Insurgence - Chains Of Renegade OST Update 8 Download

Insurgence - Chains Of Renegade OST Update 8 Download

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From Orchestral to Rock, to Acoustic. Enjoy the world of Aereon
in a musical adventure.

This Album contains 37 Track of High Quality 320 Kbps LAME 3.98 from
Veteran Game Composer Jasson Prestilliano also known as
JP Soundworks

Featuring 2 Original Song from renowned and crowd favorite Indonesian utaite
singer fleurishana

And also Including some Unused BGM

Notes: Only Includes Music from Jasson Prestilliano, While there are some BGM composed by other composers as Additional music in the game, they are not Included here.

Track Listing
  • 1. Awaiting Fate
  • 2. Ode ( Title Screen )
  • 3. Theme of Rissa
  • 4. Theme of Diana
  • 5. Theme of Raash
  • 6. Theme of Amber
  • 7. Solitude
  • 8. Awakening
  • 9. Behind The Woods
  • 10. Cafe de Luna
  • 11. Cliffside Tavern
  • 12. Luminen
  • 13. Unknown Maze
  • 14. Cultural Inheritance
  • 15. Broken Glass
  • 16. Broken Glass ( Version 2 )
  • 17. Emergence
  • 18. Nostalgia
  • 19. Paranoia
  • 20. Power Abuse
  • 21. Sentimental
  • 22. Spirited
  • 23. Storm is Coming
  • 24. Chains of Renegade ( Battle Theme 1 )
  • 25. Chains of Renegade ( Version 2 / Battle Theme 2 )
  • 26. The Dissident ( Boss Theme )
  • 27. Dragon Rising
  • 28. Dance of Swords
  • 29. The Insurgence ( Main Theme )
  • 30. Hidden Truth ( Acoustic Instrumental )
  • 31. Hidden Truth ( Acoustic Vocal )
  • 32. Hidden Truth ( Instrumental )
  • 33. Hidden Truth ( Violin )
  • 34. Hidden Truth
  • 35. Till The End ( Instrumental )
  • 36. Till The End ( Violin )
  • 37. Till The End

To open the DLC : Right click on Insurgence - Chains of Renegade on your game list,
Click Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files and open "DLC" Folder


Title: Insurgence - Chains of Renegade OST
Genre: RPG
Platonic Game Studio
Insurgence RPG
Release Date: 10 Nov, 2018


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