just concentrate on enjoying the shock and pressure of the zombie tide!

Totally physical simulation for hit response:
By the force of the Unreal Engine for the industry-leading physical animation blending system, the hit response of any parts of the enemy will be developed correctly based on the thrust and thrust direction of the weapon, then perfectly fuse the FK and physical simulations. Even the kichiku action will become very realistic…

Accurate spatializer and sound effect:
Except UI prompt sound, monster cries, guns, explosions and footsteps are all coming from the right place. We have spent a lot of time making each sound’s position and attenuation as well as the reverberation and occlusion of different positions in the scene at its best. The sound effects for each gun are sampled by the police force’s actual voice. Please wear the earplugs and enjoy all of this!

About arts quality:
We love FPS, and have chosen the high-quality gun model, then made the CaseEjection, Boltcatch, the caliber for BulletCase, BoltAction, RecoilOffset, firing rate, intensity and time for controller vibration when the gun is fired. All these details have been adjusted and calibrated for every gun and weapon. Thank our friends from police force for their helpful assistance in the production process.
Our artists have been working on the international a-list AAA production process all year round, and please appreciate these lovely monsters in the distance in this game! 7ad7b8b382

Title: ZomDay
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Release Date: 17 Aug, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-2600K
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce® GTX 1060
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 5 GB available space

English,Simplified Chinese,Korean

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I dismissed this game as a simple wave shooter like so many, and the trailer didn't give me any reasons to try it anyway. But hey, this game is actually really fun! I'm playing "hardcore mode" because for me realistic weapon reloading is a must, and it's well done. Gun mechanics work well, the difficulty level is nice, there is free movement, the levels are well done, the leveling mechanism perks and unlocking of new weapons make me want to play again. It's fun alone, and with other people. So it's a win for me! Still a wave shooter, but a very nice one. Recommended.. Had a lot of fun with this game, everything works and looks good id put this up with arizona, the sniping mission was great. Great choice at the sale price.. It's just another wave shooter for VR, but it's a pretty good one. The zombies and environments look really nice. Worth 10 bucks. Personally my favorite zombie shooter so far for VR. Despite the development team being Chinese, and the English translation being a little wonky. This game is more than worth $10. It offers everything most would want in a zombie shooter for VR. Hordes of zombies, badass weapons, and plenty of unlockable content!

No Microtransactions here! Just good ol fashion fun and unlocks through hard deeds!. Playing on oculus.
\u2022Multiplayer is none existent, as there are no servers online.
\u2022For oculus users, controls are messed up, your in game hands are fitted in such way that they would feel natural on vive controllers, but on uculus your hands feel dislocated.
\u2022Gun game isn\u2019t that bad, but if compared to PavlovVR it\u2019s mostly 4\/10, devs tried to do something, and at half way they said \u201cahg score this, it\u2019s gonna good enought\u201d
\u2022They way you store your guns, nades is uncomfortable, the way you hold your gun is meeeh
The way you reload your gun is similar to pressing R on keyboard and seeing its being done automatically.
\u2022Overall esstetic of the game isn\u2019t good either, from the start you are created with 30seconds of some \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 song with loud sounds of passing rainstorm, and it\u2019s just keeps on going on and on and on... but wait there is more, instead of implementing language technology into game its self they just write everything in 3 languages at the same spot. So when ever you see something written on box or door, you first see some Chinese and Korean language, and then English, and it\u2019s not that good of English either.
The only positive thing is price, atleast it\u2019s not 30ish EUR, and I could see someone actualy picking this up and playing, but personally me, even after tutorial and first lvl I wanted to puke.

Graphics - 7\/10
Sounds - 5ish\/10
Gameplay - 5\/10
Skill - 7\/10
Controls - 3\/10
. Pretty sweet zombie wave shooter. You can move freely around the maps which are of decent size. There is a shopping phase between waves and tons of weapons to choose from. There are also perks to level up as you play. Great score for $10.. Despite the development team being Chinese, and the English translation being a little wonky. This game is more than worth $10. It offers everything most would want in a zombie shooter for VR. Hordes of zombies, badass weapons, and plenty of unlockable content!

No Microtransactions here! Just good ol fashion fun and unlocks through hard deeds!. Had a lot of fun with this game, everything works and looks good id put this up with arizona, the sniping mission was great. Great choice at the sale price.

Software Update v1.0.0.2:

  • Added
    • Advanced Options section in HTML Help.
    • History section in HTML Help.
  • Cleanup
    • Corrected an issue where overfeeding a Box Bup could unintentionally reset the software. This was caused by an invalid entry in OID_BOXBUP’s mode table for the BOXBUP_MB_STOP state.

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