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Arcade Spirits, a romantic visual novel, follows an alternate timeline set in the year 20XX where the 1983 video game crash never occurred. After a turbulent work history, 5d3b920ae0

Title: Arcade Spirits
Genre: Indie
Fiction Factory Games
PQube Limited
Release Date: 12 Feb, 2019


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1 GHz Intel or AMD Processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM


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Unlike Japanese visual novels, the content won't make you feel like you're going to be put on a watchlist for sex offenders. I mean that's a pretty big plus already, but it's also fun to play and the romance stuff is completely optional which is pleasing to my cold unloving android heart.. Reviews aren't usually my thing so bare with me on this. This game is heart warmingly sweet and was the best pick-me-up after a long tough week. I have only romanced one character, Percy, and just his track alone was great, but the main character really sold it for me. Every one can probably relate to this MC and they really made the game far more investing. I can't wait to start a new game and try a new route with a new romance.. I'll admit at times some of the writing (especially for humor options) could be a bit cringe, but overall it was a fun experience, and I believe in the dev team enough to show my support with my wallet. I rate this game one high score obsessed husbando out of the precious time I have on this earth.. This game was so much fun. I ran into it via LRR's YouTube page back when Graham Stark was talking about his voice acting role and I was immediately intrigued by the fun, flavourful art style and the highly entertaining snippets of writing I saw. Having now played it, this is very high up my list of favourite dating sims, probably a close second after Dream Daddy. Super LGBT friendly, with an entertaining plot, great character customisation and a lovely cast of endearing characters. If you like inclusive, story-driven romance in your games, Arcade Spirits is more than worth a shot - you owe it to yourself to give it a try. I've played through start to finish once, in about 6 hours I guess, but I'm already into a second playthrough and enjoying it immensely. What an excellent and endearing game.. Unlike Japanese visual novels, the content won't make you feel like you're going to be put on a watchlist for sex offenders. I mean that's a pretty big plus already, but it's also fun to play and the romance stuff is completely optional which is pleasing to my cold unloving android heart.. Not much of a reviewer on Steam (or in general), but I felt passionate enough about this game to take a shot at it. I played this game on a whim, looking for romance VNs with LGBT characters and options. And, honestly? This is probably my favorite one so far. It's not by any means perfect, of course, but I literally pulled an all-nighter the same day I bought it to finish one playthrough, and I'm plenty motivated to play more. I've never been an achievement hunter, so doing multiple routes when I've already picked a favorite has never been very favorable for me; why romance the other characters when I found my favorite? With Arcade Spirits, though, I'm thinking twice on my original standpoint of that principle. I think the characters are pretty well-written, and I'd love to do other playthroughs with the rest of the cast. Each one has a really compelling story to them, and I find depth in even the ones I had initially written off as being more two-dimensional than others. There's something for everyone. Plus, all of them are hot in their own way. You can never go wrong with a dad bod, fight me on that. I think a strong point to this story is how heartfelt is all is. You're in a rut, down on your luck, thinking you're doomed to a vicious cycle of your hopes and dreams being crushed over and over, no matter how hard you try. (Okay, so you nailed my personal life right on the head. Well played.) You're given options to jump into the unknown and take risks that can just as easily lift your spirits as they can crush them, all the while having a small band of friends behind you every step of the way. Call me sentimental, but I found a personal reassurance behind that. And with each connection I made to a character, the more invested I became in their happiness and well-being. Misty eyes were had many a time. . Okay fine, I may have full-blown cried too. Don't me. The art itself is a really cute style, and the preview images alone are what drew my attention. Some pictures with major and minor characters side by side make the lack of detail in the minor characters a bit more jarring and obvious, but that's just a small complaint. The player especially has little choice in the matter, considering the customization options and what tweaks you'd have to do for lighting and shading in the individual scenarios. Still, I found some pictures a bit awkward in having a base colored character next to a fully-detailed one with shining hair and dynamic shadows. Tying in opportunity with risk, happiness with sadness, and comedy with seriousness, Arcade Spirits is one heck of a roller coaster. So strap in, everyone, and enjoy the ride. I couldn't recommend this game more if I tried. I rate it 5 socially awkward, dorky technician cuties out of 5.. This game was so much fun. I ran into it via LRR's YouTube page back when Graham Stark was talking about his voice acting role and I was immediately intrigued by the fun, flavourful art style and the highly entertaining snippets of writing I saw. Having now played it, this is very high up my list of favourite dating sims, probably a close second after Dream Daddy. Super LGBT friendly, with an entertaining plot, great character customisation and a lovely cast of endearing characters. If you like inclusive, story-driven romance in your games, Arcade Spirits is more than worth a shot - you owe it to yourself to give it a try. I've played through start to finish once, in about 6 hours I guess, but I'm already into a second playthrough and enjoying it immensely. What an excellent and endearing game.. I don't often review games I've played, but this was the best Visual Novel I've ever played. It's clearly a labor of love, with a wide variety of characters, no sexuality limits, and a charming, roller coaster ride of a story. The art was expressive, vibrant, and unique, and the voice acting was passionate. Everything from the UI to the music was great, and you can really tell how much (exhausting) fun the developers had in the process. I sincerely hope that anyone who enjoys a good visual novel tries this one out, because I think you're missing out otherwise.

