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You must save the world, whatever the cost...

DEFECTIVE - This is a First Person Shooter (FPS) with action elements throughout.. 5d3b920ae0

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 26 Aug, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: 64-bit | Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: Qua


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Oh boy, I sure don't like writing reviews but after playing this game I think I might have to. First of all do not buy this game if you dislike buggy and or short games. If anything i'd recommend buying this game in sale as it took me 50 minutes to finish. With the survival mode being 'coming soon' I would say it's not worth the full price yet. I'd like to start off the actual review by saying this game is bad. It's awful, to start the game I had a 2 minute loading screen and that might be an understatement. after the tutorial I got another loading screen where a voice said inpact after 30 seconds. 2 minutes later I got the loading screen to the next level. This game is filled with stupid bugs that the devs should have found by playtesting. For instance I fell through a platform that was supposed to open and release a type of enemy. There's an inventory for only 1 item and the menu is buggy like crazy. Area's are very dark to the point where I once fell off the platform because I couldn't see the floor. combat is easily broken by just slowing down time permanently and walking through the level without enemies being able to even hit you. In the final level it wasn't clear at all where I was supposed to go until I accidentally found it. enough complaining about the game, I've given it a positive review so might aswell state why it's still fun rather than just bashing on and on about the problems it has. During the tutorial I got bored and just ran through because with the limited controls the game has there was very little need for an actual tutorial. though I was running through the game said out loud what I was supposed to do so I still picked up on the mechanics. If you don't abuse the slowdown the gameplay gets rather interesting. It's punishing but at the same time very easy to pick up. I'd say limit the slowdown of time to some counter that has to re-charge once used. the levels were quite well designed. Though it wasn't very clear where to go, I managed to find everything. Maybe add a minimap for directions or see if the brightness alone will fix this problem. As I'm turning this into a tell the dev what could be done better I'll write down the rest of the things I've got on my mind aswell. A strong point of the game was the unforgiving gameplay. At points I got shot and died instantly. Rather than being upset I liked it, it meant I was being careless and I learned from my mistakes. I'd say use this to the game's advantage and make the game difficult. 1 shot maybe 2 shots to not make the medkids useless. talking about the medkids, as it's the only item in the game and the inventory being so buggy, why not make the Q-key a medkit hotkey, there's space on the HUD for a medkit counter aswell as the slow down time bar. the space level was AMAZING I had a lot of fun just flying around but I wish there was more control in the air. Flying around felt very limited, though this is realistic, you're a robot in space. might aswell cut some realism for some fun. Also make the jump less high, it kinda broke the entire first part of the level by just pressing shift twice. I also noticed in that level when you respawn, you respawn in the air. Probably to not get stuck in the floor but once I respawned it took a few seconds before I landed because of the gravity. Another thing I noticed is that the orb enemies only showed up once. they came up through the platform which I fell through. Damn that was a lot of typing. Hopefully that was helpful and dev if you need more playtesting done, just hit me up.. Either this game gets an update and a remake or its not worth buying. I usually like this kinds of game. Short, simple, shooting enemies, etc. But this game. needs work. Map and level wise, no complains. The controls need to either be better, or allow us to change them. - Knife with left mouse and shoot with right mouse. BIG NO - Kept pressing shift to run but it makes you dash foward - Using items on the inventory doesn't really work. For the game mechanicis, I liked the infinite slow motion but the bullet station not so much. You should be able to pick up the bullets from the dropped guns or be able to pick them up.. what a bad game? how to jump ? 3 point? are you folish? this game just make me feel unhappy!. This game is a broken pile of garbage, but dang if it wasn't entertaining in the way it broke. We got some pretty hilarious glitching and issues. Honestly, you should see for yourself. Check it out, and I'd say if for the price this game is worth the money if you are looking for something funny and not something that works.

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