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Title: Sorry, James
Genre: Casual, Indie
Konstructors Entertainment
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Perhaps I gave up on it too soon, but I did not enjoy the bit that I played. Would much rather watch gameplay of this than play it again myself, honestly. And I hate watching gameplay.. THis game definitely needs a Meh Rating because its a fun enough puzzle game but the 4th wall breaking elements are kinda weak. I got a friend request on Steam!!!! I finally have a friend!!! Rating Infinity10. All so called great games should get inspiration from this title. Such clever and engaging ideas, loved it.. 4/10 Sorry, James, I can't play your game anymore. In Sorry, James, you play as a man named James Garner. When the game begins, you're asked by your boss to decrypt some files. You decrypt the files by completing puzzles that, as noted in the game's description, are initially similar to Minesweeper. I'm not usually a big fan of puzzle games, but I do enjoy Minesweeper and thought that the salacious nature of the story would keep me engaged. Completing puzzles reveals chat transcripts between a "woman" named Elisa and a man named Tom. However, at least initially, you are only able to read Elisa's side of the conversation. I loved the aesthetic of the game - the processing noises and mechanical keyboard clacks, and the dated desktop. I also enjoyed the first two levels of puzzles (pt1.a and pt2.a). However, the puzzles ramp up considerably in complexity until they become much more difficult than Minesweeper ever was. I found that after a while I just wasn't enjoying myself any more. I think that I was under the impression that Sorry, James was primarily a compelling story that simply had a few puzzles to keep the player engaged and pace the exposition. However, it's really a puzzle game at heart. The story never grabbed me, and it didn't help that the English translation is very rough and the chats were sometimes challenging to comprehend. It's pretty obvious that the game was not originally an English one. It would benefit the developer to hire an English translator for the dialogue. I think my error was that I thought I was buying a meta-level story with a few puzzles on the side, and it's really more of a puzzle game with a meta-level story on the side. I feel that the strategy needed to complete the puzzles could be much clearer (I had to look up what multiple symbols indicated outside of the game), and the story could unfold quicker to justify the effort of solving the more complicated puzzles.. It's a casual puzzle game to entertain you for a couple of hours a day, the story is okay, but the aesthetic is awesome. Sorry, James is the way how metagames should be of "meta". The game is not merely an executable program along with components necessary to run, but not unlike Dr. Langeskov: a full collaboration of its store page, free demo, trailer video. Each a part of the whole picture. Gameplay wise, it didn't impress me. But aside from that? Marvelously it did.. I like this game but unfortunately I'm allergic to maths.. Chill artwork and theme to it. Story is good. Great for those late night feels bro.. This game is worth its price, I can already tell. Do you love puzzles? Do you love mystery? Just buy it already. I don't think it's like Sudoku as the description says, but it's definitely Minesweeper-like. There are tons of text but it keeps interesting.

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