Voice Acting For Arcade Spirits! : Good news, everyone! Were adding voice acting to Arcade Spirits! Its our number one requested feature by far, something people kept coming up to us at conventions asking about. And now that weve got it in the works, I feel confident talking about this new feature with you all! How about some Q&A about this new feature? Yeah. Lets pull up a chair and straddle it from behind while turning our ball cap to a jaunty angle so we can rap, kids. How will acting in the game work, given all the customization options? Were using a couple stellar games as our model for this Octopath Traveler, Danganronpa, Dream Daddy, Fire Emblem. Instead of voicing every single line (which lets be honest, would cost us a fortune) were voicing key emotional moments in every level or chapter of the game. Outside those moments, youll hear brief emotional reactions (Yes! Woohoo! Hrmmm I dont know.) to ensure youre still getting some of that juicy voice flavor in every bite. How many characters will have voices? Fifteen of em. The core cast, of course, as well as any secondary character that keeps coming back in the story. And a few fun surprises. Who has been cast so far? Can I be in the game? Please? Alas, cant tell you. The casting process is ongoing. We may also have an open casting future in the weeks ahead, so keep an eye out for details no need to contact us ahead of time, well be sure to let you know when it starts. Gotta be vague here because this is a work in progress and I dont want to promise anything just yet. I dont like voices in my visual novels! Thats fine! If youre a streamer who wants to do the voice-over on your own, therell be a volume slider for voices, just like everything else in the game. You can turn it down or turn it off at any time. And if you leave it on it should automatically duck the volume of our amazing music a bit, so you can clearly hear the voices. In addition, you can leave the emotional quips and reactions in, while turning off the fully-acted lines if thats what you prefer. Will the demo be updated with voices? We might update it with the short emotional reaction lines, but the demos dialogue script doesnt have any fully voiced scene content since its using a time compressed / specialized chunk of the main game. When is Arcade Spirits releasing?! Weve got a target in mind, but again, we dont like to promise anything until were totally sure. Its not fair to you if we make mistakes. Well have an announcement for this in future, though, we promise! You wont miss it. Oh, hey, while Im here, whats going on with the Patreon? October is the last month of our Patreon. Thanks to everyone whos been supporting us along the way! Anyone who contributes $25 or more over the lifetime of the project (including October) will get a few final beta versions, and a final release copy of the game. If you want to get in on that as a new player, you can! Just join with a monthly donation of $25, then cancel it a day later. We charge up front, so itll count! Or you can wait for the full release, thats cool too. Its up to you. Regardless thanks for being a part of Arcade Spirits. All of you. If youre reading these words, youre down the rabbit hole with us, and we welcome you. Let your friends know about Arcade Spirits, get the word out.. Freshly Canned Laughter : Welcome to the Arcade Spirits developer blog. Each week I post an in-depth look at some aspect of the game, or of arcade culture in general. Today, let's talk about one of the slightly more obscure influences behind Arcade Spirits -- the classic 1980s workplace sitcom. As a kid, I grew up enmeshed in the world of the 80s / early 90s sitcom. Night Court, Cheers, Wings, things like that. "Must See TV." I wasn't really that interested in the standard family-based ones, though -- no Steve Urkel for me. I like workplace sitcoms. There's two key aspects to these, a sense of place, and a sense of belonging. The place is obvious: wherever everybody works. An office, a bar, a courtroom, an airport, a diner, something like that. The locale is the same every week, and you get a feel for the flow of rooms and hallways, the background details baked in which make it feel unique and lived-in. Sometimes they're populated by extras moving around in the background, going about their lives. customers, usually. It feels like a living, breathing location and not just a sterile living room or something. This is where you come back to when you want to be somewhere familiar. But it's not a home, some generic suburban house; it's got a flow and a purpose directed towards whatever the business is. When you're there, you belong there. You're family, without actually being family. The television family consists of the friends who you're close to, the ones you're emotionally tied to, working arm in arm towards a common goal or just choosing to spend time together. There's no typical drama from being stuck alongside a parent or sibling you hate because these are the people you've selected to be your family, rather than a coincidence of birth. (Shows where the family hates each other 90% of the time and all the drama arises from that are pretty much the opposite of what I want.) I wanted those two things for Arcade Spirits -- a sense of place, and a sense of belonging. The Funplex becomes familiar to you, and your character grows to consider it something of a home. The staff and the