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ROM: Extraction is a fast-paced homage to the classic arcade shooter, featuring an unprecedented style of VR gameplay.

Welcome to the year 2076, where you now have the power to slow down time--called "Reflex" power. You'll play as a member of an Orb Extraction Unit, on your way to extract highly volatile energy matter--Orbs--from chambers on the moon. With only a few minutes to defend yourself against the onslaught of alien-built robots protecting the chambers, discover the immense satisfaction of decimating those ‘bots via your "Throw, Slow & Shoot" combat strategy.

As of Feb 28th 2017, ROM has been updated with a new expansion, entitled “Overrun.”

Overrun is a whole new level for players to master, featuring several unique twists on VR gameplay. Your journey to the escape pods continues through the depths of the extraction vessel. The ship has been overrun! Systems are malfunctioning, and you must face highly dangerous enemies on the lower levels of the ship--and escape to the planet surface with your life.

  • Use Orbs in combination with your pistol to “Throw, Slow, and Shoot”
  • Shoot Orbs in proximity of enemies for the most strategic kills
  • Use the environment to your advantage--be on the lookout for destructibles
  • Grab the two-handed EOS-15 rifle when you shoot the floating gun token
  • Use the EOS-15 to “Launch, Slow, Shoot”--a new twist on the core game mechanic that gives you an orb-launching, auto-firing weapon of destruction
  • When “jumpers” are in close proximity, use your pistol or EOS-15 to pop off their heads!

Key Features
  • Experience having your full arms in VR
  • Engage in an exciting new style of VR gameplay--wield the power to slow down time, and use it as a weapon
  • Three modes of play for each level: Normal - Hard - Survive
  • Leaderboards: See how you stack up against your local and global Extractors
  • Achievements: Earn up to 15 different Steam Achievements
  • Cooperative social screen feature: Play in a room with others in real-time--enable your friends to see a top-down view of your gameplay
  • Killer soundtrack featuring the music of Delta Heavy and Twin Moons (aka Le Castle Vania)

Continued expansion of the ROM universe through future content updates
  • More modes of play
  • More levels
  • Co-op multiplayer
  • Character skins (multiplayer)
  • Enemies with new attributes
  • Power-ups and orbs with special properties

Title: ROM: Extraction
Genre: Action, Indie
First Contact Entertainment
First Contact Entertainment
Release Date: 7 Dec, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD RX470
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compliant Sound Card


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8/10 - Great arcade-style wave shooter with a novel method of killing the enemies. Excellent graphics, very smooth performance and an absolute steal at $5.00! Can't wait for the next chapter.. Why the negatives? this is Awesome, Pumping dubstep music, fast adreneline action.
Yes its a wave shooter, but a good wave shooter. Headset on ., volume up, max out the graphics & blast away as wav of merciless alien droids hunt you down, takem out before they get too close. Got me working up a sweat within the confines of my room without destroying the furniture. Look at the detail of the fingernails, and the light shadows change as you move your weapon hand over . Immersive dark atmosphere. It's in the sale .. buy it.. Rom Extraction is too short (half a hour) and too simplistic to be priced at $19.99. It isn't very replayable, and some of the gameplay elements feel too basic. If you get this, you should get it at $5 or less, and you're really only getting it for the eye candy. It's a semi-decent VR wave shooter experience that doesn't require much roomscale space, but it's priced too high and is too short to be a recommendation.. This game is a lot of fun. I just got it on discount after the update, and at the moment it is only 2 levels that you can replay at various difficulties, so there is more work to be done/added, but so far it is playing really well.

The visuals are nice, and everything runs smoothly. I have an rx480 and don't have to turn everything down to low, I even turned up supersampling! The gameplay is fast, and unless I'm doing something wrong, involves a lot of crouching, so as well as being a big workout, is a workout on your knees which may not be ideal for some people. I look forward to burning plenty more calories playign this though, as you really do have to keep an eye on all 360.

Definitely worth the sale price so snap it up.. This is a very good standing VR wave shooter! The orb throwing with shooting guns, works well for me. I like the hands and arms. The enemies are pretty scary though are all modeled the same, though may be different colors. The music and sound, and enviornments are nice.

* well polished game
* hands, orbs, gun
* slow mo
* replayable
* tutorial

* only 3 rounds
* short experience
* throwing orbs with off hand or strong hand? it's odd to throw and shoot, at least at first

Note: my hours are not correct, as I played this game mostly with my Viveport Suscription.. The foundation and core mechanics of the game are there ,but there is a serious lack of content. With roughly 15 minutes of gameplay (including the 'expansion'), this title should be considered Early Access.. It's not a bad little game really.
A fast paced VR shooter that has you throwing energy grenades and shooting robots.
Great price in the sale but probably a bit on the expensive side when its normal price for the amount of content, but saying that the dev said they are expanding it in the future.

Check out my video on it... This game is basically a tech demo. I originally only played it for 11 mins and forgot about it. I have 2 hours or so because I wanted the VR collectable.

You're on a platform and robots are attacking. There are only 2 levels right now and one of those looks like it was only added to have a new level to show off at a con. You have a gun but it isn't really effective and is really only used to trigger the glowing balls to explode early. If you can hit the robots with a ball it'll kill them to. Very much a wave shooter with no movement system. The graphics, levels, and models all look great but the gameplay isn't interesting enough and there is a serious lack of content. There are power ups but they aren't that interesting or useful.. Awesome drum n bass music fits perfectly with this frantic techno action game.
Only 2 levels = only buy on sale.. Rom: Extraction is already my favorite VR game. It has that "Just one more try" pull of the great arcade shooters and looks phenomenal to boot. Having arms rendered in game has been a very noticeable and welcomed addition to the amount of immersion I've felt while playing. The social screen has been a blast as onlookers cheer on and warn of incoming threats. All around one of the most immersive and fun games I've played in the Vive.

Update 3\/5\/17:
The new level and weapon are great! The recent update even made it run way better for me too! There are now more options to control the sounds in game, the new menu area looks great and is laid out much better. Great update!!!

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