Train Simulator: GP40-2 Loco Pack Add-On Activation Code And Serial Number

Train Simulator: GP40-2 Loco Pack Add-On Activation Code And Serial Number

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The Electro-Motive GP40-2 has been a versatile workhorse of American railroading for more than four decades – and now the classic second-generation diesel locomotive comes to Train Simulator in the authentic liveries of five famed U. S. railroads!

The four-axle (B-B), 3,000-horsepower GP40-2 was constructed by Electro-Motive from 1972 to 1986, sold to 27 original railroad buyers, and enjoyed a production run of 1,143 units. Equipped with EMD’s “Dash-2” technology and reliable 645-series diesel power plant, the GP40-2 was considered by many as the best among EMD’s long lineage of Geeps and today the GP40-2 can still be found working in numbers for many of America’s railroads.

Successful and versatile, the GP40-2 proved itself adept at all types of services, from hauling priority and heavy freight to local and yard switching duties.

The Train Simulator GP40-2 Loco Pack features the famed “Geep” in five railroad liveries: Denver & Rio Grande Western (D&RGW); Western Pacific; Union Pacific; CSX (YN3); and Norfolk Southern! The locomotive features railroad-specific details such as headlight placements, and offers advanced features, including “running” and “cold and dark” versions.

Accompanying the EMD GP40-2 in the pack is an excellent selection of appropriate freight equipment, including a D&RGW 70-ton open-top hopper; 86-foot auto-parts boxcar; 3-bay covered hopper; Union Pacific steel coil car; CSX 50-foot boxcar; and 2-bay stone/ballast car. And to put the GP40-2 to immediate work, the pack includes three career scenarios, based upon actual D&RGW operations, for the Salt Lake City Route Extension (route available separately).

Take the throttle of an American diesel locomotive classic – with the GP40-2 Loco Pack for Train Simulator!

Included Scenarios

Three realistic career scenarios for the Salt Lake City Route Extension (route available separately) are included:

  • 01. D&RGW "Ford Fast" 179
  • 02. D&RGW "Railblazer" 102
  • 03. Tintic Branch Stone Local

Please Note Salt Lake City Route Extension Add-On is required, as a separate purchase, in order to play the content featured in this add-on.

More scenarios are available on the Steam Workshop online and in-game. Train Simulator’s Steam Workshop scenarios are free and easy to download, adding many more hours of exciting gameplay. With scenarios being added daily, why don’t you check it out now!

Click here for Steam Workshop scenarios.

Key Features

  • Electro-Motive GP40-2 in five authentic railroad liveries: D&RGW; Western Pacific; Union Pacific; CSX (YN3); and Norfolk Southern
  • Railroad-specific headlights and details
  • Running and cold-and-dark versions
  • Freight equipment, including D&RGW 70-ton open-top hopper; 86-foot auto-parts boxcar; Union Pacific steel coil car; 2-bay stone/ballast car; CSX 50-foot boxcar; and 3-bay covered hopper
  • Three authentic career scenarios for the Salt Lake City Route Extension (route available separately)
  • Quick Drive compatible
  • Download size: 497.9mb

Title: Train Simulator: GP40-2 Loco Pack Add-On
Genre: Simulation
Dovetail Games
Dovetail Games - Trains
Train Simulator
Release Date: 21 Jun, 2018


I like the braking simulation and cab functionality on these locos. Interior design also looks goof on 5k resolution. Good job, DTG!. This has a great horn and bell, but the headlights don't work as I choose the CSX locomotive. Although, its cool to have multiple liverys and freight on it, so its nice. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. After Virtual Rail Creations' attempt, it makes sense Dovetail Games do their own version of the GP40-2. Does it hold up? Let's take a look:

Locomotive Variety \u2705<\/u><\/b>
The 5 paint schemes: Denver & Rio Grande Western, Union Pacific, Western Pacific, CSX, and Norfolk Southern make this pack almost worth it.

Locomotive Design \u2705<\/u><\/b>
The locomotive in-game is designed rather well, however there are several inaccuracies, such as the bell being on the wrong side and place, and the ditch lights on the D&RGW loco (though SP did give D&RGW locos ditch lights later on in its life so I'll give it a pass).

