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Trackday Manager

Trackday Manager is a 3D simulation/manager multiplayer game where you are in charge of managing a racing team. You are not the driver but the team chief! You control your driver during races by issuing commands while monitoring the race carefully in beautiful 3D surroundings.

Your goal is to guide your driver and team to victory!

Before hitting the track, you must purchase cars, upgrade them, and manage a myriad of day-to-day tasks that comes with managing a racing team. When you finally hit the tarmac, you must lead your driver to success by issuing the right commands. When, where and how you perform the different commands is the key to being successful. One command given at the wrong time may lead to your driver losing ground, the car breaking down or other serious incidents that may cost you the trophy. On the other hand, a command given at the correct time will bring you closer to a podium finish! Other means to ensure success includes pit stop strategies, component upgrades, buying new cars, team & driver experience progress and sponsorship deals.

Trackday Manager uses real life sponsors which you have to please by winning races or satisfying other criteria set out in the sponsor agreement. Your success is always updated on the online leaderboards, both in-game and on the Trackday Manager website, telling you how well you are doing compared to your friends and the rest of the world.

Main features
Trackday Manager features fully rendered 3D environments with a default top down look where you can zoom all way in to enjoy the action from the cockpit of your car. The tracks and cars use advanced real-time physics, giving an exciting aspect to this heartpounding multiplayer racing game. As you progress through the game you will carefully choose which elements of your car and crew to upgrade to best fit your style as you climb on the international leaderboards. During races you must select the ideal time to do pitstops for fuel and new wheels, and also continuously decide how your driver should behave - from tailing others, overtaking, going into overdrive or try to block - every choice costs or wins you fuel or position in the race! If you are feeling confident for a victory you can leave your driver be, lean back and enjoy the race as it unfolds. Every race is around 10 minutes in length.

Other features:

  • Race day Central with team orders.
  • Perform real-time pit stops to fix and optimize your car.
  • Day and night races with dynamic weather system.
  • In-game and web leaderboards with statistics shows how you are performing against your friends - and the rest of the world!
  • Each race can feature up to sixteen players at the same time.
  • Advanced car customization with a vast amount of unique paints, sponsor placement and patterns.
  • Six unique cars with more than 60 different parts to customize as you see fit.
  • Improve the skills and experience of both your drivers, marketing manager and pit stop crew through your career.
  • In-game sponsorship deals featuring real world sponsors and the ability to change their deals with you.
  • Exciting in-game economy simulating the challenging world of racing management.
  • In-game events hosted by the developers.

About Us
Arctic Hazard Game Studio was founded by PC MMO veterans in 2010. Some of us have over 15 years experience with game development. Trackday Manager is our first released product, and we are very (very!) excited to have reached this milestone as we hope to create leverage for even larger projects in the years ahead. Our core development team is only six man strong, but do not let that fool you into thinking less of our product - we have worked hard for several years to get things where they are today.

We here at Arctic Hazard feel we have made a game worthy of your time, so please try it out. Thank you for your support!

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Title: Trackday Manager
Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Arctic Hazard Game Studio a/s
Arctic Hazard Game Studio a/s
Release Date: 31 Mar, 2016


Has massive potential but it really should be in early access. For a mainly multiplayer game the net code is really poor, with lag causing the game to be unplayable. With the tiny player base and lack of content I really can't recommend it.

In 18 months with a F2P business model it could be a great game.. TLDR; Cool concept, for a pretty niche community. Unfortnately there's no singleplayer mode and finding other players can take upwards of 10 minutes. Controls can feel unresponsive, but gameplay is genuinely fun. Online community feels dead and the game lacks varitey and customisability.

I imagine they'd also be rolling out more updates in the future for more content, as it is there are 6 tracks and 6 different cars. When you start out you have no cars theres 6 to pick from and you have a choice of the first two as they are under 200K which is what you're given when you start out. The car models do look pretty good and was impressed with the details they were able to put into the models. After buying the car you want, take it to your garage and with whatever spare cash you have left you might be able to get an upgrade. The upgradeable aspects of your car are the brake, ECU, Exhaust, bodywork, suspension, KERS, spoiler, cooling and a few others. Upgrades will change the car in terms of fuel economy, top speed, accleration, drag, braking power and do matter. For instance the car I was using was kitted to last only about 25km's without pitting but I had constantly more power to use and ended out on top. Most races won't be longer than 50km's, also note drivers can be more fuel economic whilst driving.

