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A badass rig drives only for the glory of Satan and races with blistering fury towards the Next Hell in this ARCADE ACTION IMMORTAL TRUCKER! From Ludum Dare 34 all the way to Steam, DEMON TRUCK is razor metal action with twitch gameplay, high score leaderboards, and wave after wave of unworthy enemies to throw UNDER THE WHEELS!


  • Two controls: fire the guns, ram down the throttle. The truck drives itself!
  • Soul-damning soundtrack from unholy legend Zircon!
  • Ram obstacles and blast enemies with ever increasing speed and hatred.
  • Skill based action gameplay with Steam Leaderboards.
  • Cover your hellish rig in sick weapons and engine tuning.
  • Weapons, upgrades, and enemies all randomized each game.
  • Race through canyons, mountains, and demonic cities all the way to hell and back!

Title: Demon Truck
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Racing
Triger Mountain
Adventurepro Games LLC
Release Date: 26 Sep, 2016


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Lots of explosions, a cool button masher feeling, and a sick heavy metal midi soundtrack make this the kind of game that will always make you smile... and then swear violently when you explode.. Very simple design yet fun to play. Great concept and the music fits the game very well..\/watch?v=kfeFUdF0hwQ\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=kfeFUdF0hwQ<\/a>

Not being able to move is odd. Other than that, it's sort-of like Downwell and a Shmup had a demonic baby, that baby built a car, and then sold the car to Doomguy.

Also, in that video, I get rank #15 in THE WORLD<\/b>. So y'know. I know what I'm doing.. It's like Darius Twin but with a truck and you can't steer. Recommended.. I drove fast and exploded, Hail Satan. Demon Truck<\/i> is one of those hidden gem arcade games that really showcases a novel mechanic.<\/b> I should have picked this up long ago. If you are into arcade games with mechanics that are simple-to-learn, yet impossible-to-master like Downwell<\/i> or One Finger Death Punch<\/i>, you'll likely really enjoy Demon Truck<\/i>.

Essentially, you only need two buttons; the right mouse button accelerates\/shields you, and the left mouse button attacks in random directions.<\/i> The truck is possessed, and steers itself. It generally avoids obstacles, but if you are going to hit one, you just accelerate\/shield through it. By using the attack, you refill the accelerate\/shield meter, and vice-versa. Sounds complicated, but it is brilliantly simple. There are neat upgrade choices at the end of each round. Do you want another turret, or would you like to refill your health - that kind of thing.

Definately has that one-more-run appeal that will have you chasing your friend's scores on the leaderboards.<\/b>

+Really neat and novel mechanic
+Controls are as simple as it gets - literally two buttons
+Each level ends with a choice of upgrades that add a cool high-risk-high-reward component
+Super cheap

-I'd be hard pressed to find any 'cons' with this little gem - if you know of any, please comment below

Well worth it for any lover of indie games.<\/b>. I'm really crap at it, but it's fun.. Cool crazy little game with very great soundtrack! Absolutely worth the few bucks for it.
Played it for hours everytime I started. The game and it's soundtrack are highly addictive.

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