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About This Game

Hello DJ. Welcome to your VR DJ tool.

Tribe XR features a fully functioning pro-style CDJ mix deck. Upload your own music and refine your own unique sound.

Gain access to learning resources such as video tutorials, interactive tutorials and a free 1-on-1 intro class.

Turn things up a notch with 1-on-1 mentor classes with professional DJ's with our new VR mentor program (beta)

Perform for friends and the world with native live-streaming integrations. We'll help you set up your own VR live-mix show with real-time support. You can even request to play a live set on Tribe XR's radio show.

Join our Discord channel and have direct access to the Tribe XR team, mentors and a passionate community of music enthusiasts.

Please note: This is an early access app and we are adding new features and refinements week by week.

***Please be aware: WINDOWS 10 is REQUIRED to run Tribe.***

Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR 7ad7b8b382

Title: TribeXR DJ School
Genre: Audio Production, Education, Utilities, Early Access
TribeXR Inc.
TribeXR Inc.
Release Date: 25 Mar, 2019


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Core i5-4590 (AMD FX 8350) or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 970 (AMD Radeon R9 290) or better
  • Storage: 1100 MB available space


tribe vr dj school

So here's another one of those, I never write review reviews.. But SERIOUSLY.

As someone who has been DJing for years now, I never ever thought that I would someday see myself being able to literally load up MY OWN music onto a pair of virtual CDJs and put on a show for other people via live-stream / recording. The system is AMAZING! I expected terrible latency, I expected less than average controls, and I was SO WRONG. You can load your own tracks, split audio between two sources (Which is great for recording/streaming if you don't want others to hear your cueing) and THE CUEING system is so great. These things literally function like any club standard CDJs that I've ever played on right down to the effects, quantize features, and the hot cues. It's AWESOME.

For anyone who is looking to utilize this as a beginners tool to learn or as a veteran looking for something completely different and just totally cool, don't sleep on this program. I promise you, it's worth 20 dollars, maybe more.

This program is absolutely AMAZING. Please Devs, please don't give up on this project! I would love to see virtual shows, custom avatars, and even custom party rooms! I can't wait to see where this goes. Thank you so much for reviving my will to mix again after losing my decks.. I've been using TribeXR for almost 6 months now. Most of that was using ReVive to play the Oculus version, so you can imagine how excited I was to see if finally coming to Steam. I've been a tester for the Steam version for a bit, and I can safely see it's amazing.

If you've ever had any interest in DJing, or just love music and want to play and mix your own tracks, get this now. You'll have access to a VR replication of $6k DJing hardware. You can DJ to your PC speakers while cueing the tracks in your headphones. Or, use the built-in Twitch integrations while streaming to Twitch via OBS or other streaming software.
When you stream to Twitch, you're viewers can throw GIPHY gifs onto the back wall, or request somgs with YouTube links.

You like music. We all like music. get this now to mix the tracks you love.

For more info or to answer any questions you may have, jump on Tribes VERY active Discord server. The fact that this is even possible is so cool, I'm blown away by how immersed I get into each session I do, I would HIGHLY suggest picking up this app, must have for VR if you're intrigued by Dj'ing and music.. Yes, Yes, ABSOLUTELY YES!
This is a game with a p e r f e c t recreation of a real DJ console (2 players and 1 mixer) and it can guide you to become a Pro DJ and to know what all "those buttons and knobs" do!
I'm gradually learning all the things that i couldn't learn before with a cheap pioneer dj controller because there were price and space limitation, but in vr, there are NO LIMITS! Everything works just fine and (i think) all the functions of the real thing are there, and they all work as good as the real thing!
I'm really enjoying the game and i hope that the developers continue to give us more and more stuff (especially 4 decks) and that the community grows more and more!. Best VR App Available

When i say Best APP i mean just that, i would not put this in the game category, it is an app, with huge potential. whether you’re a DJ or not, everyone will benefit from this, the dev is sounding like this could rival 99% of pc DJ/Mixing app available, and even has the potential to rival actual decks and mixers, i have only been using this app for just over a week and i can already feel myself getting better at mixing. the discord is full of friendly helpful people, all with the same interest.....GREAT MUSIC, and a GREAT EXPERIENCE.

