Train Simulator: LNER Peppercorn Class K1 Loco Add-On Full Crack

Train Simulator: LNER Peppercorn Class K1 Loco Add-On Full Crack

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The LNER Peppercorn K1 locomotives were built between 1949 and 1950, with the intention of splitting them between the North Eastern and Eastern Regions. Many K1s would r 5d3b920ae0

Title: Train Simulator: LNER Peppercorn Class K1 Loco Add-On
Genre: Simulation
Victory Works
Dovetail Games - Trains
Train Simulator


  • OS:Windows® Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor:Processor: 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo (3.2 GHz Core 2 Duo recommended), AMD Athlon MP (multi


Anything VW is stunning, this literally took my breath away. A fine locomotive and a great addition to my fleet. Thank you! 10/10 easily.. I love this loco, not a single fault, lovely recorded sounds which we need to hear more of, i personally go for the full experience of advanced mode which i can cope with very well but if i cba i just stick it on normal mode and thats loverly too, i dont even have the required route for the loco cos im always driving loco LNER 2005 or B R 62005 (same loco in B R Black) on the west highland line extention where it was built for, it gives you a good challange so you can test its limits.. Having shied away from purchasing further Steam locomotive DLC due to past dissapointments in performance and simulation quality (not from Victory Works), I was extremely interested in this particular model due to the apparent painstaking efforts taken by the modelers to provide a Steam locomotive that is more akin to what I have always wanted in Train Simulator but have repeatedly been foiled. All I can say is WOW! Victory Works, I tip my hat to this most excellent production, you have indeed set the bar for all other Steam locomotive modelers. Finally when I am on the foot-plate I really feel like I am on the footplate. Being somewhat hardcore, I only have used the locomotive in Advanced mode thus far, but can attest that all control scripting works equally well with Raildriver or keyboard. The little touches are great but finally we have two additions to Steam simulation which I believe are real winners and the way forward here: 1). Steam Chest pressure gauge - Virtual steam chest pressure means that you now have visual feedback on the tractive effort being applied, and you need that gauge because with it we finally have a steam locomotive that models wheel-slip, both visible and audible. 2). A graphical representation of the fireman's shovel, this is more practical than it sounds because it is used to both set and indicate the amount of firing effort being applied, my previous experience was that there was no real indication of firing rate; you could change it via mapped keys, but there was no graphical feedback apart from messing around with HUD settings. This locomotive is challenging (in advanced mode), but the rewards of mastering these challenges give you a great sense of satisfaction. The only criticism I could think of was that the provided scenarios begin with a full boiler, as a result it is imperative that you leave those cylinder-u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665 open until you begin to see a gap appear in the sight glasses, and if you are in doubt you can always perform a blow-down check to be certain. Failing to keep the cylinder-u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665 open for a while initially, will have catastrophic results . Other than this small gripe I can honestly say that this locomotive is going to be a tough act to follow by other modelers. Again, I must stress that do not have much in the way of Steam Locomotive DLC, as such I may have missed on other quality model simulacra, but when the only option is to "pay your money and take your chances", I decided to stop taking further chances period. Thus I qualify my above remarks; it may be that there is other Steam Locomotive DLC out there that is an equal to this, but not to my limited knowledge.. This engine here is a pretty well detailed one, and it comes with a generous handful of scenarios in which you won't get bored. - Also it comes with an also pretty generous load of rolling stock for goods work. You can have pretty much every single member of the class because you can change numbers, nameplates, headboards, shed codes, tender crests, etc. Also it's great if you want to learn use of advanced locos, steam chest simulation, inyector, etc. I highly recommend getting this since, since it is nothing but a pleasure to drive. It's also a must have if you're a fan of LNER locos like me.. Really like driving this loco, and I'm not into steam trains particularly. The steam effects look great, the whistles are very nice, and sounds generally are very good, much better than usual. For a real challenge (for novices like me!) the advanced mode without any HUD's is a must. In short, my fave loco so far.. Undoubtedly the best DLC locomotive out there for the UK base in the Steam Era. You get 2 livery variants, BR Black and LNER Green. You get a heavily weathered version of the BR Black one too, which means you can represent easily the time where steam received very poor maintenance and care. With the BR one, you can physically change in session what is displayed on the tender by pressing a combination of buttons. Both unweathered BR and the LNER model can have nameplates and headboards fitted as an added bonus by pressing similar combinations on the keyboard (CTRL + 1-4 set head/tail lights, CTRL + 6-9 inc. 0 alter things such as cab lights, CTRL + 5 changes whether you set headlights on the loco or tender). The amount of freight rolling stock you get from this as well is incredible, including items such as Palbrick A and B wagons, trestles and even ex-Private Owner wagons. This gives you the ability to run so many different freight trains and hugely bolsters your freight stock for the UK front. Sadly, it does not come with any coaches, but that can be overlooked since the freight stock makes up for it. The sounds are on point, you get long continuous blasts of the whistle from the Space Bar or short blasts from the B button. The general beat of the blastpipe is great, although the beat above 40mph can be grinding. The locomotive seems to be geared towards running at 40-50mph, since it's scenarios are on the Weardale and Teesdale Network, however it can achieve 75mph with 10 coaches (tested on Western Lines of Scotland). It also monsters most inclines up to about 1:70, even towing reasonably heavy trains. The only questionable thing is being able to accelerate at 3% cutoff, which I'm pretty sure is impossible in real life. Victory Works have produced an absolute stunner. I give it 10/10. Definitely worth the full price, and an absolute must have.. Anything VW is stunning, this literally took my breath away. A fine locomotive and a great addition to my fleet. Thank you! 10/10 easily.

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