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Funk is the music of Gods. Zeus, the father of all of them, created and shared it with the rest of the Universe. The humans have been dancing to and singing funky songs since the birth of time and give thanks to Zeus for receiving this blessing.

Now, however, Pagan Titans have created other rhythms in the form of Pop, Rock and Rap and they are using them to influence the humans, turning them into empty headed, dancing minions.

In these difficult times, Zeus has summoned his son and Funky Champion, Perseus, to confront and defeat the Titans. Guide Perseus through more than 40 levels of ancient Greek mythology spread over the three worlds of Pop, Rock and Rap. Collect different helmets and weapons, compete in bonus stages and ride Pegasus to glory. Only one style of music can survive and the Funk is the music of the gods.

  • Over 40 levels
  • Groovy platforming
  • Funk-Fu, ancient Greece, gods and demigods
  • Fight to restore the funk by defeating Pop, Rock and Rap
  • Ride your pimped-out Pegaus


Title: Funk of Titans
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual
A Crowd of Monsters
Merge Games
Release Date: 24 Jul, 2015


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I have seen the face of God.. The blaxplotation its infame, the stereotypes overflowig diminish what could have been a fun experience. I ignored most of them but the ending just gives the last slap and its just plain disgusting.

The game is a casual game, get it on a heavily discounted sale, fiish it whole them forget it.. Caught this on sale for like 2 bucks, watched the trailer and picked it up. If youre too stupid to watch the traile "Funk of Titans" is a "runner" type game with an absurd Funk themed version of ancient Greece. I had fun with it, and likely would have had just as much ful at the regular price. controls were smooth, controller support was good, and generally just fun and easy to pick up like a good casual game should be with a decent amount of rather silly unlockables. Totally worth my money.. Caught this on sale for like 2 bucks, watched the trailer and picked it up. If youre too stupid to watch the traile "Funk of Titans" is a "runner" type game with an absurd Funk themed version of ancient Greece. I had fun with it, and likely would have had just as much ful at the regular price. controls were smooth, controller support was good, and generally just fun and easy to pick up like a good casual game should be with a decent amount of rather silly unlockables. Totally worth my money.. quot; Funk of Titans is an enjoyable experience, however, its focus on mobile game design will prove an odd fit for most PC gamers. "

Full review here: Well, I liked this game but there a few things to know before you buy it:

  1. It's a runner, ie your character is constantly running and the 2 actions available are jump and slash.
  2. The game is very easy and can be suitable for kids.
  3. There is indeed funk music in it. As a funk connoisseur I liked the soundtrack, easy-listenning but very decent.
There are also some cons:
  • Technically, it seems to be a PS4 port that is locked at 30fps.
  • The boss levels are QTE that are all identical and very easy to win.
  • Only 45 levels in 3 worlds, which is quite short, with all same 3 kinds of enemies and traps all along
So if you like runner games and if you're not allergic to this kind of stupid association Funk + ancient Greece, it can be for you. The 100% achievment is easy to get (it took me 7h). Maybe the full price is a bit high for the content, I would suggest to buy it when on sale.. The funkiest, freshest game made yet

8.5\/10. I did come very close to giving this game a thumbs down, if only on the basis that the storefront (in fact, all the storefronts, also on Android, Xbox, PS4) is deliberately misleading about what Funk of Titans actually is. The short and narrow of the issue: if you're looking for a traditional 2.5D platformer that lets you explore levels, this isn't it. Funk of Titans is an autorunner, of the same ilk as games like Bit.Trip Runner and Rayman Jungle Run.

That means that your character follows a pre-determined path and you are given the opportunity to perform actions at the right moments. The simplistic nature of the controls for such games makes them ideal fodder for mobile stores, and indeed, FoT started out as a mobile game whose premise - taking the myth of Perseus and turning it into a Blaxpoitation parody, complete with a version of Zeus that has a little more than a passing resemblance to Samuel L. Jackson. It doesn't take itself particularly seriously - the game is littered with nerd gags in the form of collectables and unlockables.

So, with that being out of the way now, what are we looking at. Three worlds, 42 levels in total, you're looking at around 2-3 hours of playtime if you breeze through without trying to get all three medals, around 6 hours of playtime if you're a completionist and call for all three medals on each level, try to level up to the maximum and get all 21 achievements. It isn't a challenging game, even for the most casual gamer, and relies a lot more on blunt memory recall than skill. The secrets (in each case a Pegasus statue that gives you one of the requisite medals and grants you access to an end-of-level minigame) are pretty much signposted - you might miss them on the first run, but you'll know where it is by the time you come to your second run-through. Said minigame, which involves Perseus riding the game's version of Pegasus (a jet engine with a horse's head mounted on it) is funny the first time, fun the next few times, and teeth-gnashingly tedious and monotonous once you've had to go through it the 50th time.

Controls are responsive enough, although combat doesn't require a great deal of skill, with some very generous collision detection.

Graphically, it's a straight mobile port of a Unity Engine game, so you're looking that's par for the course with this type of game - PS2-level geometry, texture and shadow effects combined with some very in-your-face lighting effects. The music, which appears to have been licensed from an external composer, is top-notch, and it's a pity that there's no separate soundtrack available.

Knowing what you're getting, Funk of Titans is a fun, functional little casual time-waster that'll give you a few hours of entertainment. But it's also painful to witness the potential of such an imaginative principle being wasted on such a banal principle, and I hope Crowd of Monsters revives Funky Perseus at some point to give us a fully-fledged platformer one day, because goodness knows, the imaginative story and style deserves better than this.. Just as a warning: this is a runner, not a platformer.

It's actually a pretty nice runner, but a runner nonetheless, and you won't find this information by reading the game's description (that actually gives you the idea that this is a traditional platformer, which it's not).

Buy it if you find it heavily discounted. Otherwise just go play some free runners on your phone.. I've played free phone auto runners that felt more fluid and fun than this piece of garbage.
Play bit trip runner instead if you're looking for an auto runner.

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