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Google January 2020 Core Update is Rolling Out Imminently

Being a broad core update, the January 2020 core update will impact all search results on a worldwide scale. It’s not an update that targets something specific that webmasters can improve upon, like the “Speed Update.”

Google’s guidance regarding this update remains the same as previous core updates. Google points to this blog post specifically.

When explaining how core updates work, my favorite analogy to reference is this one from Google:

Let’s break down this analogy. If…


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How to Evaluate Link Opportunities

It can sometimes be difficult to tell how much effort is reasonable, or if it’s even worthwhile to pursue a link from a particular website. Especially if you’re relatively new to SEO.

I was recently reminded of this while training an employee to find potential link opportunities. She’s great at the job she does a day in and day out, but she completely missed the mark on this.

Part of the reason she missed the mark was that I initially gave very loose guidelines. I like to do…


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Best AMP WordPress Plugins for Speed, Search & Tracking

If you want your website to load quickly on a mobile platform, you should make use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology.

Fortunately, that’s easy to do if you’re using WordPress because there are quite a few  available.

Even better: many of them are free.

You will, however, need to invest some time to configure them properly. You might even need to make some design tweaks.

Still, it’s worth the effort if Google…


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Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress

Not all website elements are created equal.

Some matter – and some matter a ton.

So what are your site’s standout elements? Here are five:

  • Customer reviews.
  • Ratings.
  • Product pricing.
  • Recipe ingredients (if your website is about cooking).
  • Your company’s operating hours.

It’s pretty obvious to you how important these elements are to your site.

But how can…


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Bad Links That Can Get You Penalized by Google

Every SEO professional worth their salt knows that links (along with content) are the backbone of SEO.

Links continue to remain a significant ranking factor.

What happens when you get bad links on enough of a scale to harm your site?

Your site can get algorithmically downgraded by Google – or worse, you get a manual action.

While Google maintains they are good at ignoring bad links, enough bad links can harm your site’s ranking.

This guide will explain 10…


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SEO in 2020: What Role Do Keywords Play?

It’s 2020, and SEO professionals who’ve been at it for a while will know just how much has changed in the past decade.

In 2010, we still hadn’t been hit with Panda or Hummingbird or RankBrain or BERT, and many of us still thought “SEO content” was a matter of:

Adding our target keyword and its close variants in the content X times.

Making sure to add that keyword to all the magic places like your title tag, meta description, H1, etc.

Writing at least X words because…


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Webpages with Featured Snippets Won’t Appear Twice on Page 1

Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that webpages in a featured snippet position will no longer be repeated in regular Page 1 organic listings.

This is a brand new change rolling out as of today.

The change will affect 100% of all search listings worldwide.

Previously, it was not uncommon to see to see webpages in a featured snippet position appear twice on Page 1 of search results.

Going forward, that will no longer be the case.

Now, a webpage…


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Google Introduces a New Shopping Section in Search Results

Google is rolling out a new addition to search results this week which makes it easy to shop for popular products.

When searching for keywords such as “running shoes” or “down jackets” Google will now return a new section that showcases popular products from stores across the web. This new section will show up when searching for clothes, shoes, and accessories.

While browsing the popular products section users can filter results by style, department, and size. After selecting a…


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Google Ends Rich Results for Data-Vocabulary

Google announced they are sun-setting data-vocabulary.org structured data. Beginning in April 2020, structured data using data-vocabulary.org microdata will not be eligible for rich results.

All sites still using data-vocabulary.org structured data should begin moving to Schema.org structured data.

Data-Vocabulary.org Structured Data is Google’s implementation of structured data introduced in 2009. It was superseded by Schema.org's structured data two years later in…


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The SEO Basics You Need to Know in 2020

In the field of SEO, it’s safe to say that things are always changing.

Optimization techniques that worked years ago fall by the wayside, and SEO as a whole evolves into a more intelligent discipline that evolves beyond spamming Google with links and keywords.

Sophisticated strategies for increasing organic traffic exist, along with things like competitor gap analysis, keyword gap analysis, and so on.

There are a number of strategies that one must use to be successful in…


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Things to Review in Your Google Display Campaigns

The end of year is always a good idea to review your Google Display campaign settings, evaluate performance, and do some tidying up.

Google Display Only campaigns can be less needy than search campaigns, but they deserve love, too.

I like to take a look back at the previous year’s performance to identify trends that may not have been as obvious in a 30-, 60- or 90-day view.

Let’s look at a few ways to make sure your Google display campaigns are in tip-top shape for…


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Essential Technical SEO Tools for Agencies

There is no shortage of technical SEO tools for agencies.

From identifying issues with site speed to crawling and indexing, it’s important to have the right tools in your arsenal to identify any technical issues that may be impacting organic search performance.

What follows is a list of essential technical SEO tools that every SEO professional should become familiar with.

1. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is the crawler to have.

To create a substantial website…


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What You Need to Know Before Doing Technical SEO Audits

I’ve been in this “thing of ours” for 21 years now.

And for about 12-13 years of that, I’ve been doing audits (technical and forensic). A lot of them, too.

From mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500s – I’ve been there and done that.

Over that time, my processes have evolved. Interestingly, SEO audits really weren’t nearly as commonly talked about in the past as they are today.

Because, you know, everyone just went from “throw a few links at it” to “social signals” and…


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How to Use Guest Blogging for Natural Link Building

What’s better than a box of chocolates for a content creator? You guessed it — the byline. Nothing gives me a fuzzier, beyond roses-and-chocolatey feeling than this: by Julia McCoy. It gets even more romantic when my blog and name are featured in a prestigious site. That’s what guest blogging is all about. Fame. Reputation. Success. But it’s more than that. In fact, you can use guest blogging as a powerful strategy in your link-building toolkit. Ready to dive in? The Rocky History of Link…


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What Is the Best Way to Track Organic Conversions?