Once you're actually in-game it's pretty fun, you instruct your AI driver around and tell him when to use KERS, push harder, when to change the car's fuel map, pitstops and block. Controls can feel like they are unresponsive at times but that's due to driver stats which can be upgrades with experience points.

Experience points can be used to increase the speed of certain aspects of your pitstop, increase the skill of your driver; how confident he is with braking and overtaking and how much speed he can carry through corners. You also have a manager who handles all your sponsorship contracts, you can give him greater chance of securing a contract and he can land better contracts for you aswell.

Contracts themselves aren't overly fun to handle. You're given 10 time units and every action uses a certain amount of time units, time units are replentished after each race. Pretty easy mechanic but monotonous is a good way to describe sponsorship (10\/10 immersion there). To actually land a deal you need to call up the sponsor which you might or might not get through to. Once you're in you can invite them out to dinner, send them gifts, give a presentation on your raceteam few other options I've forgotten. Each option will better the relationship between you and whomever you're chasing up.

Once a you manage to squeeze out a contract offer you can change the aspects of the contract, how much you get paid, for how many races and what position you need to come in to adhere to those conditions of receiving the funds.

All up I would recommend this game if they added more varitey and the online community was bigger, it's a fairly niche market so this game may never live up to it's full potential. In it's current state I wouldn't recommend this game.

Apologies for the length of the review, it all got a bit out of hand. Cheers.. This game has much potential and the developers are very communicative but right now the game feels like early access and kinda unfinished. Right now there are 6 tracks and 6 cars which seem kinda unbalanced. There is also only one race mode, quick race, right now. If this games expands and gets better I will change my rating accordingly.

If you want to support the devs and the potential of this game buy it now - if you want a finished game and you would give up when you see some bugs, please wait and come back later.. A game that had the potential, but just falls flat.

It contains elements of what I wanted from a racing management simulator: sponsorship deals, six cars to choose from, a few good tracks, upgrades, stat point upgrades, leaderboards\u2026 That being said it's lacking in core features and polish. This lack of polish gives the game that Free 2 Play grind feeling with the price tag. Want to be competitive on the oval track? Better save up for that car that's good on ovals and then hope you have that car equipped when the game randomly selects the track for you. Granted, smart strategy can get you past these pitfalls, but it's still a major grind and you're fighting the RNG to get the track you want to race at.

Most game modes are locked with a promise of a later release date. The game has its share of bugs (DNFs causing money loss in cups in following races, wrong tires being put on cars, bots getting stuck on walls and winning awards because of it, driver commands not working at times). Also, the netcode cannot handle large fields with 200ms latencies across players. In my opinion this game was released from early access way too soon.

With the small player base, you're relegated to racing against bots 98% of the time. In the times we did get a league race together with 8-12 other players (the max field size is 16), the game would become unplayable. Laps wouldn't be counted, pit crew animations would completely vanish, and the lag was unbearable.

I had dedicated 70+ hours to this game, helped build a subreddit, and tried to be an active member in the community. Arctic Hazard Game Studio was very responsive and even quickly provided a patch to allow us all to race together as a group. While I commend them for that, it hasn't entirely redeemed a game that has such critical flaws. It does show they do care about Trackday Manager, but it got rushed to market before it was ready for showtime.

It\u2019s a shame, because I really wanted to like this game. There's not a lot of options in this genre and there really should be. It's something that if done well, could be a big hit.

