Mahjong Riichi Multiplayer Download Without License Key

Mahjong Riichi Multiplayer Download Without License Key

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About This Game

Welcome to the world of japanese mahjong!


Japanese mahjong, also known as Riichi Mahjong, is a 4 player tabletop game. Play against other players from all over the world in the online multiplayer mode.
Aim for the highest value possible with your hand and triumph over your opponents! Be careful not to play into someones hand while advancing your own. The simplified tutorial will explain newcomers how to play the game in a quick and easy understandable manner. A always available handsheet ingame shows you all possible combinations (yaku) with their conditions and examples so you can ensure you are on the correct track!


  • Singleplayer
  • Online multiplayer
  • Tutorial

Title: Mahjong Riichi Multiplayer
Genre: Casual, Strategy
Schickmair Games
Schickmair Games
Release Date: 17 May, 2018


riichi mahjong online multiplayer free. mahjong riichi multiplayer. mahjong riichi online multiplayer

Great game, but this needs 32-bit support!! I gifted my friends these games only to find out that some cannot even run the game. PLEASE make this 32-bit OS compatible!!. A well made Riichi Mahjong game with a good variety of rulesets to choose from. An easy to understand interface with audio and visual indicators make the game accessible even for people new to the game. The customizable color of the tiles and the board make for a good extra touch.
The biggest issue still seems to be just finding people to play the game online, even though the bot support is also available. Speaking of the bots, the AI could be a tad bit better, especially when playing with a mix of bots and real players.

Overall the game was a really nice idea, its hard to find a proper Riichi Mahjong game in English. Tenhou is a thing, but that's in Japanese only.. I love this game so far. I needed a refresher on how to play and the tutorial does a good job explaining the rules. The rules can be quite complicated.
I haven't played the multiplayer yet, because I wanted to freshen up my skills, but I can't wait to go up against other players.

The only thing I'm unsure of are the Japanese rules A vs B. Too be fair I have only played the "A" rule set so far. If anyone knows the difference I would appreciate the info.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this game. I could only find 2 REAL mahjong games. I bought both but I haven't tried the other one yet because this one has met all of my needs so far.. After I started watching Akagi I wished learn how to play Riichi Mahjong and read a few online articles and watched a few videos. I found this game through a friend who stated this was a great way to learn, and it's a fun pastime.

- The tutorial is easy to learn from and incredibly detailed.
- The graphics are simple but elegant. There's no messing about.
- You can customise your pieces and the board.
- You can play against bots.

- The sound effects sound a little cheap, but they're honestly not that bad. I've not found them annoying, anyways.
- There's a slight lack in options when it comes to computer settings but nothing that will impeed gameplay.
- No background music past the opening screen. Not that it bothers me, I listen to my Spoitfy as I play but it's still a little quiet at times.
- While you can still enjoy this game if you're an experienced player, the AI seems a little TOO easy, even for a beginner like myself.

My only problem lies with the AI. The AI as they are currently are far too easy, and will rarely call a winning hand (It's happened once out of several games), let alone a Riichi. I've not had any experiences where I've came anything less than first, which is troublesome for someone looking to step up their game.
Adding difficulty settings for the AI ranging from "Beginner", "Normal", "Hard", and "Expert" (or something like that) it certainly wouldn't go amiss. Regardless, this game would benefit from harder AI.

Honestly I think it's worth the price for what it is.
I'm having quite a lot of fun learning how to play Mahjong using this game, and I honestly recommend it no matter how far you are in Riichi Mahjong. It's a great way to waste away the time while learning the expansive world of Mahjong.. For those who don't like to read, in summary this game is in a very playable state and though there are a few issues, they are not game breaking. The dev is a fast worker and I expect that bugs found by users will be fixed in a timely manner.
In it's initial released state the game was very broken. There were several underlying issues that I had found while testing. However most of the issues have since been taken care of thanks to the dev actively patching and trying to fix the game post release.

However I found a couple more bugs upon second playtest and while they are not gamebreaking by any means, they are issues nonetheless.

The first issue is that sometimes a red dora (which is an optional setting) was not being counted. It *seemed* to be the red bamboo 5 specifically but I cannot say one way or another. It could also potentially be that it was part of an open meld but that should not have mattered for counting.

Additionally I was able to ron an opponent despite the fact I was supposed to be furiten (I have a picture of this). I had tossed a 1w and was tenpai with a 1w 4w wait and was able to ron a 4w off an opponent; something that should not be able to happen. It could be that because I had a particular setting on (chi shifting) that I was no longer furiten but that should have not changed my furiten status.

But as far as gameplay is concerned, the game seems to be in a very playable state, and given more time I think this game will be rid of the few remaining bugs (with user help of course). I have yet to test multiplayer but single player was optimal for testing since the bots are literally unable to make a hand. Hopefully difficulty settings or improved AI will be added at a later date but I digress.

I still have a few minor gripes with not being able to change some settings like volume level or game speed but those are just quality of life changes that are nice to have but by no means required.

Overall I think this game is worth buying if you are looking for a multiplayer Mahjong experience, though you might want to get some friends to play this with. Not many people have the game so I don't expect matchmaking to be in it's prime at the moment.. well lets make this short and crispy,
start was a bit rough but by now the game runs without any hickups i could find. The tutorial is well done and even the AI has become challenging...
not that many online players so far but if you got a couple of friends the low price and the determined creators make this game worth buying.

Honestly the devs are somewhat crazy at which pace they patched every bug reported to them... usually took less than a couple of hours for a new patch to fix it.. Very nice riichi implementation! Awesome that is has multiplayer and optional rule sets.

Update 10.23:

Hotfix:. Update 13.1:
Hotfixes:. Update 16.1:

- A bug causing save files not being able to load due to not having any equipment on.
- A bug that considered new weapons as level 0 and was not giving the player any stats.
- When crafting if you placed a Meteor first and then you placed any other crafting material like a piece of wood, iron bar, etc. it would cause the game to freeze.. Update 16.2:
Bug fixes

-An escape path was placed in the puzzle room right before Wetbeard in Spikey's ship. It was possible to get softlocked in this room.
-Hookshot animation bug fixed.
-Yes/No text display fixed.

Localization bugs:
-Spell names weren't showing the correct name.
-Several texts were not being translated.

. Update 17.3:

-Using the Memoria Stone to delete a spell would softlock the menu.
-The player's spotlight in dark areas was not in sync with the player and was not displaying correctly due to the changes from the last update.. Knights of Tartarus has just released!:

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