Book Of Legends Activation Code [Crack Serial Key

Book Of Legends Activation Code [Crack Serial Key

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About This Game

If the Book of Legends should ever fall into the wrong hands, the consequences could be devastating. Follow Zoe and Charleston Black as they follow the clues found in the long forgotten Book of Legends…clues that lead them on a hunt for one of the world’s most mysterious legends of all, Excalibur! Is it real? And can they find it before their enemies do? Find out as you unravel a mystery that could change the balance of power forever.

Key features:

  • Travel 5 countries
  • Captivating adventure
  • 6 different modes of game-play

Title: Book of Legends
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 14 Nov, 2008


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Okay object finding puzzle games. The puzzles are not very varied and the objects often have the same problems as the first Midnight Mystery game (i.e. often they are placed, sized or colored very illogically). The dialogue between the two main characters is amusing, but game drags on for a bit too long (if there had been more variation to the puzzles this would not have been a problem).. This game should open with a big BOOMING voice, saying the "BOOK OF LEGENDS!!!!!" Epic music, as a brother gets a raging clue with his sister in their quest to find the sword excalibur. When you find the sword, you know it is the correct sword, because it will say EXCALIBUR SWORD on the blade, with made in china maybe on the other side who knows. There are shady guys who will ask you to steal priceless artifacts, from crowns, to terra cotta warriors, jade statues, paying you 80$ for these priceless treasures, the economy of the hidden object world sucks.

This puzzle game is for advanced hidden object hunters only, this game runs on nightmare difficulty. New players may want to avoid this game until they bone up on their Hidden Object skillz. There is a hint button to press, or keep pressing, but why bother with a puzzle game if its just to beat the game, its not an RPG with some epic story, the fun is in the puzzles. What makes it difficult is often there will be objects the game looks for that you cant click to see what they are, meaning if the name of an item appears like a censer and you don't know what that is you are SOL. Other items are hidden behind other items or photoshopped to have the same color pallete as the foreground, also the image quality is a bit fuzzy for some of the images as in low res making it hard to make out what an object is. Whats nice is this isnt a typical hidden object game where a flea market throws up random objects everywhere, all items fit the scenes.

Sir Bridget Doyle's tip: In this game the rooms are layed out like real rooms, no floating objects or anything, its best to picture yourself in the scene hunting for the object, try to build a 3 dimensional image of the scene using the power of imagination to overcome that hint button!

Advanced Players: Rating: 10\/10 Value: $9.99
Beginner Players: Rating 1\/10 Value: $0.99 <---Its real hard new Hidden Object Hunters will just keep hitting the hint button making the puzzles useless since their puzzles.. fun gameplay. Disappointing cliff-hanger ending, but otherwise satisfactory.. fun gameplay. Fairly typical find-the-object game with a story plot of looking for the sword Excaliber. Quite short, I finished it in just a few hours worth of game play. Not worth the full asking price, but if it's on an extreme sale (over 50% off) and you like this type of game, go for it!. I'm not a big eye spy fan. I don't play them often enough to be an authority on the genre, but this one was a major disappointment. Book of Legends has a couple of kids looking for the sword of Exalibur based on hints from some ancient book. It's roughly 4 hours of fetch questing which is unrewarding in itself, but then the game ends unspectacularly--it's unfinished, only offering half of a story. There are also several times where it is unclear on what exactly you are supposed to look for.

Now there are a couple shining aspects to the game, like the dialog between these two kids and the fact that the story actually holds interest, but it does require closing your eyes to how two kids have unrestricted access to all these different locations.

Being only half of a game, I would definitely recommend staying away from this unfinished product. If it told the whole story, I'm positive I would recommend the opposite.

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