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About This Game

Five Ancient Frogs, scattered across the countryside, send a telepathic message to Toki Tori. It’s hard to see how this young chicken could help them destroy the floating crystal endangering everything… but he’s their only hope.

Toki Tori 2+ may look cute, but it’s a challenging puzzle adventure game. Whistle and stomp are the only moves you need to solve increasingly complex puzzles, as you go anywhere, anytime on a lush forest island.

  • A unique take on the Metroidvania formula: progress by exploring, observing and experimenting
  • Meet strange critters, study their behaviour and manipulate them with your whistle and stomp moves
  • Find the Ancient Frogs and destroy the crystal at the heart of the island
  • Whistle songs for special abilities, including rewind and fast travel
  • Use the in-game camera and snap creature pictures to complete the Tokidex
  • Push the game’s mechanics to their limits to find 100s of golden wings

Steam features

  • Level editor: create and share levels through Steam Workshop
  • 38 Achievements
  • For PC & Mac using SteamPlay

Title: Toki Tori 2+
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Two Tribes
Two Tribes
Release Date: 11 Jul, 2013


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or comparable
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce 8000 series (discrete) or Intel HD 3000 (integrated) GPU
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space
  • Controller: Gamepad support


Nice puzzle game.
Cute graphics.
Intuitive controls.
Interesting enemies and approaches to beat them.
Plus add steam workshop, just priceless.
Get it and have fun playing this relaxing game.. A challenging, adorable puzzle platformer that forces you to think your way into -- and out of -- pretty much every situation the game has to offer.

There are puzzles. secrets. more puzzles. easter eggs, and even more puzzles. These are handled differently than the first game, which gave you tools to solve the mostly static playfield. This time around, you are plopped in a world and told, "Go" and not much else.

I know some people wanted more of a narrative, and I can see their reasoning, but I'm okay with having what's essentially a classic puzzler in a shiny new coating.

If you can tone down the rage, haha, this could be a fantastic game to play with family members -- including kids. Working together to solve challenges, then celebrating the solution could really bring folks together.

Dig platformers and\/or games that require a bit of thought? Give this a spin. It's almost always on sale, so the risk is minimal. I do recommend the first game as well, and Two Tribes often bundle them along with one (or both) of their other titles. That's the way to go, I think.

Happy gaming!. I have bought this game with the intent of supplying fun game to kids. Shortly after starting it, I realized that ME - not really a kid anymore - have already played it for five hours straight! Game doesn't give any instructions - and that's 50% of fun, from discovering things yourself. It's a great feature, some of us, relying on tutorials for every game out there, already forgot.

That said, I wouldn't recommend this game for kids, buy it if you like solving gradually harder puzzles of "how to get up on that platform?" or "there should be 10 items on this level I have only 5, where's the rest?". You need to make surrounding creatures to do your bidding by singing for them, stomping the ground around or teleporting them wherever they're needed. You'll be lighting dark areas with a fairy, which you need to invite there by singing, you will use frog's bubbles to raise to higher areas, you will even need frogs bubble-fly another frog from time to time. Sometimes you will need that pesky bird, which god-knows-why has uber-affection for you, to be removed by zapping it with two slugs. There are times, when you will have wondered "how to get up there?", but having progressed slightly further you will discover new ways to do things, something you haven't thought of before, or just simply a new ability. This makes you go back and complete that task you haven't done before.
Warning to those that are alergic to trying things repeatedly and failing 90% of the time - you're gonna want to be zapped by a slug yourself, so try another game.

Writing anything more would be a big spoiler on how the game works, so enough to say - get it, you won't regret it.. Let me present you one of my favourite games and a very underrated title.
TOKI TORI 2+ is different from anything else played before in similar genres.

You'll need to figure out how to use and combine the 'tools' given at the beginning, because nobody is going to tell you - and I found this an amazing idea.
I don't think this is a game for kids - despite the cute graphics - since some puzzles are really hard to solve.
Great soundtrack, relaxing atmosphere.
Seriously, the soundtrack works perfectly here.

If you love the Myst series as I do, you're going to love this.
If you love cheery\/colorful platforms, you're going to love this.
Forget the first Toki Tori, this is totally another experience. :]. Toki Tori 2+ is not at all the game I was expecting it to be. The original game was a series of self-contained puzzle levels that were solved using a limited set of items. Toki Tori 2 is not that at all. Instead, the game drops you in the middle of a vast open 2D world and leaves you to figure everything out on your own. There are no instructions, tutorials, levels or items. The whole world is open from the start and you just need to figure out how to get through it while collecting a series of, err... collectibles. Unlike the previous game, Toki no longer uses items to solve puzzles. Instead, your abilities are limited to walking, singing and stomping. That's it. Where the complexity (and genius) comes in is how you can combine those actions with the various creatures that populate the world. For example, you can lure birds to pick you up with chirps, move bugs by stomping, and much, much more. I won't say anything further on that, as half the fun is figuring out the rules of the game on your own. As with the previous game, level\/puzzle design is utterly brilliant. So many times you will think there is no way to proceed past an area, only to have the solution click a few minutes later (and you subsequently smack yourself upside the head because of how simple it actually was). That is a sign of good design, and I admire it a lot. I can't really think of any puzzles that were totally unfair, although there were a handful that were somewhat tedious. The singing mechanic is also a pretty neat new feature. In addition to its standard functionality, you learn a series of songs that provide other abilities, such as time-rewind, warping around the map, and more. And oh yeah, the characters are all really cute - especially Toki and the frogs (if you're into that sort of thing as a selling point). It all comes together nicely in a really well-executed package. Overall, I liked this a lot better than the first game, due to the open-ended exploration\/collection gameplay and the "complex simplicity" in the puzzle design. It's a fun, laid-back game that should appeal to puzzle fans. A-. Highly recommend this game to anyone who loves puzzles! Unlike other puzzle games where they give you hints and stuffs, Toki Tori 2+ drops you into 2D open world and leaves you by yourself to figure things out.
Gotta work that brain out!
It gets really addicting, I promise.
First look of the game might look like its for kids but it can be for any age range.
Pretty fun, adorable chicks, frogy's and more!
Happy puzzling~!. A fantastic, lighthearted, open-world (ala Metroid) puzzle adventure game. No hand-holding; rather than granting you new abilities, you start with everything you need to solve every puzzle from the beginning, learning new ways of interacting with what's around you as you go. A game that's hard not to love; highly recommended.. I want a neutral button, I don't recommend it if you loved the first one or if you like to play games without having to look up what is the point of this or if you like puzzles in the normal sense of the word. But it's pretty and there are puzzles kind of, but this wasn't at all what I expected after playing Toki Tori 1 and I was disapointed. It's not a puzzle game like the first game it's an open world 2D platform explorer with puzzle elements. And like the new blurb says it tells you nothing about anything you have to figure out everything yourself, there is no kinda of tutorial at all. But it's not bad so I don't not recommend it if this is what you looking for, just be aware it's nothing like the first Toki Tori.

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