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A former CIA-assassin, on the run from his former employers, gets stranded in a small Wyoming town and stays to help a local farmer and his daughter fight the corrupt sheriff who's under the thumb of a ruthless land developer out to evict all the farmers from their homes.
Erstwhile C.I.A. assassin Richard Malone hopes for a tranquil retirement in the placid Pacific Northwest, but what he gets is a rumble with a right-wing extremist plotting a secret revolution. Adapted from the novel "Shotgun," by William Wingate.
Malone marked Burt's return to cinema after more than a two year absence. It's a hell of return in this lamebrain sort of actioner, you'd expect to see those karate stars who couldn't act in. Fortunately we have someone who can, along with a good line up of other actors. It's not the most memorable of returns, but in a way it's kind of cool for someone's of Burt's stature to make a comeback in a film like this, where incidentally, in Adelaide, it only ran a week. For a while I was convinced this was Burt's worst film. I'm not sure I still am, but it's near the bottom. Burt's CIA, running from the agency who sends an old flame (Lauren Hutton) of his to do him. He prolonged the hit of guy, he was almost about to take out, but had second thoughts. So he's given up this employment, but some jobs you just can't walk away from. And Burt's luck does him one worse. His car breaks down outside this shitty town that is slowly being taken over by land baron (Cliff Robertson who plays good guy that mask's bad underneath, with a restrained professionalism. He's really a bastard, who has a lot of henchmen working for him, one who becomes deprived of having children after trying to take on Burt. My ears still ring and hurt when I think about that scene. Businesses are closing, left, right and centre in this evaporating town, where some residents who don't play ball end up dead. Burt makes a comical remark. "What happened to this town, someone discover toxic waste". Well they might as well have. Burt who's taken in by a gas station attendant and his daughter gets caught in another feud, instantly making an arch enemy with the local sheriff, who we can't discern if he's good or bad. I love it at the end when he balks as making a pathetic attempt to arrest Burt, after he's taken down all the bad guys. We got enough action to make this worthwhile and we are in the dark about Burt's shady past, but we do know he's a keen poker player, some handbooks, he keeps under his bed, references. The scene with two hit men, not the first, trying to take out Burt in his room at the top of stairs, is the film's best scene. No prizes for guessing who wins this one, although he doesn't come out, unscathed. Guess who nurtures him back to health. I love the direction Hutton's character took, a decision that endangers her own life, where there's no turning back. You gotta take Malone for what it is, an actioner, but it falls into the stupid category, honestly. You may even feel your i.q. drop slightly. Burt's worthy of better material.
In Malone, Burt Reynolds is a CIA paid assassin who's tired of the life and wants out of the company. Of course the company doesn't see it his way and his former protégé Lauren Hutton is sent to terminate his contract with the agency.

But Reynolds in looking for obscurity finds a place where a mysterious millionaire Cliff Robertson is buying all the land in some obscure valley in Idaho to make it his headquarters for some ill defined right wing conspiracy. Robertson's bought the sheriff, Kenneth McMillan and several local louts to enforce his will on the community. Reynolds's car broke down here by sheer chance and he's taken in by garage owner Scott Wilson and his daughter Cynthia Gibb. When Robertson's thugs start leaning on them, Reynolds springs into action.

Burt Reynolds's style is a whole lot like James Garner, quizzical, cynical and charming. I'm not used to seeing him play it as tight lipped as he does in Malone, but he does carry it off. The film borrows a lot from the plot of Shane and I could certainly see a 1987 version of Alan Ladd in the part.

It's a good action film even though a lot of the plot issues are unresolved. More than fans of Burt Reynolds will enjoy this.

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