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About This Game

SYREN is designed exclusively for VR.

SYREN is a story about a scientist obsessed with eugenics who conducts horrific experiments in an attempt to recreate the lost species of ‘Syrens’. But now, the experiments have gotten loose.

EPISODE 1: You awaken into chaos, a lab in ruins; creaking under the pressure of the sea. Systems are failing everywhere. Something is down here with you…With the station reactor about to go critical, you have to evacuate the lab, and save yourself.


Set after the events of SYREN, you play CIA agent, ‘Manning’ in this action packed free roaming shooter. Thrust into a world of violence, you must use your military skills to obliterate the deadly swarm of syrens stalking you, and make your way to the mystical Anomaly.

Episode 2 is available with the purchase of SYREN, or as a free DLC for those who have already purchased. 6d5b4406ea

Title: SYREN
Genre: Action
Hammerhead VR
Hammerhead VR
Release Date: 16 Feb, 2017


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If I could choose 'maybe later' as a recommendation I would. I bought the game but haven't played much of it, because the controls completely ruin it for me, I just can't stand them and it actually turns me off to the whole game. Trigger to pick up an object like a gun, and up on the touchpad to shoot, and when I played the gun was in an incredibly awkward position.

Bad: Controls are so bad I can't get over them long enough to play 30 minutes of this game
Good: The developers appear to be fixing bugs incredibly fast, these issues will likely not hold them back for long.. please..for the love of god holding down the trigger to hold an item kills me..
-utilize grip buttons. -get rid of turning on trackpad - make trackpad teleport only

Im ok with graphics
- wish there were more things i could interact with in the environment. at times I felt like i should have been able to grab or interact with something and my hand goes through it. sad panda face

- something about the sound seems just a bit off..cant name it but its off

no direction starting off..which may or may not be a bad thing depending on your tastes.
Found myself dying to first 2 encounters, then hitting dead ends.. kinda got bored of
the creepy chick eating my face. She seemed to spot me pretty easily. Would have liked
5 minutes of exploring the world and maybe a checkpoint before getting my\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665handed to me
over and over again.

Trailer looks really good in hindsight.. was expecting a little more
Probably wont put much time into this.
Might be good grab if its on sale...
. A unique "escape" experience with an intriguing premise and visually attractive chambers to explore. Its weaker points are being addressed in the recent updates and in a few days I believe it will only get more enjoyable.. This isn't a bad game. I just cannot wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone when there are other similarly priced and more engrossing "horror" vr experiences. The game's length comes from a lot of trial and error time figuring out to get passed the siren(s) in a scene, reloading scenes and repeating the same actions to get to the encounters that are in each scene if you fail anywhere along the way.

I feel like this game could've been better if there was a more 1:1 relationship with physical roomscale interactivity. Perhaps it's just a limitation of current vr technology that leaves me feeling like I'm just clicking around a scene rather than being in it. I frequently found myself teleporting into spots that would cause my headset to go black because I'd end up in a wall.

I think there are other vr games that are more immersive. There may be potential here, but i wouldn't fault anyone for not wanting to spend a lot of time finding it here.. Honest review from Vrsteppers
My system:
No problems with Vive hardware. Good setup and roomscale and good pc hardware.
I ran Syren on High Graphic setting.

This is truly a great game. Truly! I guess the patches the devs deployed "extremely quickly by the way!" fixed all previous complaints that people had. Because, apart from a few minor glitches, hardly even worth mentioning, this game scared the living Gargamel out of me.
As for now I have played almost an hour and a half and came across NO PROBLEMS! You hear me? NO PROBLEMS!
This came should be bought, played and treasured. At least if you like puzzle and to wear a diaper! ;)

The game is a puzzle and sneaky-sneaky game. If you like boom boom fast action "HAHA! I m coming for you!" games only this might not be for you. On the other hand, in VR, this might be! Always try a new genre!

The graphic is awesome. Really! And the monsters so far are freaky as hell. But I just found a gun i think, so it´s my turn to laugh! HAHAHA! eh..

The controllers are great! Nothing wierd there at all. I like that you drop things when you relax IRL. Also, the double grip press; Good one devs! Thank you for thinking about us! ;)

So, just ignore the bad comments. Buy this game. Get it. play it and remember to not make a sound.

