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STATIC: Investigator Training Serial Number

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In Static: Investigator Training, you will play the role of Julie Masters, an ambitious fan of all things Paranormal; who recently requested membership with Berkshire Paranormal. Julie will investigate the mansion and surrounding areas collecting evidence; though paranormal events have been documented at the mansion Julie ends up uncovering an interesting addition to the ghostly history. b4d347fde0

Title: STATIC: Investigator Training
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Ethereal Darkness Interactive
Strategy First
Release Date: 21 Nov, 2009


static investigator training. static investigator training

Not very good, with lots of problems.
The game puts you into the role of a would-be paranormal investigator. As a test you're asked to investigate the house they're based out of.

The game uses FMV's, but does so badly. there is no perspective (the character stays the same size closer and farther from the camera, and tries to use lipsync (badly). During conversations the character images (apart from the lipsync) are pretty much static, yet look like they have been cut out using mspaint.
Apart from that it's a point and click adventure, but short (1-1.5 hrs according to other reviewers).
The narrative is quite cringeworthy at times.

The pricing is crazy. This is definitely not worth the 8 bucks the store asks for it. Luckily (or not) I got this from a bundle.
For 2 euros more you can get "The Lost Crown", another paranormal investigation game, which unlike this game, delivers, and does so for 30+ hours.

Dear Strategy First, why the hell did you publish this?
. This is a low-budget indie game, so put your expectations on graphics and FMV fidelity in check, but I found its rough edges to be quirky and fun. It's a unique experience which can be completed in a couple of hours. Essentially, you walk around a haunted house, click on things, do a small amount of inventory usage, and watch a few short video clips. The characters are FMV, and are perhaps the devs\/friends of the devs? I enjoyed this game a lot, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys "small" independent games and adventure point-and-click games.. Short but interesting game about "ghost hunting",the aim is to search for evidence using (your selection of three) "typical" paranormal investigation tools: a camera, camcorder, thermometer, voice recorder, pendulum, and an EMF (electro magnetic field) detector. This is a point and click adventure that utilises, full motion video scenes throughout the game. The story was interesting but could have been fleshed out a bit more, the ghost video and audio recording were very good and will prove interesting for those interested in paranormal investigation. A bit buggy, the game crashed for me several times during FMV sequences..

It's great to see a group of high school drama students get together and make an FMV game, it's just well, maybe it doesn't produce a product ready for prime time.

The controls are fluidly while the chroma keying could have used anouther quality pass. The focus on investigating is a great theme but it falls flat due to none of the characters being excited or interested in the process.. A short, but still quite nice third person FMV adventure game about ghost-hunting.

You can choose three ghost-hunting tools out of six or seven, so there is even a certain degree of non-linearity and replayability. Think of a little FMV version of 'The Lost Crown': you look for the shadows of the lost souls at night, both inside the old mansion and at the cemetry, follow them to their hidden diaries, gather clues as to their past mysteries etc.
One drawback is the game's length - about two hours only. It does indeed look like a demo or a prologue to a big adventure game never made. Still, the story is fun and complete - I would definitely recommend to get it, if not for a full price, then during a sale like this Halloween one.. this is one of thows games that is for ppl who liked the 13th hr and outher old pc games like that it is not long game and yes it is buggy but i payed $1.99 for it it is worth it if you like the old games

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