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This is the whole package! Its got everything you're looking for. Combined perfectly with music, you'll be drawn in to the depth of 'Moe' and dragged right out to a hot-blooded battle. This is a galgame made with the tears and blood of the one and only La'cryma and proudly presented by SakuraGame.

✿ Introduction ✿

This is an AVG, the story is told between the choices you made in the game and will lead to different endings. When the 13th magic awoke, the battle between the chosen Summoners prevailed. The MC and female MC get dragged into a ragging war between the Summoners. What will be the results when the dust of war settles between 9 hostile Summoners? You'll get a taste of their intertwined fate, the sweet-sour fruit of young love, and the spoils of war.

✿ Storyline ✿

Far, far away from here in the southwest, summer seems to reside on a single island called, Tsukuyomi Island. Yoshino Reiji was just another student there until the day when a pretty girl, named No.13, accidentally saved Reiji, dragging him knee deep into a supernatural dilemma. The girl is the result of a hyper-scientific weapon called the Magical Strategic Destruction Weapon, or M.S.D.W. Showing itself to it's owner in the form of a figure granting two unique abilities: Summon anyone you've seen in the last 24 hours, and Return all physical matter to its state 24 hours prior.

After this accident, the once peace-love , Reiji, was dragged into the war of 13 incredibly powerful summoners. The Samsara Magic on the Tsukuyomi island caused the Summoners to repeat disasters day after day. He will have to risk everything he loves and protect the one thing that he truly cares about to maintain a normal and boring school life. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Fortissimo FA INTL Ver
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Release Date: 23 Aug, 2018

English,Japanese,Simplified Chinese

It's just about a date where in the end everything went wrong.. I have read that this game only have 1\/3 of it translated, turn out it's true. I played about 15 minutes, and even for a non-english speaker like me, i can still find its flaws and some messy sentences, but it definitely better than their usual machine-translated, and of course readable. And then i skipped all the way for about 25 min, now this is where the nightmare begins. The translation is sometimes understandable, but there's so many sentences that doesn't make any sense, and who called a shocking, scared young girl a "dumb maiden" especially in a modern fantasy world, their translation quality went back all the way to the rock bottom. Also, all the info pictures about the characters is not translated and the OP suffers the same fate, you will never know who are the people that make this game, who are the voice actors, since it's all written in japanese. The games are made in Japan, but they don't have Japanese version.. what the f**k....
Incidentally, I think the publisher SakuraGame which is on Steam must be localized in China.

. i've been waiting a long time (Multiple years) to finally play this game as japanese is not a strong point of mine, Despite the large amount of mis-translations \/ typesetting errors, the game is still readable so i have no complaints because of that!

Currently 8.7 hours into the story and i've only hit Scene 41 in the story out of 219 (possibly less because there is no NSFW scenes in this version) so it gives off the idea that the visual novel is pretty long, i'd say 30 hours if i go for all routes (?)

A large thankyou to the company despite how much hate they are getting for there translations, i do hope they continue to translation more visual novels in the future because even whilst it's sometimes hard to understand, the fact that i can read it is still great!

ps: momiji is bestgirl

Update: 27 hours into this visual novel and i finally completed the main story!, my god am i overwhelmed by the story, one of the most brilliant and emotional ending's i have come across in a while from visual novels

This visual novel offers a brilliant experience for anyone who can play through the entire story!

ps2: Sakura > Momiji now, Sakura is the best girl!. Translation needs work but its better than nothing, I wont complain. Ive wanted to play this for a long time and even if the translation quality is pretty bad Im just glad it has one at all that I can understand whats going on, Its only a dollar too so most serious complaints from anyone are pretty silly. I was thinking I read they were going to do updates to it but even if not Id of still payed more for it tbh. As usual of anything SakuraGame publishes, this localization uses a machine translation. But this time it's not for a nukige barely anyone cares about. It's La'cryma first english localization, and something with an actual plot possibly worth investing. SG destroyed it and there's no option to play in japanese, even though the store page shows screenshots with japanese text. It's a shame that La'cryma got scammed, i hope they find a better publisher for their second english localization. Only get fort if you can read chinese, because that one might be alright.. Update: Just noticed the price of the game increased significantly. The original price I paid for this game was $2.29 CAD on Steam. It is currently priced at $11.49 CAD. I do not know if any issues I noted below were fixed. Buyer beware.

Original review:

I played for about 15~ minutes.

-There was no Steam overlay
-On the menu the English text would become Chinese text when hovering over the option
-The English translation looked very rough ("Roger fire", anyone?).

Its been over a month since the game released. One patch has been released. No news of another patch on the forums since late August. From this information, and after noting the above points: To me, Fortissimo doesn't look like it was ready for release in English.

Now, I have heard the Chinese translation is fine\/good, but writing as someone who only knows English fluently: I would prefer to be given the text to fully understand what is going on in a story. The meaning of words changes if the translation isn't done well. The way you perceive a moment in a story changes if the words don't reflect the moment. Simply put: A bad translation ruins the immersion of reading. So, how about the English in this game? In English the text is readable, but not good.

I could give this a pass and would probably wait longer before writing a review like this if there was more communication and effort to try and fix the translation problems (ie more news postings, more patches for English text issues, a roadmap, pinned messages on the forum, etc), but without that and it being out for over a month, the game looks kind of dead in support. There isn't anything recent that says work is being done on the English translation to make it better.

I still bought the game after checking some reviews and the forums. I gave a benefit of a doubt since I couldn't find any recent concrete information on there not being improvements or there being improvements to the game. The price of this game is also very cheap too, so I'm mostly indifferent on the fact that I bought it for $2. It is a 'You get what you pay for'-sort of deal, but for that reason alone I am writing a review.

In conclusion, I wouldn't recommend this game if you are only fluent in English.. I've been waiting to play this game forever, and finally it's out. Unfortunately the developer is SakuraGames, but...I'm not entirely disappointed. The game is incredibly cheap, the translation is readable (that doesn't mean there's not problems, but it's not so bad it's Star War The Third Gathers: Backstroke of the West).

I understand some may have problems with how the game is translated, but, if SakuraGames takes their time to improve the game's translation and potentially add EXS 18+ scenes (though this isn't a big deal it'd just be interesting to read with the translation), I could bump this from a 3.5\/5 to a 4.5\/5

One major complaint I have and I don't know if SakuraGames is reading these, but I cannot set the game to Fullscreen. Clicking the button does nothing. The Japanese versions of the game work with the fullscreen option, it's only this. It might have something to do with Steam. But, if you're reading this SakuraGames please fix this.. English TL is a\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665

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