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This is a novel with multiple plot lines, in which you only get to witness only a couple of days of a character who’s name is You. It may seem that except for his name, his life is nothing exceptional. That is if it wasn’t for a chain of events that fluctuate between his daily routine and an existential terror of reiteration. What is the most important part? It’s you and You facing inevitability.

This is you, and this – is You. Both of you have something in common – exceptionality in a monotonous moment of time, when meaningless decisions have to be made. Or meaningful, to such an extent, that there is nothing left once they are made. Who knows what awaits you around the corner – will you go to work in a continuous, 'almost-holiday' fever or wander in a labyrinth of crooked mirrors? Except for his name, it seems our character’s life is nothing more than unexceptional – there’s no room for miracles or cobwebs. The room is filled with office papers, some vaguely familiar family members, an ailing story of sensation, a couple of dropped lines and a sharp drop – a circle, inside and outside of which you and You wander. Open the letter, pick up the phone, speak up or step aside – and this story will gain new fractures and reflections.

  • Unique atmosphere and visual art that fully convey the gloomy mood of the novel
  • More than 10 alternative endings
  • Special soundtrack for each finale
  • Offbeat structure of the plot: the full story can be put together, only if a player lives through every possible situation

Title: My Name is You
Genre: Indie
Nikita Kaf
Siberian Digital
Release Date: 17 Apr, 2017


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It was a good game. I went through all the endings and they were all interesting. I've been able to put a lot of the story together, but some parts I still have a couple questions about. I love the music too. I got the DLC for this game. I recommend that you buy this game and play it yourself.

Official wiki and mod specification released:
Today the official Transport Fever Wiki and mod specification were released.

The Wiki[] gives background information about Transport Fever’s construction features, management options, game world and campaign. Also, there is a beginner’s guide with tips and tricks. Because the Wiki can be extended by the community we expect that it becomes a comprehensive source of information in future.

The Urban Games team is impressed by the amount and quality of mods already released in the Steam Workshop. To further motivate and support development of mods, we have published a modding specification[] as part of the official Wiki. As an example mod, we are excited to provide a curved train station.

In addition, we have released a tool to facilitate modding. With the Model Viewer[], modders can preview their models and test features like animations, dynamic aging, coloring, logos, passenger load and more. There is also a feature to automatically create screenshots and GUI icons of vehicles.

This said, we wanted to let you know that development on Transport Fever continues and there will be additional patches. Based on the huge amount of feedback we get, we try to improve Transport Fever also in the future.

We say thanks for your interest and continue working hard so that we can release a next patch soon!. More info on the upcoming usability patch:
We are aware that everybody highly awaits the upcoming usability patch. We are working very hard to allow for a release as soon as possible. If everything goes according to plan, we can officially release the patch before the end of March.

The patch will introduce a lot of improvements. To ensure everything runs smoothly and to accommodate the request for a more open development at the same time, we would like to invite everybody to test the patch beforehand. The beta test is scheduled to start on Thursday, March 23 – an application is not required to participate. We would also like to point out that currently a patch for better stability on Mac OS can already be tested. Information on how to test can be found in the “Testing version” paragraph in the Wiki[].

In addition to the already unveiled features the patch will also include a redesigned line and vehicle window, improved train braking behavior and better late game performance. Also, two new languages will be added to Transport Fever: Text and subtitles will be available in Italian and Portuguese, too.

The improved debug mode is tailored especially to the requirements of modders and now also includes a camera tool to record keyframe camera movement as screenshot sequences.

In this regard, we also would like to let you know that we are currently planning a modding contest with attractive prizes. With this contest we would like to show our appreciation for the outstanding work of our modding community.

We say thanks for your trust in our work and for your patience. We are confident that the upcoming patch will be worth to wait!. FAQ page updated:
Again we received a lot of questions about Transport Fever via the various social media channels, via our website and by email. Therefore, the FAQ-page was extended to give more answers.


While many questions have aleady been answered, there are still some open questions around, typically on very specific topics. Because we are still evaluating and testing some features, it is simply too early for some questions to give a 100% final answer. We kindly ask for your understanding on this.

Anyway, the FAQ page will be further updated during the development of the game, and as always, you are very welcome to send us questions, feedback and suggestions!

Visit our FAQ page for further information: More info on the upcoming Thank-you patch:
We made good progress with developing the upcoming Thank-you patch, and we are happy to confirm that the patch will be officially released around mid December.

Suitable trains can finally drive forward and backward without flipping at stations. Moreover, we improved the track construction tools, realized various improvements, extended the modding capabilities, and fixed a long list of small issues.

Today the patch reaches beta state. For those of you interested in testing, please see the "Testing version" paragraph in the Wiki[].

