Crusader Kings II: Orchestral House Lords Download For Pc [hack]

Crusader Kings II: Orchestral House Lords Download For Pc [hack]

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Crusader Kings II: Orchestral House Lords

Orchestrated by Swedish composer Tobias Gustafsson, Orchestral House Lords is a crossover interpretation between electro orchestral and marching epic music. Picture Hans Zimmers Interstellar-sound with a nice beat whilst building your own dynasty.

Based on some of the iconic Crusader Kings II tracks, the Orchestral House Lords selection elevates songs to a new level and is for the CK fan craving an up tempo experience across a classical backdrop.

This music pack includes the following songs:

  • 01 Main Theme ( Electro Orchestral Mix)
  • 02 Journey To Absolution ( Electro Orchestral Mix)
  • 03 Kingdom Of Jerusalem ( Marching Epic Mix)
  • 04 The First Crusade ( Electro Orchestral Mix)
  • 05 Horns Of Hattin And The Aftermath ( Marching Epic Mix)

Title: Crusader Kings II: Orchestral House Lords
Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Paradox Interactive
Release Date: 14 Jul, 2015


I first went to Youtube to listen and I have to say when the songs started I was like....nah, I don't like this. But, then I kept listening and I found my head began bobbing and my foot begun moving to the beat. So my body told my head, get this! And I listened for once.
Now as I play CK2 not only am I enjoying my conquering and pillaging, but now I'm also bopping with the music. I love it now. For those unsure I reccommend listeing through the songs on Youtube and seeing what your body tells you. Cheers!. Wether you like this dlc obviously depends on your musical tastes so i'd advice trying to listen to some of the tracks on youtube before you buy. I personally am a bit dissapointed by it. the tracks in my opinion are far to similar to the originals, mostly just addin a beat to the original tracks and doing a little bit of sampling and keyboard accompanyment. Unlike the excellent guns, drums and steel packs for EUIV non of these tracks change the musical tempo of the game much, which to me seems like a missed opportunity. The last track of the Set, Horns Of Hattin And The Aftermath ( Marching Epic Mix), seems the 'newest' of the bunch with it's own feel, so more of that.

For future music packs i hope they add more HOUSE\/Electronica\/Dubstep elements to the House lords or go with Metal.. My lord, the people say that your musicians have become possessed by devils from the east!

What?! Bring ALL of them to me immediately!

*They all arrive at court*

They do not seem possessed to me.

*Starts Playing*

See norma- How the?! A drum does NOT sound like that, neither should that lyre!

Should I round them all up and prepare them for a public execution, my lord?

Auhhmm... No... No... That will not be necessary here, just... tell the people that their liege will deal with this personally.

*Medieval Electro Party Ensues*. I want to say they know their audience, but I wonder if I'm the only person buying this. I never thought there would be much of an intersection of interest between medieval historical grand strategy and electro... but it definately hits MY spot.

If you're into electronic music, this definately spices the game up while still managing to capture the medieval theme. Totally worth it.. I felt the 5th track was alright but as a general rule the electro style does not fit either other songs nor the game itself and you'd be better off if the original versions of the songs played instead of these whenever they show up.. It's not good just annoying. Go find the the songs on YouTube or something by this gets a down vote from me.. Misleading title, it is dumbstep not classical. Don't buy it expecting anything short of a Victoria II soundtrack, it is eletronic music.. It all comes down to personal taste, but as far as i am concerned these "remixes" are just downright downgrades of the originals.

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