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Travel Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses: Here's What to Do

These tips can help travel business owners at the start of their journey get through these tough months and flourish on the other side.

It’s an incredibly difficult time for travel businesses with the industry being one of the worst-hit from the coronavirus pandemic.

However, there are shoots of recovery starting to show.

Many businesses are starting to move their focus back to marketing so they can be ahead of the curve when more widescale travel is…


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How to Generate Structured Data Automatically Using Computer Vision

This technique can help you produce quality structured data without manual input using the latest advances in computer vision.

While the improvements to the tool are really welcome and there are a decent number of tools and plugins that help produce structured data, there is still a significant gap.

Adding correct structured data to webpages remains a manual effort, and as it requires playing with code, which is very prone to…


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Google Creates a New Way to Drive Traffic Via Image Search

An update to Google Images creates a new way for site owners to drive traffic with their photos. 

Google is adding more context to photos in image search results, which presents site owners with a new opportunity to earn traffic.

Launching this week, a new feature in Google Images surfaces quick facts about what’s being shown in photos.

Information about people, places or things related to the image is pulled from Google’s Knowledge Graph and displayed…


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How Tech-Savvy SEO Pros Can Work Effectively with Automation

The most advanced machine learning tools can't replace the humans behind them. Learn how tech-savvy SEO pros can work effectively with automation.

The global datasphere will grow from 33 zettabytes (each equal to a trillion gigabytes) in 2018 to 175 ZB by 2025.

In marketing, our role as the stewards of much of this data is growing, as well.

As of last year, more data is being stored in the enterprise core than in all the world’s existing endpoints, according to a report…


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Get Better PPC Results Fast with These 7 Google Ads Shortcuts

Be on your way to better PPC results. Just use these seven Google Ads shortcuts to help you save time and give you insights faster.

PPC can suck up some major time if you’re wasting time on elements that don’t matter, unnecessarily bloating your account, or skipping time-saving tools.

Here are seven Ads shortcuts and features to help you save time.

These processes can not only help you save time, but also give you insights faster so you’ll be on your…


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How to Find & Improve Underperforming Content: A Practical Guide

Got website content that's no longer performing well? It may be time to refresh them. Learn how to find and boost the value of existing content.

All websites rely on effective content to bridge the gap between organizations and their audiences.

However, not all content is created on an equal footing or has the opportunity to fulfill its true potential.

In this practical guide, I will share a few of the practical tips and advice for:

Finding out how your content is…


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Will Repeatedly Searching & Clicking My Site Increase Rankings?

Rarely in SEO do we have absolute answers, except this one. Without a doubt, clicks alone are not a ranking factor. Learn more here.

This week’s Ask an SEO question comes from Jeffrey in Taiwan. He asks:

Will repeatedly searching and clicking my site increase rankings?

The answer is no.

Rarely in SEO do we have absolute answers.

But I can…


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How to Recover from a Google My Business Listing Suspension

Did your Google My Business listing gets suspended? Follow these steps to fix your GMB profile problems and request for reinstatement.

For most small businesses, Google My Business (GMB) is their marketing lifeline.

Because it’s free, many local businesses rely solely on their Google My Business profile to generate traffic and calls, as well as to bring customers to their storefronts.

Marketers know it’s…


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What Are Inbound Links & How to Get More of Them

Inbound links are still considered to be highly valuable in SEO. Find out how and why you should gain more of them in this guide.

Inlinks, backlinks, inbound links.

They all mean the same thing – someone else’s web property is linking to yours.

A hyperlink from one webpage to another.

A simple, integral part of the internet.

Spend any time in the SEO industry and you would think links directly equal profit.

Some SEO pros spend…


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Google Testing Thumbnail Images in Search Results

Google is testing the use of thumbnails images in different search contexts. The first version is in the search engine results page (SERP). The second version is using thumbnail images in Google Suggest dropdown.

The implementation of the thumbnail images is similar to how Google News displays thumbnail images.

Google Tests Thumbnail Images in Search Results

The images are square cropped versions of the featured images that are on the articles.

This is a…


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Want to Earn More Online? Let’s Talk About Conversions

Analyzing for conversion touchpoints improves the online performance of every site. It plays a role in SEO, link building and content optimization.

SEO conversations generally center on creating content and promoting it. Something important that is rarely mentioned is in my opinion one of the most important considerations: conversions.

A conversion, in the context of search marketing, is when someone performs an action that the publisher wants them to…


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Google Finds SEOs Are Getting More Work During COVID-19

In the latest episode of Google’s Search Off the Record podcast, Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes goes over some surprising poll findings.

Google’s Gary Illyes polled SEOs about changes to their work-life during COVID-19, and the results were not what he expected.

Illyes asked SEOs about their workload, what it’s been like working with developers lately, and whether SEOs have had to pitch more work in order to stay afloat.

The poll results were…


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E-A-T & Link Building: A Guide to Evaluating Prospects

E-A-T can be leveraged in evaluating the value of link prospects in certain niches and to varying degrees. Here's a guide to help you get started.