regulars are more than just co-workers and customers, they're your friends, your family. Even the ones you aren't actively trying to romance are close companions, willing to help you and you them. There are conflicts along the way, bumps in the road, but you work through them because keeping the family together and keeping the home intact is important. The story is even divided up like television episodes, with each contained story being its own "Level" of the game. Unlike an 80s sitcom, though, they feed into each other serially, gradually developing character arcs and plots rather than being standalone piles of gags. Overall, I want the world of Arcade Spirits to be something you want to come back to not just to laser-focus in on your romantic target and woo them, but to be because it's a place you want to live in for a time. Familiar, friendly, warm, and inviting. And when the credits finally do roll, I want that time looked back on fondly. I hope I can provide the same feeling I had watching these sitcoms to you as a gamer.. Welcome to the world of Arcade Spirits! : Hello, hello! Stefan here, co-author and project manager (oooh, official sounding) for Arcade Spirits. Thanks for dropping by. And thanks to our publisher PQube for helping us get to this point! Everybody reading these words just earned a few free tokens. We'll be using the announcement space here for weekly development updates, typically every Monday -- inside looks into the game's development, all leading up to our 2019 release. Hope you enjoy them! Follow, wishlist, like, share, subscribe, smash that bell, all the usual stuff so you can stay on top of all things Arcade Spirits-y. Thank you so much for your support.. Arcade Spirits v1.03 : Welcome to Arcade Spirits v1.03! It's a minor patch, as we seem to be quite stable now; just doing some little tweaks and tunes to keep things smooth. I've been watching streams to figure out where our trouble spots are, and anywhere I can improve the text without changing story elements, I'm happy to do so. PATCH NOTES Adjusted narration at the start of Level 02 to flow better with your characterization in Level 01. Adjusted the Gavin / QueenBee scene in Level 05 a little if you're on the Power of Friendship path. Various typos fixed.. The Final Countdown : Dee da dee doo, dee da dee da dee. One week remains before the launch of Arcade Spirits [] and hype levels (along with rising anxiety levels) are soaring. Once the 12th hits and the game drops things are going to get very interesting 'round these parts. but even in the week prior, we've got interestingness in dangerous amounts. I'm keeping our homepage [] up to date with links to new press, streamers, and videos as they're made available. For instance, do you speak German or have Google Translate handy? If so you may like this glowing review of our game [] . Want to hear interviews with the devs? Sure thing -- Stefan was on the GameGrin podcast [] recently, and Aenne, Molly, and Steph spoke to Gaming Access Weekly [] about inclusivity and our design philosophy. Want to watch someone play the game? Okay -- StumptGamers will be streaming our game [] TODAY, Monday Feb 4th, at 3pm Eastern. Later this week, LoadingReadyRun [] streams it Friday Feb 8, 12:30pm Eastern. We're also arranging for a charity stream to play it, with details to come. Many, many, many other streamers and youtubers will be diving in starting Feb 12th and we'll be linking to as many as we can when that starts. (One note, though. Generally speaking we're going to collect links to all content we can, but we draw the line at anyone who mocks the game or its entirely optional pronoun feature. Negative reviews are just dandy, criticism is great. but when it's a thin excuse to make fun of us or disrespect anyone's gender, nothankyou.jpg. We won't issue DMCA or takedowns or anything, that'd be silly and evil, but we also don't have to promote their content.) Lastly, if you want to preorder, we've got options on the table from itchio [] , greenmangaming [] , and humblebundle [] . ALL of these will get you Steam keys, so pick your favorite. Me, I like itchio [] , because it offers a great developer split -- but it's entirely up to you. Or don't pre-order! That's fine too, we'll have a matching discount for launch week on Steam itself. You won't miss out. Not long now. Not long at all.. Arcade Spirits v1.05 : Welcome to version 1.05! This includes a few minor edits to the story for flow and pacing, a number of bugfixes, and some adjustments to the Iris tutorial. We're aiming to have one more patch coming up in a week or two which makes saving games between chapters a bit easier (right now when you reload the save you have to then click 'return') but wanted to get these fixes out the door sooner. Almost all typos are gone by this point -- if you still spot any, let us know! Upgraded to Ren'Py 7.2.0. Minor pacing changes made to Levels 01, 03 and 05. We noticed in streams a few points where people stumble or the story drags, so we made some light edits. Nothing major or character-revealing was removed. Naomi no longer wears her work apron to the beach or to the finale. Clarified how 'flirting' works in the tutorial. Adjusted the tutorial to choose showing/hiding indicators AFTER you've seen an example. Typo fixes.. Arcade Spirits Releases February 12th! : Weve got a release date February 12th, 2019! Woo your arcade