We look forward to receiving your feedback and all the best from the Urban Games team!. More info on the upcoming performance patch:
We have been working very hard, and finally there is good news. Our developers have realized some fundamental changes to the game engine, and the performance patch will be ready for takeoff soon.

The patch improves both simulation and rendering performance, leading to higher frame rates and a more fluent game on all systems. In addition, stuttering due to monthly calculations or camera movement has been addressed.

Because of the heavy changes, beta testing before official release is of utmost importance. Beta testing is scheduled to start on Wednesday, April 18. Details about how to switch to the beta branch can be found in the Wiki[].

Transport Fever is still very popular on Steam and other platforms, and the whole Urban Games team looks forward to releasing this major patch soon!. Mac patch and next steps:
Today we released a patch to fix some issues that came up with the newest macOS High Sierra. Also, we would like to give you more information about the upcoming performance patch.

The Mac patch fixes two major issues on macOS. On the one hand, systems with the High Sierra OS and NVIDIA graphics sometimes caused the game to freeze during game initialization. On the other hand, there was a bug which caused lags when constructing railroad tracks or streets. The patch is already released on Steam and GOG and will very soon also be available over the Mac App Store.

As already announced, we are currently finishing the upcoming performance patch, in order to make the game run significantly smoother. Development of this patch was (and still is) a big amount of work, but we are confident that you will like the outcome. We expect that the patch will be available for testing in March.

We are very happy that the success and popularity of Transport Fever allows us to further improve the game. All the best from the whole Urban Games team!. FAQ page updated:
We are very happy to see the growing interest in Transport Fever.

Today the FAQ page was updated to answer some of the new questions which were asked on the website and across the social media channels. Among others, the answers address topics like track and street construction.

The FAQ page will be updated during the development of the game, so we would like to invite you to furthermore send us questions, feedback and suggestions!

Currently, we are working on a next development blog which will soon be published on our website.

Visit our FAQ page for further information: End of Summer Benefit Sale Now Available!:

Hey there again you lovely people!

The next few days are going to be really special for us, as we’ve teamed-up with the amazing folks from One Gamer Fund and have put our entire library of Good Shepherd Entertainment published titles on sale for the lowest prices each respective title has ever been available for here on Steam to benefit the One Gamer Fund during its inaugural charity weekend.

The One Gamer Fund is a new philanthropic initiative comprised of seven gaming nonprofits: AbleGamers, Child’s Play, Games for Change, Global Game Jam, the IGDA Foundation, Stack-Up and Take This. Between 10 a.m. PT on Sept. 21 to 10 a.m. PT on Sept. 25, half of all proceeds generated by purchases of Good Shepherd games after Steam’s share of revenue is factored will be donated directly to the IGDA Foundation on behalf of the One Gamer Fund and subsequently dispersed among all partnering nonprofits.

This is not all though! We’ve also just launched a special new Good Shepherd Entertainment Bundle to coincide with this sale. This bundle will allow those whom already own some of our games to easily complete their set at a special additional 25% discount! This means that you can add even more gaming goodness to life whilst helping these seven amazing charities and causes.

A number of Twitch personalities will also be hosting special streams to aid the One Gamer Fund throughout the weekend. Individuals can learn more about ways to participate by visiting and following @OneGamerFund on Twitter.

We can’t tell you guys how much this sales means to us and how proud we are to be a small part of helping these amazing causes. None of this would be possible without all of your help though, so on behalf of everyone involved in this benefit sale, we just wanted to say thank you very much for your continued support!

Here’s to the power of gaming!


The Good Shepherd Team
. Usability patch released:
We are super happy to officially release the long-awaited usability patch today!

This major patch brings a long list of usability and user interface improvements, more stability on Mac computers, better performance, new languages, many bug fixes, and several new features.

New features include the replace-vehicles-now functionality, railway double slip switches, track speed limit and street traffic layers, person names, vehicle cargo weight simulation and more.

In addition, several new modding features have been added, including a new camera tool to record keyframe camera movement as screenshot sequences. On top of that, we fulfilled the request of players who want to earn achievements also when mods are enabled.

Please find the complete release notes here.

We hope that you like our newest developments and send the best wishes from the whole Urban Games team!. Developer blog #1: Vehicle features:
Vehicles are key to operate a successful company in Transport Fever. During the development, great value was set upon the vehicles features in order to both ensure high visual quality and enrich the gameplay experience.

Please find the corresponding video on our website:

The video shows how lights, aging, paintings, logos, interiors and animations work.

The tool shown in the video allows for quick vehicle previews. It is not part of the game but may be released within the context of modding tools later on.

We are looking forward to your feedback. As always, suggestions and questions are very welcome!

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