Dark Phoenix AKA Jyla. Well.. i've being a virtual dj for a long long time... from high-fidelity to vrChat passing by TheWaveVR and electronauts, and obviously just me mixing in front of a camera. basically playing music in the virtual world is something that has always fascinating me.

When i saw TribeXR of course i had to try it. Seems it was in closed beta for a while but i remember seeing the devs playing around on Twitch.

My initial feedbacks are a little mixed, but i feel its very important for me to support this project because its a tall order and is being developed by a small team... maybe just one guy i dunno.

Here's why i think it has potential:
-Seems to have Twitch in mind.
-Let's you play your own tracks.
-Spectator camera aka different views

But there's one thing that make me hold off making a show with it:
-No avatar customisation.
We are online entities and its pretty hard to just have a default looking generic pink head while mixing and remaining interesting for an extending time.

All in all, i won't refund it... but its because i want to show support. I'll try it again after a few updates!

Dev keep up the good work as i understand this is a labour of love :). I've been a bedroom DJ for about two years now. I've been using Tribe for about a couple months as of writing this, and I love it! Whether you want to learn how to DJ or you already are a DJ, TribeXR is for you. Tribe is an incredible practice tool. It gives you access to club\/festival standard DJ equipment worth $5000+ for a very low price. For anyone who wants to play at a club or festival one day, it is very important to be familiar with this setup.

As I mentioned before, Tribe is an excellent way to learn to DJ, hence "TribeXR DJ School". It supports multiplayer, for B2B DJing (multiple people DJing at the same time on the same equipment) and also to teach DJing. You can have a mentor connect with you and join your room, which is pretty much the equivalent of having a real instructor with you in real life. Tribe is partnered with Pyramind Music School, so you are able to get a professional instructor in Tribe if you'd like. Ellaskins the DJ tutor (from Youtube) also does lessons in Tribe.

Tribe is also a great live performance tool. There is a Twitch integration which makes livestreaming a great experience. The audience can choose GIFs to display on the back wall behind the DJ and request tracks using chat commands. Before I joined the Tribe community, I couldn't imagine myself livestreaming on Twitch, but now I do it all the time and have an absolute blast doing it! Tribe has also been used live at a club before.

One of the main things that separates Tribe from other VR DJ programs is the awesome and very active community and dev team. The comminity and devs are all very friendly and helpful. There is always someone willing to help with any issue you may have, or to help you learn to DJ and use Tribe. The devs take every suggestion seriously and there are always new features being worked on.

I very strongly recommend TribeXR, I use it a lot more than my physical DJ controller.

PS: I use an Oculus Rift. LOVE IT so far. I haven't spent very much time in it yet but I got through the interactive tutorials and played around with it a little bit. Seems to be a very accurate re-creation of CDJ's. I'll update my review once I've spent more time in this, but since this is a new game without too many reviews I want to support the developers by giving some positive feedback right now.

Feedback for the developers: One feature I'd like to see added is custom avatars. I want to model my own DJ head and use it in-game for live streams. Viewers don't have any connection with a generic floating head. Public and private avatars could be used, similar to VR Chat. Another feature that would be great is custom maps (or rather stages). The Steam workshop could certainly be leveraged for this. If you're wondering about handling workshop content with Unreal, you may want to speak to the devs at Pavlov VR, who've done quite a good job with it using Unreal Engine.. DJEthereal Here!! This was the first DJ game i bought when i wanted to learn to DJ and NOW look at me i'm growing stronger with DJ'ing and all sorts of ideas that i love talking with the Admins about its just a wonderful experiance

100/100 i would recommend this game if you have VR

Tribe 0.08.1 - Release Notes:
New Features:
* Added a achievements menu/progress tracker to help you set goals in Tribe and keep track of your DJ and streaming progress. Integration with Steam achievements will come soon.

* The track browser has a new menu accessible by clicking the "..." in the top right. From it you can:

1. Analyze all tracks within the current folder and optionally subfolders. During analysis a button will appear at the bottom of the track browser showing how many tracks are still queued to be analyzed, and you can click it to cancel analysis early. Up to 8 tracks are analyzed at a time so you will likely see a large performance drop during analysis, it's mostly intended that you start analysis and don't bother DJing while it's running (though you definitely still can if your computer is good enough).

