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Sticker Craft - game about combining stickers and collecting them.

For example, combine stickers "Water" and "Lake" and get "Sea" stic 5d3b920ae0

Title: Sticker Craft
Genre: Casual, Indie
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One More Game
Release Date: 27 Jan, 2017


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Click everything absently 1.000.000 times to discover the author's curious logic of interconnections between things in our world, sometimes it can be funny. Thank God it's not set on timer, could be recommended just for that fact as a casual distraction. Still I would not buy it for a cent.. Looking good, on a tablet-pc it can be used as a party game, like "I never".. As you've no-doubt suspected, it's a lot like the Doodle series, and, as others have said, some of the combinations are (in my opinion) ridiculous. [Spoiler Warning!] For example, a monkey is made by mixing a Caveman with a Forest. Huh? Animal + Tree I'd get. Human + Forest might make some kind of sence (but not really.). Caveman + Forest is just plain weird. And this is hardly the only example. Want to make a Workbench? You might think you'd need Wood + Tool/Hammer, but you'd be wrong. It's Ore + Tool. Horns are not Knife/Axe/Tool + Animal/Dinosaur/Bull, oh no, that'd make sence. Nope, Horns are Animal + Stick. If you can logically explain that, then you'll love this game. Otherwise, you'll likely be frustrated. [End of Spoilers] As frustrating as the illogical combinations are at times, there are guides to help you find all the combinations. (The in-game hint system limits you to a certain number of hints per day, which makes little sence since you are just going to then proceed to go online and get the answers. At least the hint system still lets you feel like you figured something out.) All that being said, the graphics are cute, and some of the combinations made me laugh. If it was a $5 game, I'd probably give a different rating, but this game is $2, has acheivements and cards, and is reasonably fun for that price point. The fact that I got a Water Sticker Emoticon and a few hours of fun out of the game makes it a worthwhile purchase, in my opinion.. I picked this up on sale for 0.59, please keep that in mind. Sticker Craft is a very simple game, but with a lot of hidden easter eggs to discover. You play by combining two stickers together in the hope that the game will consider them a match, if it does you get a new sticker. You may then combine your new sticker with other stickers resulting in a large amount of potential combinations. I think whether or not you will enjoy this game comes down to two simple factors. 1. Will you be satisfied with a game which consists of nothing but combining stickers? There is no real objective outside of figuring out all the combinations and collecting all the 200+ stickers. As a puzzle game it feels a little limited due to the lack of gameplay mechanics/challenges, so I'd suggest thinking of it more as a Cookie Clicker-type game but with a puzzle theme. 2. Do you enjoy oldschool puzzle games/point-and-click adventure games where combining things in your inventory to complete puzzles sometimes went completely out of the realm of logic? I found that Sticker Craft mostly remained logical with its combination solutions, however some of the stickers required very farfetched combinations to unlock. The game wasn't always consistant either; sometimes requiring you to combine two of the same sticker to unlock a larger variant, other times not. For example the method for raft>boat was not the same as the method for boat>ship. If your answer to both questions is a yes, then I definitely recommend Sticker Craft. But if you are seeking a puzzle game with more depth or consistancy this is not it. If you feel unsure I'd recommend picking it up during a sale. I found the art charming and the music relaxing, and although I had a few issues with the game as a whole, I enjoyed figuring out all the different combinations and discovering the easter eggs.. I don't even remember why did I bought this game. But this is very fun game to play. Quite addictive too actually. It's quite tricky. Some of them are logics and some are just complete mind fcked but yeah it's pretty fun game to play. That feelings you have when you discover new sticker after a longtime got stuck was just fascinating.. Thought this would've been a simple but fun puzzle game where you fuse stickers to get new ones. In the end, this is nothing more than a "click a sticker with another one and hope it's actually one of nonsensical fusions possible. The game offers 3 hints PER DAY to help you progress. Hints show you 4 different stickers and tell you that two of those can be fused together. Besides that, there are no way for you to know if you have fused everything with a sticker or not (the game however tells you when you find a dead end in fusions). All in all, just stay away from this game. I've already asked for a refund.. Cool game, your goal is to craft those stickers into another stickers. Is like the science game. Pretty fun, decent-ish graphics, also the BGM is cool.. Click everything absently 1.000.000 times to discover the author's curious logic of interconnections between things in our world, sometimes it can be funny. Thank God it's not set on timer, could be recommended just for that fact as a casual distraction. Still I would not buy it for a cent.

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