partner just in time for Valentines Day. And along with that announcement weve got a new trailer which features some of the great voice acting youll be hearing! The demo itself doesnt have voice yet, but Ill be updating it soon to include voice acting (and a few minor tweaks and changes). Everything should be tip top shortly.. Arcade Spirits Now Available! : Arcade Spirits is RELEASED! Thank you so much to everybody who's supported us along the way. This game is a pure labor of love from a small team and it's meant the world to us to have you on us during the journey.. Arcade Spirits Demo Update for 8/30/2018 : This small update adds two new features: 1. Animated backgrounds! The arcade lights pulse and glow, the crane machine moves up and down, city lights blink on and off. You can adjust the speed of these animations from the Preferences menu, keeping them slow and subtle, or making them fast and lively -- or turning them off completely. 2. Added visual examples of our three UI styles to the Preferences menu (Neon, Pixel, Basic). This option was always here, we just didn't have a good quick reference for what each of them meant.. 20XX vs. 2018 : As production winds down on Arcade Spirits were aiming to be content complete by December, to allow some time for testing and implementation before our Q1 2019 release window Im finding I have less stuff to talk about in the dev blog. Fortunately, weve got a strong community, and they had a good idea for this weeks entry: What are some of the key differences between our alternate timeline and the real world? Now, keep in mind Arcade Spirits is a lighthearted game and not a history textbook. I know the Internet worships at the altar of CinemaSins and loves to pick apart every single logic gap as a plot hole but were going for a loose and fun interpretation of history. It definitely wouldnt totally work out this way but its fun to make believe, right? Right. So, what if The Atari 2600 Never Failed Atari took their time to make a proper port of Pac-Man, and a really good E.T. game, and didnt overproduce either of them. As a result there is no mass grave in New Mexico of unsold 2600 carts and the system continued to thrive. Without the power vacuum left by Ataris death, Nintendo didnt muscle in in 1985 to utterly dominate the home arcade scene and Ataris strength kept their arcade division going strong, maintaining the arcade scene in tandem with rising home consoles. The three major players in the console scene in 20XX are now Atari, Sega, and Nintendo. In this timeline, the proposed Nintendo-Sony co-developed PlayStation never fell through, because the Philips CD-I didnt get in the way of the project. Nintendo were the first to optical media, but Ataris long-standing emphasis on backwards compatibility (you could play 2600 games on an Atari XL, for instance) means that they remain a force to be reckoned with. The Mainstream Accepts Video Games Since the crash never happened and Nintendo wasnt forced to push the NES as a childrens toy complete with a toy robot, the momentum of adults and young adults playing games back in the 70s and 80s kept going. eSports rise sooner than expected, with organized tournaments like EVO launching early and staying strong. While arcades never surpass more long-standing pursuits like going out to the movies or grabbing a pizza, they arent quite as looked down on as being only for nerds or children. Its still a trivial pursuit, since they are games and games are silly, but generally they stabilize in the cultural consciousness. The Inevitable Rise of Kiddie Casinos Still Happens, But Slower Have you been in a Dave & Busters or Chuck E. Cheese lately? Basically theyre just gambling palaces with no traditional video games whatsoever. But this was a survival tactic, a way to keep their businesses afloat while traditional joystick gaming was migrating to home consoles for enthusiasts only. If arcades never died, these chain franchises wouldnt have to rely quite as hard on prize games but prize games would still be a major factor. Everybody likes the rush of winning, and early ticket games like Skeeball(tm) (or Alley Rollers to use the non-trademarked name) would prove the model can work. So while there wouldnt be a mid-90s rampaging push towards abandoning ship on the arcade model, those who cared more about raw profit than tradition would definitely still migrate in that directions. Oh, Also We Have Holograms And Sentient A.I. For Reasons And heres where I take a left turn into fantasyland, because Iris your adorable virtual assistant not only is amazingly sophisticated beyond any 2018 level smartphone tech, but I have a few cute pics in game of her literally sitting on the edge of your phone and extending away from the screen. Its similar to the scanlines you see on the spotlights over Teos dance stage, or how Gavins tablet was originally going to have some hovering holograms. This was something I debated removing to keep things realistic, but instead, I just dont comment on it. I let Iris stay adorable even if shes implausible, because its cute and makes a nice visual and again, we are not a history textbook. although there IS a bit more going on behind why shes so very, very intelligent. And Id say more, but spoilers. I think thatll do for missives from the year 20XX. I dont want to spoil all the surprises.

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