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"Animal Lover is a comedic triumph of a visual novel [...]"
-Candice Shane, Loot Crate

"...the only romance game I’ve played that has made me cry."
-Kurosama Reviews

"This game knows how to make you laugh, but it will also break your heart."
-Chloe Spencer, Kotaku

"Not a bad time, I've definitely played worse."
-Generalized summary of the Steam reviews

Animal Lover is a dating sim/visual novel where you will play a young woman trying to cure five beefy, attractive men from being turned into animals forever! Woah! It's funny, it's sad, it's weird! It's got cute boys! What else does it have going on?

  • Unique brand of comedy!
  • A grounded, heart-felt and well-received story!
  • Characters with >30 visible emotions!
  • >150,000 words!
  • Original soundtrack including both electronic and acoustic tracks!
  • No furries! Don't let the title fool you!
  • Simulates the act of dating!

Comedy! Romance! Drama! Mystery! Animal Lover! b4d347fde0

Title: Animal Lover
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Trainwreck Studios
Trainwreck Studios
Release Date: 14 Feb, 2017


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A present from friend since she's a fan of this game. The game story is nothing special but have been well written. However, evething else have to be improve: the art, the GUI, the system... At least the art here much better than the dev of Serafina's Crown. I'm not recommend it with full price. Plus, I feel that the dev kind of lazy writing and drawing... Maybe if you get it on sale around 11$ would be better.. Poorly written characters. Meh storyline. Overall sub-par vibe. But still, not the worst way to waste time.. This is just your typical girl meets five attractive men cursed in the form of animal stories. ;) Seriously though, it is a sweet sfw romance that manages to look at casual misogyny over time and ask questions about grudges and forgiveness.

I really like the main character Lucy, which is rare in otome games. She's kind and smart and wants to be a vet (like I did... she even kinda looks like I did at her age). The boys are different enough to appeal to most tastes, though the game is not really long enough to get to know them more than superficially. The romance with Kyle is my favorite and also the most painful.

It's not a perfect game : the art is a bit rough (though it grew on me) and the seven story paths are not different enough for my tastes, but I had fun.

I also appreciate the Fruits Basket reference.. This game is fantastic. I loved it so much after only a few hours into it I bought three more copies for my girlfriend and my two best friends. Seriously worth it. I was cackling when Kyle and Charlie showed up. Hilarious, heart warming, and very thoughtfully written. Though i got it on sale, its totally worth the full price. I just wish I could date all of the guys instead of just one! I love them all so much. Or at least Frankie and Kyle! My boys!!!

. If you're interested in this game at all, I would 100% say you should buy it. It's quirky, funny, and also just the right amount of heartbreaking for it to feel real and meaningful. The art style is unique, cute, and pleasing to the eye, and the writing is very well done as well. I got so attatched to these characters while playing that I found myself tearing up when they were sad or squealing when they were happy (or when a certain someone told me he loved me...)

I'm not sure what else to say except buy this wonderful game <3. A good otome, with decent love interests and an original story. It's not mind-blowing or anything, and I'm not very fond of the art style*, but it succeeds in making you have a good time. On your first run, you're curious to see how everything will unfold, as the story is quite intriguing. Without spoiling anything, let's just say I found the finale a bit too anticlimactic to my taste, but it was still a good ride; way above the average visual novel, but far from a masterpiece or a very memorable experience.

*Actually it's not bad and it sets itself appart from most visual novels, but the five dateable men are all described as overly handsome, and I just can't see that with the cartoonish art style.. This is one of the funniest dating sims i've ever played- its not forced either. It's got a very smooth flow, good writing and characters and at the end you really like all of them! Even if dating sims arent your thing you'd probably like this. It'll make you cry a bit too ;-;. Came for Dustin but enjoyed the game itself. The writing is decent, I grew fond of the art as well. Was trying not fall under my own trope by going for Kyle; ended up liking Kyle to most anyways oops, however I did not appreciate how fast it went from being strangers to saying "I love you" in like 2 days, but hey it's an otome. give it about a 6/10 dawgs, couldve been even more buckwild, but it was nice. REAL nice

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