"I have never talked to these devs. I have not gotten this game for free. I am not an affiliate of any kind and /or family.
I might be a bit biased though, naked monster chicks? Okeydokey!"

. This game is good (for the time it was made) and was enjoyable in the end. But the controls are done very awkwardly. They do have grip toggle now which makes holding the axe and guns better but you can't throw objects when in that mode. Therefore, what I did was use toggle grip when I had to do the levels with guns and turned it off when I did the levels that needed stealth. Now if you have a gun in non toggle grip mode when you hold the gun you have to hold trigger and shoot with track pad which is dopey. Now you understand why I did what I did. If you have a large play space it is super immersive as you can literally walk\/crawl behind the syrens quietly with your own body which is exillerating. It was like really being there and with the tension. Basically you can throw things to distract the Syrens, kill or hurt them if you have weapons which are hard to come by or die if they see you. :-) . I am not sure if chapter 2 was included with what I played which I doubt as there was no shooter mode as far as I noticed. Regardless of that fact if you get this on sale I think you can get some enjoyment out of it and also have a decent horror\/thriller game to play at parties or showing off VR to friends if you show them how to do the controls like I explained. It does seem like this is the final release but none the less I recommend it on sale only. My rating 6\/10. Mainly because of the controls and lack of further develoment. There is an ending to the game so this part is finished.

One further suggestion: When you first start the game and if you want to do the tutorial choose smooth walking first because I think the tutorial is broken for the teleport mode. And for the tutorial choose toggle grip so you can shoot the guns "normally". Haha. Then switch back to the other modes if you want to use them. Remember you can't effectively throw stuff in toggle grip mode. It just drops stuff out of your hand if you try to throw. Still with all these quirks on sale I think you should not pass up this experience if you like tension thrillers\/horror stealth games.

First play video here if you want to see the full playthrough. There is a lot of trial and error in it. Not edited. The spoiler is at the end so if you don't want to know what happens then don't watch the last 10 minutes. Thanks and enjoy. :-)
https:\/\/\/Qd5aOFOIP18?t=323<\/a>. **Updated review as of 25\/02\/2017 (I've left my original reviews below so you can see how well this has evolved in just a week or so worth of updates. EVERY issue i personally raised with the Dev at the bottom of this review has been fixed) - Pretty much every issue with the game from launch has now been resolved. The buttons are consistently in the lift between levels - the locomotion system works great, the new grabbing system with the grip buttons to snap objects to your hands works fantastically (though maybe needs a little tightening up to succesfully throw items any distance), the snap turn buttons can now be disabled entirely so you can very accurately move and use the roomscale.

Honestly I hope everyone gets a chance to re-review the game either from now or after further bugfix updates (the sound still needs work - enemy footsteps can sound like theyre next to you when they are actually in a different room down a long corridor away) - but compared to some of the hobbled-together tripe i've seen released over the last year for the Vive, this is a genuinely terrifying, beatufully graphiced, and now well-controlled first person survival horror title and it needs FAR more praise than i've seen on the steam reviews here. I still hold my breath when a Syren walks by and I still put up my hands and squeal when they nomm on my face! If you're expecting the AAA level of polish of Alien Isolation then sure you might be disappointed still, but that doesnt stop this being a killer title as far as the Vives current releases go.**

**Update as of 17\/02\/2017 - the graphics issue has been resolved - no more smudge on the lens - can really appreciate the finer details in the environment now. Huge improvement good work Dev!**

Hohoho! Ok my opinion switched fast on this one :D

Initial reaction was disappointment - as others have said on max graphics settings the games really blurry - classic UE4 issue that i've seen in a few other titles. Manually supersampling will help but obvs if your graphics card is going to struggle with it like mine (980TI) then you just have to make do. But the graphics are actually supersharp for the most part - its just not evident until you get your face right up next to an item. Bizarre but hopefully fixable in an update patch.

Controls are really a mess at the moment with too many controls on the thumpads. I found it a lot more playable in teleport movement than in Locomotion movement as it meant i didnt need to worry about trying to use a fire extinguisher in my left hand on the same button as would walk me forward ^_^ Again - update patch required.

