Sun Blast: Star Fighter Download Rar File

Sun Blast: Star Fighter Download Rar File

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About This Game

Sun Blast is the best 3d space shooter on Steam. Earn upgrades as you fight your way through a massive seleciton of levels.

In a period of 48 hours, an alien race utterly annihilated Earth's military forces. Only one colonial ship remains, and it's humanity's last chance.

Choose your starfighter and join the desperate counter-assault on the alien forces. You're massively overpowered and ridiculously outgunned, but with cunning and a lot of luck, you can prevail.

As you prove your worth in combat, you'll rise in rank and gain the ability to upgrade your ships weapons and defenses. This is the 3d space shooter you've been waiting for!


  • Full gamepad support
  • Three ship designs to choose from, each with unique look and behavior
  • Fight against stealthy fighters and gigantic starships
  • Huge level selection, from planet orbits to underground tunnels to infested military bases
  • Replay levels to earn medals
  • Steam achievements and leaderboards

Title: Sun Blast: Star Fighter
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
OBLONE Software
EQ Games
Release Date: 2 Apr, 2015


sun blast star fighter. sun blast star fighter

Got this game even though the store page said the reviews were "mixed" for this game. The game was on sale for 19 cents and has steam trading cards, so for that price I couldn't resist.

The game is very fun. It is basically an on-rails arcade shooter, that starts off really easy but quickly ramps up in difficulty when you get to the boss battles. I was stuck on one of the boss battles but felt really good after I finally beat the level. The music is great and although I think its the same 2 or 3 tracks, It dosen't become annoying. There are pickups on the levels that make it easier to blast enemies, like a faster gun and a shield.

The graphics are pretty bad for a game released in 2015. To be honest it looks like a PS2 game and for some reason the game Is locked at 45 fps. Also, when you first launch the game and try to run it in 1920x1080 you'll notice that the screen is cut off. However, if you go to the folder where the game is installed, there is a tool that will fix the problem.

My biggest gripe with the game would be the User Interface and Presentation. There is no real indication of how far along you are in the campaign. When you beat a level it just tales you to the next one. There's no screen that says how many more levels there are. Also there is no way to easily change to another ship, (the game lets you choose from 3 at the beginning of your campaign).

These problems however do not negate the fact that the core game at hand is very fun. At full price I don't know if I would feel like I got a value. There is only about 2-4 hours of gameplay, but for 19 cents I cant complain.. Ez card farming

10/10. DONT LISTEN TO ANYBODY THERE ALL TERRIBLE HUMANS AND ♥♥♥♥♥ THIS GAME IS= TO A PIECE OF♥♥♥♥♥♥IN A BOX. This game is a pretty middle-of-the-road, if entertaining (in an arcade rail-shooter kind of way) third-person space shooter. I do think the comparisons to Starfox, Panzer Dragoon etc. are just a bit hyperbolic - the game is really only superficially similar to these well-regarded classics. It is ultimately more like a third-person Galaga/Asteroids clones with a few Starfox elements like the tunnel level etc. The graphics and sound are fine, if not technically/artistically impressive, and the controls of the various pilotable spacecraft are very responsive using a X-Box 360 controller.

There are several different level types, from needing to destroy a certain number of objects/enemies before the timer runs out, surviving an onslaught of obstacles for a certain amount of time to navigating tunnels, and these tend to repeat with the odd boss-battle ad-nauseum. As I've not invested very much time in the game at this time, I can't comment on later levels.

All in all, it's not a bad little arcadey game for 24 cents (the price I paid during a sale), and I've certainly dropped a quarter into far worse arcade machines for a single play, but I would say that it's definitely a harder sell at above $1 or so. At the right price, it's a simple little arcade game that scratches that certain itch in small bursts, but it's not something I can see myself investing a lot of time in.. not a good game.... Sun Blast........ i guess you can say it's not broken at least. Not a bad game, but not too great.... what's the word I'm looking for? besides repeatative I mean (which honestly it is). I did have fun with it for about 20 minutes, so i guess it's not bad if you wanna waste time for sure :) so yeah i guess if you put it that way it's recommended. If i need to give this a score out of 5 though, I'd give it a 3/5. The incredibly short draw distance and calustrophobic camera turn what could be a decent mindless shooter into an exercise in tedium and frustration.. Actually a fun game. Bring's back the nostalgia! Will do a barrell roll again! 9/10. Kind of hard to play on a keyboard, everything seems clumped up on one hand.
Can't rig up a basic controller as the 'controller detection' doesn't work and there's no way to force any alternate controller options without passing the controller detection test. You'd figure controller support would be a no brainer here, especially since it comes with "Full Controller Support" which is obviously, a big fat lie. This feels like a controller game...
Some options that appear to trigger a popup, don't, resulting in ALT+F4 and try again.
Graphics aren't exactly great...

Gameplays pretty simple, shoot things and don't get hit, seems to be about it.
Better space games out there, save your dosh.

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