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Run The Procedural Gauntlet!

Skein is a procedural dungeon shooter in the "old-skool" arcade style for one or two players where you must battle through hordes of monsters on a quest to save the soul of a talking sheep.

A group of intrepid adventurers are travelling through a wasteland when they come across a sheep... feeling peckish, they do what any self-respecting adventurer would do and they slaughter it without a thought, only to find out that it was a magic sheep with the soul of a great warrior prince trapped within. Feeling a tad guilty for condemning the warrior prince to an eternity of spiritual suffering, the adventurers decide to enter the legendary Skein to find his body and return his soul to it (and get loads, and loads, and loads, and loads of loot while they're at it...).

Skein is a one or two player (co-op) arcade game with the following features:

  • Procedural dungeons
  • 6 unique characters, with three unique classes
  • A huge number of class based spells
  • Over 40 unique enemies, each with their own traits and talents
  • Special areas like the Arena, the Vault and the Caves
  • Local, Online and Steam leaderboards
  • 40+ achievements
  • 1 or 2 Player (co-op) play
  • Sheep!!!!!

Skein was created by me over the course of three years as a homage to the coin-op arcade machines of old. While the game itself has many modern features, at its heart the gameplay is decidedly "old skool" and can be picked up and played for five minutes or several hours, either on your own or with a friend.

The concept is simple: fight through ever-bigger dungeons with ever-growing hordes of enemies in an attempt to liberate the corpse of a disembodied sheep... although all that is simply a pretext for getting as much loot as possible and for surviving as long as possible. On your journey to certain death you can use the magic spells you find to wipe the floor with the enemy, and friends can drop into the game at any time to help you with the carnage. Later levels feature fiendish traps and huge Champion monsters which have their own special attacks and powers. NOTE! This is not a huge game, but meant as a fun blaster with which to waste some time, where the main goal, really, is to get highest on the leaderboards, win a cool title ("Lord of The Wilting Bidet", anyone?), and get the achievements.

If you have feedback on the game, or find any errors, or even just want to say hello, then you can contact me through Twitter, the Steam forums, or my website.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to everyone that has helped make this game a reality, especially my wife and sons, and I hope that you enjoy your time looting the Skein and killing (and being killed by!) monsters! 7aa9394dea

Title: Skein
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Nocturne Games
Nocturne Games
Release Date: 13 Nov, 2017


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I really loved Gauntlet at the arcade as a kid. Spent countless hours pumping quarters into both Gauntlet I and II. Skein captures those nostalgic 80's feelings for me once again. This is basically an reimagining of the arcade classics but with procedureal generation, classes, different spells, and neverending dungeons. Leaderboards are present to see how far you get compared to others around the world. I've managed to get a 45 min run so far (level 19) before death. The dungeons start off easy allowing you to build health and about 15 minutes in start to ramp up the difficulty. That's when the game starts to feel really good as you run around trying to find spots to stand and fire while trying to manage the enemy spawn portals, pick up potion, and eat food. You can't linger long though because just as in Gauntlet your health is slowly fading.

Simple yet effective pixel art coupled with great tunes and sound effects help out the effort and make you feel at home. With just a bit more polish I think this game is almost a perfect. There are only a couple issues atm. Gamepads are not rebindable (keyboard is though) and you have to change the class names manually to a name of your choice to distinguish yourself on the leaderboard (does not use steam name automatically).. The game had controller sensitivity issues at first launch as well but those were quickly solved by the dev the next day. I'm sure a bit more polish is coming down the road in other areas as well but a great game none the less.. It's a fast paced Gauntlet style game.. Funny voice acting and lead in story, but quite old school gameplay so don't expect a Nuclear Throne like 2D shooter.

Linux port seems to run fine, but default keybord settings are really geared towards two player on one keyboard, which makes them not very nice for singleplayer... but I guess you are best off using a controller anyways.

If you want a funny game to play with some old friends on a couch give it a try I guess.

Have not played much, but seems to be a decent enough game for the price.. Very nice dungeon crawler game that you can play with your friend or partner on same keyboard.. Really loved the game.
The narrator's voice fits very well. The gameplay altough it's fun and addictive, I had some trouble getting use to the lock 45 degree attack angle. Needless to say, it is a fun game. Can't wait to play it with someone else to experience the multiplayer.. One cringe-inducing piece of software. The "narrator" sounds like he's trying to be funnier than he really is and the over-the-top story just makes starting the game confusing. The in-game sprites are obviously the same ones that every aspiring gamemaker buys in order to skip making their own art and while this art is ok in my books, it's not very original.

I played through the tutorial but didn't feel like the controls were tight enough considering the genre and decided to refund the game.. A fun roguelite arcade shooter with multiple classes and new RNG or procedural dungeon generation makes for a fun experience each time. Unfortunately lite on RPG persistent elements, but absolutely charming and has gripping mechanics.

Well worth the price, less than 2 coffees where I live and 2 players can co-op play! Works on keyboard and keypad or controller.

Developer also do fast and accurate updates based on community or player feedback!

Looking forward to play it more, and hope there will be even more content updates!

A well polished game, which you can see was custom built with lots of love!

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