B.A.D Battle Armor Division Ativador Download

B.A.D Battle Armor Division Ativador Download

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About This Game

B.A.D is an intense and enjoyable Shoote'em up game that captures the feeling of controlling a mass-produced humanoid robot (Battle Armor) piloted by a single soldier while keeping the realistic fast-paced action in a dramatic large scale conflict, from various Factions of Earth and Mars.

More than 200 years had passed since colonization on Mars had begun.
A slow process of terraformation had begun, occurring in the atmosphere and modifying its chemical composition.
Despite the rarefied air and radiation, millions of people inhabited the planet.
Mars was exploited for its mineral resources, but it served above all to reach the moons of Jupiter.
In 2437, a new mineral called Ixenio was discovered on those moons. Ixenio was known to be indestructible over time, the hardest of hardest metals and able to generate an incredible quantity of energy through exposure to photon beams...
it was the new black gold.
In 2512, Mars was aware that it had become a superpower and it took advantage of the conflict between the Euro America League and the Asiatic Union to form and declare the Independent Martian Kingdom, I.M.K.
The Asiatic Union sided with the I.M.K. while the Euro American League still claimed its own rights.
All out war was, by then, at the door...
The I.M.K. suddenly attacked Moon Base, using the asteroid fortress Abraxis as its logistic base. It conquered Moon Base and exploited it to send troops on Earth in support of the Asiatic Union.
It was the beginning of Interplanetary War I.

Key Features:

  • Action Shooter with a tactical approach.
  • 360 degree shooting system.
  • More than 16 level: fight on earth and in space.
  • Unlock 17 weapons as you play the game.
  • Survive in large scale battles.

Title: B.A.D Battle Armor Division
Genre: Action, Indie
Crian Soft
Crian Soft
Release Date: 18 Aug, 2015


bad battle armor division

Battle Armor Division is just BAD. this is more 2d side scroller over a bullet hell game as enemies will focus on you over having a spray pattern. this isn't a bad thing because you can block but the overall feel of the game just feels lazy and\/or rushed. it has the core of a nice side scroller \/ mech bullet hell but without any type of polish. if the dev(s) put more time into the game i feel this could be a hidden gem but as is it's just a lump of coal.

3.5\/10. I LOVE MECH GAMES!. So having to say this hurts. This game needs work. moving and aim should be on either control stick on a game pad. having to aim and move at the same time using only one stick is freaking stupid! In this day and age why can't a game be made with FULL key assign. Deciding I have to my aim and move on the same stick is really annoying. HOW CAN LITTLE SOLDIERS SHOOTING LITTLE GUNS DO. AS. MUCH. DAMAGE. AS. THE. MECHS? How come my allies are dumb like really really dumb. I hate to do this the game gets a thumbs down till you fix your crap.. I enjoy the 2D combat mech theme and the nice variety of weapons, but the controlls and the menus are clunky and feel unresponsive. That combined with the lack of loading indicators to tell you that there is a transition from your current screen to the next constantly makes me worried that the game has frozen.
The gameplay is pretty solid and the sprites are pretty average. Gameplay is enjoyable and the attempt at 3D environments sometimes feels confusing about where the ground is, but the menus are just bad.. I am a huge fan of Cybernator so I was psyche that this game looked so much like it...

The dev went through a certain amount of effort to put a promising game together however, the controls are so bad, it makes it very difficult to enjoy or even play.

The difficulty curve is very seesaw shaped and it is not always clear what is required of you.

But really, the bad controls kills it. It is sad as the game clearly show potential and issues like theses could have and could still be fixed.. oh it's BAD alright

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