DESPITE ALL THE ABOVE - this game got me good :D The first "level" (handful of rooms and corridors) took a lot of getting used to due to scripted events requiring specific actions\/movements. Also the bug when an enemy scuttles into a vent is hilarious due to her going over the top of the vent and vanishing - Slightly killing the atmosphere :) But as soon as you get to the next level\/area (only takes a couple of minutes once you've retried it a few times) you realise theres a lot more mechanics to play around with and the game opens up more. Playing Hide & Seek with creepy chick and using items to distract her was actually the most intensely scared i've been since Alien Isolation! My only advice to fellow purchasers at this point is push on through the first area and see what the game is ACTUALLY like before hastily negatively reviewing it. I haven't got much further into it but what i've seen so far really gave me goosebumps ^^

**Notes below are for the Developer - please fix the graphics blur and controls!

Make the trigger button Shoot or Activate the held item.

Use the grip button on the side of the controller to pick up items - and make it just a one push to lock the item to your hand and push again to drop the item - nobody likes to hold a button constantly on a required item.

You only need to use One of the Top Menu buttons to pick up distant items - the other Menu button could be used to pause the game and bring up ingame options such as graphics settings...and a quit button for if i'm cr*pping my pants :P

If Teleport movement has been selected - use the entire thumpad on the controller as a teleport button. Dont put other controls on the thumpad, keep it simple. Especially with the Vive I dont imagine many people will require the left\/right buttons to snap the screen left\/right - the majority of users will just turn in the physical room. By all means have the option to enable the snap screen movement for less abled gamers - but allow us to disable it in the options.. Man I really wanted to like this game. I really wanted to recommend it to my friends, let people try it out, but I just cant.

Im not going to write a book here, but Ill say a few things briefly.

The graphics everyone are complaining about? Meh. They arent terrible. Thats the least of the games problems tbh.

The problem lies in a few things, one of which is pretty much a core mechanic and will probably never be fixed. The AI is basically scripted and cheats. So if you are expecting an Alien Isolation experience, this isnt it. The AI will always be in the same place, every time, take the same path, and its basically up to you to figure out the "Trick" to get past it on that particular area or stage. This pretty much killed it for me.

The second biggest problem is the controls on the HTC Vive. They are just awful. Im not talking about locamotion, Im talking how the game has you interact with things is just illogical give the controls you are using. Trigger to grab things? UP on the Touchpad to shoot? What? Did no one with a Vive playtest this and tell the Devs how awful that is?

FInally, the game is short. Like an hour-ish. And given it has very little replay value, its just not worth $20 for that length. I didnt beat it personally because I couldnt stand the awful glitchy AI and bad controls, but there are plenty of youtube videos that will show you the game length.. It took me a while but i found out in the discussion threads that you can get past the first syren by simply smacking in the head with the axe, thats it just step forward and smack it in the head.

The enviroments are beutiful and well detailed, it works with touch, has teleport or trackpad locomotion and features a campeign that i have played about an hour and a half of and am only on level 2!

If you like Alien Isolation like I do then you'll like this, there are bugs but the devs were quick to fix the gamebreaking ones and update the reolution\/graphics aswell and will likely continue to work on the game.

6.5\/10 needs a bit of work but its worth its money now and if it continues to get worked on then this could be a VR hit for years to come!
. I really wanted to like Syren. This could have been the modern Alien Isolation VR.

Its great that the Dev included touch pad locomotion and has included an Ultra graphics setting after feeback from the community.

The control system is a mess (using HTC Vive). Gripping and holding with the trigger and pressing the top of the thumb pad just isn't natural. Holding and using a gun in the gun range is like holding a torch in reality and is uncomfortable and immersion breaking. Anything held collides with the scenery although there are some nice touches such as text can be scrolled on monitors or you can hide in the lockers.

Graphics even at Ultra settings still look 'smudged' and are no where near the quality of the trailers. The Syren's themsleves are poorly detailed and animated as its like being attacked by a shop dummy.

I really really wanted this game to be the 'hide em up' I was craving.

Please Devs, make it as good as the trailers and throw in some dece...

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