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Kalymn Nox is the Albino Hunter; even his pretentious and slightly racist title can keep him from waking up broke after a night of drinking. Join him as he takes on various jobs throughout the land which include:

-Spontaneous Engagement
-A Telepathic Lizard
-A Witch with a Poorly Insulated Castle

And hey! That was just in the Demo alone! The Full Version will include various additional plot lines, an updated Battle System, more Party Members, and even an Interdimensional Mini-Game.

Recommended Age: 14+ a09c17d780

Title: The Albino Hunter
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Cherry Co. Studios
Cherry Co. Studios
Release Date: 10 Mar, 2015


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If you're willing to play an RPGmaker game this one is not bad for ~9 hours of gameplay. It also isn't 10$ like most of the RPGmaker games.

Got it from a friend who bought it with a bundle.. One of the better RPG-maker games on the market - no random turn-based battles (you fight what you want), solid dialogue, plenty of content, and a well-crafted world. Buy it on sale!. This is yet another rpg game, besides that this game was very enjoyable, why? because serious battles and events are broken up with humour, the story is absurd and the characters have interesting back stories and emotions.
The only thing I would have to complain about is that it has a couple of glitches but the developers are able to fix these issues fairly prompty. All in all if you want a game that cracks you up, gives you a giggle and doesn't take too long this game is for you!


I liked the game but I found it hard to sustain my interest at times, and sometimes found it hard to actually find where I had to go as the directions were very vague from the in-game characters.. Well it is buggy, but in the developers defense they are actively working on fixing the issues. The game seems interesting enough (thus far), but in its current state I wouldn't recommend buying it unless it's seriously discounted. Game breaking bugs are becoming less frequent, but they still render the game virtually unplayable(it still crashes every ten minutes or so). I will keep trying as new updates become available, and will consider changing this to a positive review when the game actually works long enough for me to give it a proper chance (I say consider because I can't tell whether it's any fun or not, not because I'm a stubborn\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665.

P.S. At the time of this review, I only have an hour or two total invested into the game. I have windows 8.1, and games don't always close properly, hence why it shows so many hours invested.. For the accessible methods made possible by RPG Maker softwares, these game products can be a hit-or-miss due to its technical limitations and easy making. Playing through the first half hour of The Albino Hunter, I was afraid that this would have proven the worse case due to familiar stock soundtracks and certain resources.

Going further still and past the demo length of the game, I've grown accustomed to the game's nature. What kept me going was its elaborate dialogue writing, the humor and its fourth-wall tropes. These are the strengths that help define it more as an adventure game rewarding exploration with turn-based combat coming by the player's choice or part of a story, rather than being overly present during exploration as standard JRPG games do.

I'm glad I didn't give up playing during the linear beginning part because as the game progresses, free reins are given to find new quests of different sorts; which upon completion get rewarding practically but primarily story-wise. Many characters are memorable and every one of them have their own quirks that add to the game's humor value. It shows that the dev team Cherry Co. Studios made this game with care, judging by the rich and enticing dialogues put into it while not shying from poking fun at both themselves and the JRPG tropes. They also show signs of activity in improving and fixing bugs in their game because, even at its flawed state, it's already fun and satisfactory as a whole.. Well, I never thought that playing RPG Maker games could be so fun and attractive, I liked the story, the characters, everything. I just wish this story to be continued, well there are some bugs but anyway, you should try it! Often these kind of games are made just for the money, but here you can find a piece of heart too..Thank you a lot for this game, for it's humour and fun!. This game is great! I don't know how people can dislike this game.
It basically has a Final Fantasty combat style.
You can buy supplies such as armor, health potions, weapons, etc.
Also, the story is easy to get into!
The only downside to the game is that the enemies are easy to defeat, even as level 1.

9/10!. I'm really enjoying this game so far. It's funny and witty and I like the characters.. To be fair i really enjoy this game. it reminds me of the old gameboy games. you level up and kick butt, I'd recommand this game because not only is it funny and addicive but its also cheap. I mean what else can you ask for. Seriously what are you waiting for... Buy and Download it now:D!
. The way I see it, JRPGs should be judged on three things: Story, gameplay and functionality.

Story, which would would include characters, dialogue, plot, etc, is pretty average. The characters are great, and can be funny, but the plot is nonexistant. Granted, I haven't finished the game, so I'm not really holding that against it too much in my judgement... but it still bothers me I'm five hours in and the plot of the game is "do sidequests!" If that's the plot, that's fine... but I still don't like it.

Gameplay, is also extremely average. It's your basic JRPG battle system, but not interesting at all. This cheap, rpgmaker niche that has appeared on Steam has shown it can have interesting battles... just look at a game like Cubicle Quest. In that game, you basically must figure out what the foes weakness is, and rearange your party to combat it. But in this, the all your party members basically fit into two categories: those who spam basic attacks, and those who spam their strongest spell. Weaknesses and resistances don't really fit in much, since they only affect the latter group, and even then, if you have a tier two level spell that is resisted by the foe, it will do more than a tier one level spell that has an elemental advantage.
Plus, the inclusion of MP is useless in this game. Your MP pool is so big, and you level up so fast, you never run out of it, so there's no point.
Oh, theres also this half-a$$ (did I mention that instead of swearing the game just puts symbols in? Because they do that, and it makes me think their target audience was nine year olds) active time battle system which seems like its probably a public script you can find on the rpgmaker forums. It's useless, too, since your characters are going to move in a certain order anyway. All it does is add breaks in the gameplay.
But I can excuse this, because I love myself an average jrpg, sort of turn based battle system.

But functionality just flops. I inlcude graphics and audio in this... and they both suck. Basic rpgmaker graphics, which, while not gamebreaking, do stop me from saying "Daaaaaaang this place looks nice" or "holy crap this battle theme sounds great." But I can excuse this.
What I can't excuse are the glitches. There are quite a few, and while most are pointed out by the "Glitch Fairy", and you're shown how to avoid them, there's one that is consistent and not pointed out: the fact that, for some unknown, god-forsaken reason, certain battles will crash your game. You will lose all your unsaved progress. But it's okay, right, because they just tell you to save every three seconds, and promise to fix it in the remake on the new version of RPGmaker. (spoiler: it's not okay.)

Theres also the price. 5 dollars. That's absurd. This game is worth 2.50 at best. So I don't recomend this, unless its on sale for half off or more. But that's fine. Because when it goes on sale, they usually put it on super sale (I got it for less than a quarter of a dollar).

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