E-A-T has been a hot topic when it comes to on-site content.

But why, how, and when should you consider concepts in E-A-T with link building efforts?

Your site cannot have E-A-T without a link and brand mention profile.

Google states that “sources of reputation” are “news articles,…


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In a Year of Worsts, SEO Just Became the Best

SEO just became the top priority marketing channel. Here's what led to this shift and how it impacts both organizations and marketers.

It’s safe to say 2020 has been – how do I put this eloquently – sucky.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how future historians will refer to it.

However, amidst all the chaos in the world, something strange happened,

Something I don’t think anyone could have predicted.



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Ways to Convert Organic Traffic Into Qualified Leads

Are you optimizing your content for Google AND for conversions? Here are five ways you can turn organic traffic into qualified leads.

Visitors are nice, but paying customers are better.

With all the attention SEO professionals give to optimizing for search, it’s easy to neglect the other really big, important piece of the puzzle: conversion.

Brand awareness is golden, but only if you can translate it into an actual business.

All your…


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Bing Ranking Factors Revealed in Update to Webmaster Guidelines

In an updated version of Bing’s webmaster guidelines the search engine shares details about how content is ranked.

Bing published an updated version of its webmaster guidelines which contains an all-new section on how Bing ranks content.

In addition, an existing section on things site owners should avoid doing has been updated with further recommendations.

Here’s a breakdown of the important changes to Bing’s webmaster guidelines



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Top Tools for Bulletproof SEO Content Strategies

Want to craft bulletproof SEO content strategies? Learn to identify the type of data you need and the best tool to source it with this in-depth tool review.

Every SEO needs a fully stocked arsenal of tools to support day-to-day workflows.

Just as technical SEO tools help us to identify critical areas for technical optimizations, content tools help to identify key areas for content optimizations.

Choosing the right tool to add to your workflow largely depends…


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SEO Seasonality: Overcoming the Dips During the Slow Season

Learn tips for identifying seasonal trends and how to employ four effective tactics for increasing revenue during non-peak months.

Every business has some degree of seasonality.

Thankfully, this SEO force is a bit more predictable than others at measuring and counteracting.

Here is a process for diagnosing a seasonal SEO issue, tactics for overcoming the dips in the slow season, and advice for transitioning from slow to peak…


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Schema Success Stories: Using Structured Data to Boost Traffic

Ever since Google announced the launch of Schema.org, as an open-source, collaborative effort of several of the leading search engines, SEO professionals have pondered how much time and effort implementing structured data on their sites is worth.

There are a lot of “good” things SEO pros can do to try to enhance rankings and traffic, so it comes down to a matter of prioritizing.

SEO professionals typically assign a higher priority to tasks and projects that have the best chance…


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How to Encourage Communication Within Enterprise SEO Teams

Learn best practices for establishing effective communication lines and coordination between SEO teams in an enterprise setting.

Communication in any organization is extremely important.

With enterprise SEO, communication is even more imperative to success.

A struggle that most enterprise organizations have is communicating across multiple teams, whether it be several SEO teams across a larger global organization or communicating SEO to verticals or…


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DESDE ISLA DE PASCUA MAGDALENA NOVOA V.Los primeros quince días de febrero se celebra la Tapati en Isla de Pascua, una fiesta que muchos no conocen, y que representa una de las mayores expresiones culturales de la Polinesia.Desde hace más de cuarenta años este encuentro reúne a los pascuenses tras un objetivo: revivir sus antiguas tradiciones y transmitirlas a los más jóvenes, mediante competencias destinadas a elegir a la reina del año entre las familias participantes. Los turistas se sorprenden al ver la capacidad de organización de los Rapa Nui, que dedican, durante meses, su tiempo libre a concretar con éxito las más de 50 pruebas ancestrales que conforman esta festividad.De día, diversos rincones de la Isla reciben al público y a los concursantes que participan en competencias como la triatlón rapa nui -carrera con cuelgas de plátano, posta y canotaje- que se mezcla con expresiones artísticas, como tallado en piedra y madera, confección de collares de conchas y coronas de flores, entre otras. Y, a las 21:45 horas, el escenario, ubicado en Hanga Roa, decorado este año con pinturas inspiradas en la leyenda del hombre pájaro, llena de color la noche, mientras que la música y los bailes, interpretados por los clanes participantes, animan a los más de 4.000 asistentes, entre rapa nui y turistas.La Tapati es una fiesta hecha por y para los pascuenses, una enciclopedia de su historia relatada en Rapa Nui, y si bien el idioma priva a los visitantes de conocer el secreto que encierran las letras de las canciones o el tema de las obras, resalta el misticismo de una Isla que, por siglos, ha cautivado a quienes se han aventurado a cruzar 3.700 kilómetros por el Océano Pacífico y vivir una experiencia inolvidable en el ombligo del mundo.



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