This seemingly simple question has a lot of answers.

And as with many questions surrounding SEO, the overarching answer is – it depends.

On the surface, measuring organic conversions is pretty straightforward.

Most SEO professionals use  to track conversions.

Google Analytics is simple to set up and it’s free.

Put some code on your site, set up some goals, and look at your reports to see how your organic traffic is…


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Google Answers How to Optimize for BERT

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about what to do to optimize for the BERT algorithm. Google has maintained that there is “nothing to optimize for.” Mueller offered a more nuanced answer that offered a little more information to publishers who are concerned about BERT.

The BERT algorithm is a way to understand text. So rather than analyzing text in the sense of matching keywords, BERT helps Google understand the topics and concepts behind sentences, paragraphs…


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Instagram Has New Rules for Publishing Branded Content

Instagram is introducing a new policy that will prohibit influencers from publishing certain types of content.

Under this , branded content that promotes goods such as vaping, tobacco products, and weapons will not be allowed.

Instagram’s existing advertising policies have long prohibited that type of content, but the policies were not strictly enforced. That will change in the coming weeks, which is when the company says it will ramp up…


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How to Do a Content Audit: The Ultimate Checklist

When was the last time you ran performed a content audit?

Can’t remember?

You aren’t alone.

Most content creators are so focused on creating new content that they forget to audit their existing content.

Here are a few reasons why you need to audit your content:

  • Goals: Is your content achieving its goals? Are you gaining any ROI from the content you’ve produced? You won’t know unless you measure your…

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Biggest Link Building Misconceptions That Keep Coming Up

A few months ago, I was speaking at a big, well-known digital marketing conference. Apart from me, there were several other popular link builders speaking, some of which also run paid courses.

One of those experts shared a case study on how he had generated NNN links and got a solid growth of organic traffic to his site.

At a Q&A session, he was asked how he had managed to persuade so many people to give him a link. His answer was: “People were happy to give us a link…


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A Year of Link Building Tips

Link building is more than just tactics and strategies. There is a great deal of background information that helps explain why it’s best to do things a certain way for maximum success.

The articles this year includes background information surrounding links, including the history of link building practices and how Google might score and rank links. 

in the past, Google’s algorithm was tuned for statistical signals to indicate something is normal versus spam, counting of links…


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DESDE ISLA DE PASCUA MAGDALENA NOVOA V.Los primeros quince días de febrero se celebra la Tapati en Isla de Pascua, una fiesta que muchos no conocen, y que representa una de las mayores expresiones culturales de la Polinesia.Desde hace más de cuarenta años este encuentro reúne a los pascuenses tras un objetivo: revivir sus antiguas tradiciones y transmitirlas a los más jóvenes, mediante competencias destinadas a elegir a la reina del año entre las familias participantes. Los turistas se sorprenden al ver la capacidad de organización de los Rapa Nui, que dedican, durante meses, su tiempo libre a concretar con éxito las más de 50 pruebas ancestrales que conforman esta festividad.De día, diversos rincones de la Isla reciben al público y a los concursantes que participan en competencias como la triatlón rapa nui -carrera con cuelgas de plátano, posta y canotaje- que se mezcla con expresiones artísticas, como tallado en piedra y madera, confección de collares de conchas y coronas de flores, entre otras. Y, a las 21:45 horas, el escenario, ubicado en Hanga Roa, decorado este año con pinturas inspiradas en la leyenda del hombre pájaro, llena de color la noche, mientras que la música y los bailes, interpretados por los clanes participantes, animan a los más de 4.000 asistentes, entre rapa nui y turistas.La Tapati es una fiesta hecha por y para los pascuenses, una enciclopedia de su historia relatada en Rapa Nui, y si bien el idioma priva a los visitantes de conocer el secreto que encierran las letras de las canciones o el tema de las obras, resalta el misticismo de una Isla que, por siglos, ha cautivado a quienes se han aventurado a cruzar 3.700 kilómetros por el Océano Pacífico y vivir una experiencia inolvidable en el ombligo del mundo.



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How Bing Ranks Search Results: Core Algorithm & Blue Links

it is safe to assume that Bing and Google are organized and function on similar lines.With that in mind, if Google won’t tell us much about how the algorithms function, I figured that asking Bing is the solution if I wanted to better understand.So that’s what I did.Below is the first interview in a series of five I did with team leads at Bing.Dubut states quite categorically that the foundation of every single results page on a modern search engine is the “10 blue links.”Then, if the query can…Ver más
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Why Buying Domains Can Be Strategic

Strategic domain registration is something every business needs to understand.Approaching domain registrations from a strategic perspective can open up opportunities for success in earnings and search traffic.This is a reasonable approach that does far more merely protecting a brand.Defensive domain registration is the act of buying different versions of a website’s domain name in order to block competitors from obtaining them.The goals for defensive domain registrations are limited.By…Ver más
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The Tiger King Joe Merch

The Tiger King Joe Merch, The Tiger King Joe T Shirt,The Tiger King Joe T Shirts, The Tiger King Joe Shirt, The Tiger King Joe Shirtshttps://teespring.com/stores/the-tiger-king-joe-merchhttps://teespring.com/stores/the-tiger-king-joe-merch…Ver más
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Ways You Should Do Marketing Differently Today

I think we can all agree that it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, courtesy of COVID-19.Every day, we face a new reality, adjusting the way we live and work, walking the line between precaution and panic.Tensions rise along with the number of Coronavirus cases reported in the news.We stock up on groceries, make sure that our loved ones are safe, and overhaul our daily routines.We follow all the guidelines and hope to settle into a new normal.And that’s when entirely new fears seize us.As if all…Ver más
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