Airline Tycoon Deluxe Download Windows 7 Free

Airline Tycoon Deluxe Download Windows 7 Free

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About This Game

Airline Tycoon Deluxe is a funny economy simulation proceeding in realtime and assigning you the complete responsibility for an airline.
However, don’t be fooled by the funny comic style or the included jokes: A variety of tasks are requested and your competitors never miss a chance to set a trap for you in order to put a spoke in your wheel.

Your abilities are put to the test continuously playing Airline Tycoon Deluxe: Will you be able to use your aeroplanes to capacity and land some profitable charter flights? Can you establish routes for lucrative scheduled flights? Aeroplanes cost millions; will you be capable of increasing the share price and obtaining enough funds by the issuing of securities?

Can you stand up for the construction of new aeroplanes in your role as an engineer? Are you able to avoid your competitors’ deceitful attacks? Accept this unusual challenge and win virtual laurels with Airline Tycoon. The deluxe version contains 20 new airports as well as new opportunities. It is as interesting for professional tycoons as for beginners.

  • Funny economy simulation in comic style
  • Complete freedom of action and freedom to move within the airport facilities and more than 30 places to be visited
  • Control of all parts of management: purchase of aeroplanes and their fittings, financing as well as stock market listing, planning of routes and filling order books, personnel, marketing and maintenance as well as many other details
  • Easily operated construction of own aeroplanes and the opportunity to exchange these on the Internet
  • Use additional security precautions against competitors’ attacks or sabotage competitors yourself
  • Compatible for local networks of up to 4 players

Title: Airline Tycoon Deluxe
Genre: Simulation
Spellbound AG
HandyGames, Black Forest Games
Release Date: 1 Aug, 1998


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A game I had from my childhood, which I lost. Discovered the glory of the internet and fell back in love with this game.

Might not be the most showy or over-the-top, but one of the best business simulation games I've ever played. Just a few bugs that need to be ironed out.. need mulitplayer and that it runs on windows 8.1. iT'S still AS MUCH FUN AS IT WAS YEARS AGO. I think the offices being blown up is one of the funniest shots in the game.

If you don't already own it just buy it. It plays great on Win 7. 8 & 10 I don't know (or care).

Buy it BUY IT.. I like this game, have played it many hours in the past. I own the CD with dutch audio etc.
Bought this beause I keep losing my CD's. But, even though the game was released in dutch (I own it), this game does not support my language. I find this very strange, why can't they make it work in all the languages it was released it?
Furthermore, it is kind of buggy. Which is a shame. This does not make it unplayable, the game I own (original) also had some bugs.

Overall it is a fun game, if it's on sale-> pick it up.. I really wish I could say it was awesome to play this game again, but the game lags to an unplayable pace while your charater is in the main hall. The devs have acknowledge the issue but have not provided any support to fix it. Other users have suggested fixes, I have not had any luck with these fixes. Some say they have it working just fine while many continue having lag issues.

It's the same great game you fell in love with long ago, it just has trouble running on many users' current setups. I bought this game the day it was released here on Steam and still have not been able to enjoy it.

I would not recommend buying this game until they fix the game's lag/compatibility issues.. This was a game from my youth. It turns out i have had just as much fun playing it now that i did back then. Excelet buy.. I played this game for hours on end when i was younger, but i tried instaling it on my new gaming pc, disc had a ring around it as if it were in an Xbox which got moved. I bought the steam version and im very impressed. it has better compatibillity for Windows 8.1 especially considering this game came out in the late 90s. It still hokds up pretty well except it can be a little easy sometimes.

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