Locomotive Physics \u2705<\/u><\/b>
Brakes and acceleration work pretty well; better than what I expected, but not as good as the third-party version.

Locomotive Functionality \u2705<\/u><\/b>
It has the usual DTG flare, but thanks to Reppo it's got some advanced functionality to it, but not by much unlike Reppo's other quality products.

Locomotive Sounds \u274c<\/u><\/b>
The only red flag of this pack. All of it is recycled from the NJT GP40PH-2B add-on (and other add-ons that use those sounds) with some minor changes. The engine sounds aren't all that good, unless modified. Horns are about below average quality. I'd HIGHLY recommend modding the sounds with simer4's SD40 Sound Pack, which will make the engine sound better:

Rolling Stock Variety \u2734\ufe0f <\/u><\/b>
Most of it is recycled with some minor changes, except for the D&RGW open hopper, which is brand new.

Scenarios \u2705<\/u><\/b>
I haven't tested them thoroughly, but they seem to work fine so far. I'll update on this aspect when I find issues on them.

Value \u2734\ufe0f <\/u><\/b>
Aside from the bland engine sounds and recycled rolling stock, this pack has a somewhat decent value to it. However, like with DTG's other packs, I only recommended buying this pack when it's on sale, due to its high asking price.

Final Score: 7.5\/10 (Above Average)<\/b>. Very very good pack and for $19.99 this is trotaly worth it! The only downside is that the bell is reused from the gp20. But the horns are totaly new.(probably one of the best packs ever). For 20.00 USD this pack is well worth it. Each GP40 road name is unique in the way that certain features are present on one locomotive but not on another, such as ditch lights, working gyra light, class lights, etc. The lighting controls are very well done as it gives you complete independent and realistic control over the rear and front lighting as well as dim, medium and bright settings. Each GP40 is nicely detailed with no noticable bugs, so overall I think this would make a great addition to your virtual railroad. This is a great add on!

Pros- reskin potentnal ( sorry can't spell), decent sounds ( note if you want to do the short horn press the C key), awesome lighting,

cons, engines sounds, cab interior sounds, bad bell sound

overall score 7\/10 get on a sale though. This is really great, so heres my pros and cons i guess.

Multiple skins
Good horn
Bell is nice

Huge bright squares appear if you go in free mode and go far away
Bell is quiet when your close to the loco. Train Simulator: GP40-2 Loco Pack Add-On

This engine, as far as Train Simulator goes, is great. The engine has many features, all which work fine and apart from a normal running model there is a Cold & Dark version (for manual firing up). The rolling stock freight cars are good, but would of been good to see some new items (like CSX\/NS Autoracks or Coil cars etc). The engine works well in the physics department, working well hauling heavy loads and the lights all function well (All lights control from in Cab\u2014Nice!). Sounds seem good, better than I expected. The only down side I had was waiting for the release of this pack, which was a day short of a month after DTG announced on FB it was "a few days away".

But really, a great engine pack, I love it. Already one fo my favourite engines in TS20xx. A awesome engine.

Highly Recommended!. Personally I liked this DLC, but I believe others will hate it. It lacks a lot, but it does have some neat quirks to it.
-Well modelled GP40-2s based on prototypes
-Quite complex headlight\/ditch light system, first time i've ever seen ditch lights in the game that actually fade in and out!
-Variety of railroads to choose from
-Comes with a selection of cars
-Bell isn't really accurate
-Reused sounds from F40PHs
-Horn loop is kind of iffy and just doesn't seem right to me.
-Lack of features in the cab, such as no opening doors\/windows.
-Some details are inaccurate showing that this addon may have been rushed out.

Conclusion: Get it when on sale more than likely. I like this addon mostly because of the variety and accuracy on the model. Also, of course I like how we now have fading ditch lights finally!
. I don't know if anybody noticed, but other than the excellent physics and graphics on this loco, there's something wrong with the lights...They don't work AT ALL! I haven't tried the other GP40s yet, but in one nightime scenario that i made using the CSX GP40, the only lights that do work are the flashing ditch lights whenever you sound the horn. Has anyone else out there have this same issue?

Other than that, very nice loco pack!

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