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gRally is an Indie project born of the passion of the rbr-online team crew.
With its slogan #DreamExperienceBelieve the team has put full faith in this product, the fruit of hard work in free time, wich it now offers to entire community of rally simmers.

gRally is not in a position to have official licenses at the moment and its starting point is a limited number of racing cars.

gRally, considered its Indie character, is modding-oriented. We developed integrated Unity tools that will facilitate the insertion of your creations, whether it be additional cars or tracks.

gRally has the same basic ideas of rbr-online, so expect exceptional doses of adrenaline during online session where one can compete against a host of players around the world.

gRally is abreast with all new gaming hardware: VR, TrackIR and multiscreen. It is possible to use the most popular brands of steering wheels and a vast number of home-made hardware devices.

gRally recreates the range of real rally conditions that drivers must face, including various type of surface and climate as well as different times of day and night.

gRally places much importance on the co-driver's role: you can choose different codrivers by language and as in a real rally it will be possible to realize real recce to set down customized pacenotes in order to achieve a higher degree of driving confidence and speed.

gRally is constantly evolving and has need of your support to improve ever more day by day. 7ad7b8b382

Title: gRally
Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sports, Early Access
Release Date: 21 May, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64 bits
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or 2.8 GHz AMD Athlon II x2 or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Integrated
  • Additional Notes: .NET Framework 4.5.1


It doesn't make sense to hate on gRally at this stage. It is Early Access and it is cheap. Support titles like this because that is what Early Access is about. The devs have clearly put a lot of work into getting it to this point, given their circumstances, and as a genuine supportable Early Access title, it definitely fits the mould.

A lot of work is needed, but I had no trouble getting going. VR just worked perfectly straight from the beginning, and my Thrustmaster T150 and T3PA pedals were recognised and needed no configuration (except to invert inputs).

As others have mentioned, the sound and the visuals are big problems, but the interface is clean and easy to navigate and the actual driving feels decent.

Very curious to see where this goes and I do hope some modders jump at it.. Ok, so as others have said, super early days. But there is the bones of what could be good fun. Looking forward to more of the game as it becomes more polished!

I don't have my wheel set up as yet, so there is a bit of fiddling to get stuff working, and if you make config changes, there's no 'reset to default' button - just exit the game and delete config.ini in the gRally folder, the game will remake it.

Tough with digital input, but after a few laps I could get some kind of control over the car and get some nice drifts on the gravel. Keys if anyone is interested:

Gear Up: Q
Gear Down: Space
Handbrake: Z (Must release at start of stage to go anywhere)
Accelerate: S
Brake: X
Left: br/>Right: >

Couldnt get the controller working (apart from analogue steering) - it probably would given a bit of experimentation with the config file and button mapping.

I feel that Mark Race's review below ( https:\/\/\/profiles\/76561197971539421\/recommended\/605760\/<\/a> ) is the fairest. I have no VR though, so can't comment on that.

But as he says, be warned! If you want the game fully formed and served up to you, don't get it. If you don't mind a bit of fiddling (reminds me of messing around with emm386.exe!) and want to support the (indie) devs' efforts (IN THEIR OWN TIME!), then get it. It is only 3 quid. At that price, the content available is worth it, I feel.. Very early access but has a lot of potential. There's only two cars at launch but they both feel really good IMO. The asphalt driving physics seem very polished, but I feel like dirt and gravel are really "icy"

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this throughout development.. Not reccomended in its current state even at the price point its at right now. Xpand rally is a much better game for the same money. Wait for G Rally to improve before buying.. Great potential but lacks some things I look for- controller support and automatic transmission. Yes, I am that type of player- I love the driving experience but play with a gamepad and automatic transmission. The game currently suffers from the weakness of Richard Burns Rally- the triggers on gamepads are seen as one axis, so cannot be used for brake and throttle, unlike most modern games. Deal breaker right there.
When this small issue is fixed, then I will be all on board for the great flexibility and modding potential. Please make this playable with a gamepad and automatic transmission like all other modern racing games.. Lets ignore all the performance UI and content issues since it's BETA.
But the basic physics model does not scream anything different, the only plus I can say is the steering centering force is spot on and catching a slide is very easy. But other than that, simply could not tell the quality of the force feedback model due to how basic the stage surface bump texture is, neither could we examine how advanced the suspension model is either.

Some basic game asset such as the default cars should be improved to at least give people a better first impression as well.. The game has a really solid foundation in lots of different areas:


- VR Support
- Mod Support with Clever Mod Package Creator
- Mod Manager
- Telemetry Support
- Recce, Replays
- FWD\/RWD Physics look good and handle as expected
- Wikis and walkthroughs for creating and releasing mods.

- Some limited Cars\/Stages for now, but will come with mods and new releases.
- No Sense of Speed from the Cars on the included tight tracks
- Getting Wheel setup is a bit tricky with the UI.. If you are interested in participating of potentialy awesome rally sim birth, then you should definitely be in.
If you are impatent, spoiled simracer and a bandwagoner, can not be bothered in anything but five stars elite mega super placebo stuff, then you shouldn't.

Imo graphics of this game are irrelevant, it just will have to move to better engine if it picks up.
Content is also irrelevant as for now it is all about basic features and functionality, which is IMo rather good. I would like some high speed longer rally stages, because I found them a bit twisty and slow now.
FFB and controls I found good with my T300 and TH8A.
Physics was a bit disappointing to me at first, but then found out that I need to chhoose forest tire for gravel, and then it was pretty awesome I'd like to say. I would expect lots more depth in physics in future, but it is pretty good now actually, I was having quite a time, really not bad.
Sound is rather week, I totally miss gravel sounds. But it is alright for now.

I could totaly see this going big if enough good guys will support it financially by buying and spiritually by giving good and useful feedback. There is a ton of work to do\/improve, but I'd say that this is a good for the very enter into the public.
Maybe in a few years this could be quite popular if it starts to improve rapidly. I think it is possible.

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