2. View a track history, which displays all the tracks played in the current session in order. Played track are now marked green in the track browser too.

3. Export your track history to a json file. These files can be found in [Documents]/TribeXR/Playlists/. The history from your last session will also be autosaved to this folder, though it is overwritten by later sessions so you'll want to manually export if you want to keep the playlists (you can also rename the autosave file after shutting down tribe if you want to keep it).

4. View playlists. For now playlists are automatically imported from all of the track history files you have in the playlists folder. In the future there will be easier ways to create playlists, but for now the only way that doesn't involve manually writing your own json file is to play all the tracks you want in the playlist and then export your history. Once you've exported a track history you can open its json file and change the name field at the top to whatever you want to have it appear with that name in the playlists view in Tribe.

* Gif beatmatching. When enabled in the Twitch menu (tick the checkbox on) gifs will automatically match their loop rate to the beat grid of the current song.

* Menu lasers no longer appear on spectator cams.
* Multiplayer sessions now allow up to 16 players (up from 4). You may start seeing network issues at very high player counts, this change is intended to support users who can host with strong internet connections.
* Guests now connect to the same Twitch channel as the host so anyone joining your stream can see the same chat/gifs/etc.
* Increased the range of table height adjustment.

* We’ve integrated support for the LIV mixed reality plugin. For guidance on how to setup and calibration, you can checkout DJ Azwell’s video tutorial here:
. Tribe 0.08.4 - Release Notes:

4 Decks
We’ve added a 4 deck DLC so that you can expand your musical style and fulfill your musical potential. You can layer in acapellas, add sounds effects or anything else you can imagine. Download the 4 deck setup from the equipment section in Tribe or from the DLC section on the store.

The Helixx VR Raindow Decks
Celebrate the many colors under the sun with these custom Helixx VR rainbow decks. Big thanks to Helixx VR for being such an awesome member of Tribe and the VR community.

Beat Sync & Master
Now that we support 4 decks, we’ve updated the beat sync feature with sync and master buttons. You can use the master button to set the current track as the master. You can use the sync button to turn on or off the sync function. In the upcoming release, we’ll implement the features for automatically switching the master based on how you interact with the decks.

- Much faster load times for large track libraries
- Fixed a crash when trying to save analyses for large track libraries
- Other misc crash fixes
. Steam, here we come! March 25, 2019:
Hello DJs!

We've set our Steam launch date for March 25th 2019!

It's been a wild journey to get this release together. We want to thank the awesome community for being so supportive and really helping drive this release to the finish line. We couldn't have come this far without you.

Steam community, HELLO! We got a little delayed but we're so very glad to be here.

Our mission is to be bring everyone affordable and accessible tools to unleash your inner DJ! We're building everything you need to embark on your DJ journey.

Whether you're a pro DJ or just starting from "scratch" ;) we got your back to back.

More soon!. Tribe 0.08.3 - Release Notes:
New Features

- Click the paintbrush icon in the main menu home bar to view the skins menu, where you can select skins for your DJ equipment and different avatars. More skins coming soon!

Expressive Avatars
- Added the new Oculus expressive avatars with lipsynced mouth animation and eye gaze movement.

Selfie Cam
- Added a selfie cam that you can use to set your own custom camera angle. Press the 5 key to activate it.


- Made it easier to toggle headphones (increased the radius and improved position of trigger sphere).
- Fixed some multiplayer interactions for clients (fixed control reset input, better tracking of knob and slider adjustments).

- Fixed spectator cameras being too dark.
- Removed the track browser, main menu, and blue interaction spheres from spectator cam.

- Fixed some aberrations in the deck textures and meshes.
- Removed leftover plant shadow from the room.

Beatmatched Gifs
- Beatmatched Gifs are on by default and show even if a song is not playing.
- Fixed a crash from trying to beatmatch to songs that failed to analyze.

- Fixed the achievement that tracks the amount of time you spend mixing.
- Added a new achievement that tracks the total amount of time you stream.
- Fixed an issue with the longest continuous stream achievement.

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