I recommend not buying this title, not even on a sale price in it's current state. If\/when the developers do release a trial\/F2P version of the game and you are interested, try that out first. If upcoming patches makes major changes to the game, I will be more than happy to re-review this.. I really think this game has great potential but it needs more polish doesn't feel like a complete game. I want more.... Only time will tell...... I have been playing multiplayer games for ~ 20 years now and after all that time i usually don't end up having adrenaline rushes anymore while gaming.. anger.. sometimes.. but not the good adrenaline rushes.

but this game.. i just had a race were the competition for place #1 was so close, i was clenching in my chair and hoping that my driver doesn't make any mistake anymore, when i pulled out of pitstop just a car length in front of him, i was so happy and then he overtook me, but i could get back in a corner and it kept going like that, back and forth and then in the last curve he was on my\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665and his car was faster in the straights, but with a good use of the block feature i just managed to stay first by half a car length.. it was so epic.

it doesnt matter if the game has placeholder sound or lacks content at the moment (its early access, remember other reviewers, there will be more stuff added, there is a roadmap posted). the gameplay is right and it is fun and they are on the right way so far for sure

it has the thrill, and so far a very nice community that talks to each other and with people appreciating a good fight, hoping for a good race for each other vs the bots.

i like it.. i should be playing Witcher 3 or GTA5 and i sit here and play this early access game hour after hour.. I have done a review on this game before. However upon the new update and seeing the game slightly differently, I want to change my thoughts on the game slightly.

I still maintain that this is a good game. What isn't so good is the way it's being handled (much like Wreckfest from what I've read). The game has been on a slightly less than steady decline for awhile now. Some of this has to do with the fact that finding players in the lobby is difficult, the wait time to find a lobby in the first place is annoying and that the amount of updates for the game have been really (really, really, really) slow. Of course there are times when games have less updates than what the community would ideally want.

However TrackDay manager has passed crossed that line by a big margin now. If you want this game then I recommend you understand these three things in order to enjoy it.

Finding other players that aren't AI is going to be hard: I don't know if there is some sort of Steam group right now that has players that will play this game on a semi-regular basis, but if there isn't then that made it that little bit harder to find players to race with.

Finding lobbies to race on takes awhile, have patience: It takes about 110 seconds for the game to find a lobby, I know it's ridiculous but just make a snack or something in the meantime. Maybe watch a TV for a few seconds.

There are other people that have been playing since the game's releasing, so they may have better cars than you: Try not to get too frustated if you can't beat other players, they probably have better cars anyway. Just try your best and take anything above last as a win.

This is by far from being a terrible game. It's not even that far from being a great game. What holds it back is the lack of updates the game has been getting. I do recommend this game but only if you understand what I've listed above. This game isn't hard to enjoy but it can be difficult to not get very annoyed at it.

In short: It's a good (and quite enjoyable) game. However it needs to be handled better than it currently is.. 240 hours in... best thing i can say is... It's a good idea executed extremely badly.

Each new "patch" seems to make the game worse and or more glitchy.

It was in it's simplest and best form during EA but now it's turned to crap.

What pisses me off the most is that on certain tracks the car will just lose traction, jump, slide off line when in reality the car would be stuck to the road. It took them 4 months to repair a bump in the road on Circuit De La Luna... only it wasn't fixed, they had just made it worse and made the car slow down to a stop when you went over it.

If this game had been made by actual programmers instead of teenagers in their bedrooms I'm sure most of the racing community would play it, because like i said, it's a good game executed so badly it's embarrasing.. I can easily understand why the reviews are mixed about Trackday Manager. So let's get to the Pros and Cons.

Has a bit of a learning curve making it challenging even against ai.
Graphics are decent.
Variety of upgrades and customization.
Sponsorships and skill upgrades not bad.
Enough tracks and cars to not make it boring.

Game freezing from time to time is my biggest complaint. Has happened to me right before start to 2 laps to go. Very disappointing for a game that is out of Beta and "live"
For a game that is not FPS intensive it sure does have lag issues from time to time making it incredibly annoying when it happens.
Needs to be some explanation of usage of controls\/commands to the driver.

All in All this game is not bad but needs some TLC on the above issues. 6\/10 Stars.

Edit: 5\/22\/16: HAving played the game now for many hrs it is fun and challenging. Arctic Hazard has made some very good updates to clean up some of the issues with lag among other things. The lack of a large community is the only complaint I now have, the game is worth the money.

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